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Have archaeologists found Jesus's childhood home in Nazareth?  
Netanyahu flies to Saudi desert city to meet Crown Prince and Pompeo MAJOR WORLDWIDE FAMINE IN 2021 ‘PRESAGING MESSIAH AS PROPHESIED BY AMOS’
Israeli scientists use mRNA COVID-19 vaccine technology to fight cancer Meet the Israeli scientist exploring ancient DNA
Israeli scientist claims to ‘reverse’ aging in blood cells ISRAELI BREAKTHROUGH PROVIDES SAFER WAY TO HELP PREMATURE BABIES BREATHE
Senior Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated near Tehran What will Biden's choice for foreign-policy appointments mean for Israel?
BIDEN’S PROSPECTIVE DEPUTY DIRECTOR HAILED TERRORIST SUICIDE BOMBERS For US Jews, 'Are you pro-Israel?' is no longer a yes or no question
US posts B-52 bombers to Mid-East ahead of troop drawdown. Or is this possibly preparation for an attack on Iran? ‘LIKE ANCIENT PHILISTINES’: BIDEN MOVES TO PREVENT AMERICANS FROM OWNING WEAPONS
Did CIA Technology Change the Election Results? US Army developing new electromagnetic deception tool
Not Just Vote Fraud: The Unseen Factor That Shifted MILLIONS of Votes to Biden Australian Airline Qantas Will Require Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine to Board Planes
Illegal Votes From Noncitizens Likely Affected the 2020 Election, Study Says Biden NSA Pick Saw Steele Dossier as 'Perfectly Appropriate'
Vermont to question schoolchildren over Thanksgiving gatherings, and require quarantine for violators Bribed: Subverting American Universities
BIDEN TRIES TO QUOTE PSALMS: DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE THE WORD ‘PSALMS’ Trump-hating actor Robert De Niro: President's supporters 'should be afraid of what's gonna happen' when he's out of office


Arab Airline Recognizes Second Jewish Temple, Sparking Uproar Israel eliminated senior Iranian al-Qaeda figure in Iran
Report: Iran instructing allies not to provoke Trump Arabs states draw closer to Israel to counter defiant Turkey, Iran
Former NSA chief warns 'Israel could act against Iran' before end of Trump administration Israeli blood test offers better choices to fight cancer
Israeli duo’s early Alzheimer’s detection test brings cure one step closer Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?
Futuristic device from Israeli firm puts music in your head, without headphones The approaching storm in US-Israel relations
The Truth is in Belief How US Foreign Policy Fuels Persecution of Christians
Israeli jets hit 8 Iranian assets from Golan to Damascus. Five Iranian deaths reported Israeli Air Force Strikes Iranian Military Targets Inside Syria Video
Pompeo says U.S. to mark settlement goods as 'Made in Israel' IDF exposes the Iranian unit that laid the explosives
Palestinian Authority said to mull cutting some stipends for terrorism convicts Palestinians Boast of Helping Biden Defeat Trump
Washington Wizards select Deni Avdija ninth overall in 2020 NBA draft Sydney Powell: Trump got “at Least 80 Million Votes”
Sidney Powell: Evidence of voter fraud could be released online 'by this weekend' ELECTION STEAL – General exposes the REAL vote fraud the media are hiding: CIA computer program flips votes
NIGERIA: ARMY BURNS DOWN SIX SYNAGOGUES OF ‘LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL’ Three-star USAF General: 'If stealing 2020 election not overturned, we'll never see another free election in US'
Britain: Two-Stepping Toward Totalitarianism Biden’s victory prompts great expectations in Ramallah, quite possibly too great
Who are Biden’s potential senior appointees, and what are their views on Israel? Poll watchers come forward: Michigan numbers don't add up
The Law Is There’s No Presidential Transition Until Congress Certifies the Election. The Democrats made the rules, but they don’t want to live by them. TIME-FRAME OF MESSIAH’S ARRIVAL REVEALED IN BOOK OF DANIEL
Top Rabbi: Messiah’s Name Will Soon Be Revealed. One of Israel’s wealthiest rabbis calls time of governmental disunity a precursor for Messiah  
Beit El settlement expansion threatens to bury Jewish Second Temple heritage Jesuit Catholic priest pens book about his order’s complicity in the Holocaust
THE EARTH IS NOW PULSATING AT A RATE THAT COINCIDES WITH THE ‘NAME OF GOD’ Israel is in trouble with the Democrats and it needs to move fast
Israel's new virus surveillance system draws comparisons to China Israel, Lebanon talks over maritime borders hit significant snag. Is it possible these talks snag is the probability that Biden with be president?
Iran offers Arab states 'mafia deal' of security or punishment after Trump Arabs doubt Joe Biden will bring Middle East peace
Israel, the Sunnis and the return of a pro-Iran White House Cash rewards for murdering Israeli children: Over $371,000 paid by the PA for murder of 4 children and 9 adults
Abbas aide: Palestinian leadership ready to resume Israel talks Startup’s ‘smart toilet bowl’ scans poop and urine for medical insights
Former Cardinals pitcher wants to lead Israel's national baseball team Weizmann ranked eighth worldwide for research quality
Iran: Mullahs Celebrate What They Hope Will Be the Return To Their Nuclear Bomb Jerusalem-based firm starts clinical trials for cancer treatment
French medical experts make aliyah as Islamic terrorism rocks France Israel's unique experimental F-35i lands at Tel Nof
Israeli scientists find factor in preventing viral infections in bacteria Israeli NGO performs 5,555th lifesaving surgery on Palestinian toddler
Digitizing odors, Israelis whiff future with ‘smellophone’ tech breakthrough What ‘One Big Thing’ Will Israel Ask of Trump on His Way Out?
PA: Israel was created as payback for “the defeats of the Crusaders” Chaos erupts after Dems claim that USPS whistleblower recanted his testimony, whistleblower denies recanting
Trump close to bagging Morocco for another peace deal with Israel Joe Biden's COVID adviser wants to give other countries COVID vaccine before making it available to every American
Russian President Vladimir Putin stepping down amid health concerns: Report A Stolen Presidential Election in the Nation’s Election Fraud Capital
Evangelicals fight in court over $3.3M raised for Holocaust survivors Fox News cuts away from Kayleigh McEnany's speech on allegations of voter fraud
Social worker charged with 134 counts of voter fraud in Texas for allegedly registering ineligible voters Joe Biden's COVID adviser wants to give other countries COVID vaccine before making it available to every American
Biden's history signals problems for Israel Are Israel and the US planning to attack Iran?
US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito: Religious liberties are under attack 2,000 years ago, a believer came hundreds of miles to erect an altar at Banias
King David-era fort found in Israel's Golan  
Israeli minister warns of war if Biden returns to Iran Deal Palestinian university’s new gate named after mastermind of Munich Olympics massacre
Muslims: Al-Aqsa Mosque Does Not Belong to Palestinians Smotrich: 'If Biden wins we should apply sovereignty before he takes over'
Palestinians, desperate for a Biden victory, hold their breath as America votes Ruling: PA to pay NIS 13m compensation for terror attack
The isolated American Jews from an Israeli prospective Shannon Nuszen: From missionary to observant Jew - What's the difference in knowing verses and rightly dividing the Word of God?
Former Druze minister and Likud MK Auoyb Kara says American Jewry 'betrayed Trump' Dominican Republic to weigh relocating embassy to Jerusalem
Satellite photos show new construction at Iranian nuclear site Would a Lame Duck Trump Give Israel One Last Gift?
Anthony Fauci's family says they can no longer stand behind flip-flopping family member First 2 volunteers injected with Israeli virus vaccine, kicking off human trials
Cori Bush, Democrat who supports BDS, wins Missouri congressional race OrCam, hearing aid firm Starkey to provide joint visual & hearing devices
Canada: Imam Denounces Free Speech, Trudeau Agrees West Coast Salmon to use Israeli aquaculture firm to farm Atlantic salmon
Pretty sweet: Israeli low-sugar sweetener to debut in North America The Original Oil Wealth. Arabs and Jews enjoy Israel’s olive harvest together
RABBI WHO USES BIBLE TO ACCURATELY PREDICT ELECTIONS WORLDWIDE: ‘TRUMP WILL WIN’ Israel must be ready for November 4. Analysis: Both candidates are committed to Israel's security, but will act differently; Biden is unlikely to reverse recognition of Jerusalem but will likely reinstate settlement policies, while Trump could flip on Iran if he sees chance for deal.
Sotheby's auctioning 18th-century Torah shield for $1 million COSTCO drops coconut milk products because of 'forced monkey labor'
Passionate election sermon by Trump's spiritual advisor goes viral Facebook Algorithm Employee Is a Pro-Chávez, Ex-Venezuelan Official
REPORT: SOROS PLOTTING VIOLENT UPRISING IF TRUMP WINS France needs to wake up before it becomes an Islamic republic
Do the Democrats have a problem with democracy? Biden Opposed the Pakistan Raid That Took Out Bin Laden, The Pakistan Lobby is One of His Biggest Donors
Authorities uncover fraud scheme that tried to register dead people to vote as Democrats “First Coattail Election With No Coat”: GOP Wins Widely, but Trump Loses?
118 year old 'William Bradley' who died in 1984 voted via absentee ballot in Michigan Lawsuit: At least 21,000 dead people registered on Pennsylvania’s voter rolls
Michigan USPS whistleblower exposes order to back-date late mail-in-ballots Nov 3 In 2,000-year-old Apollo seal, a sunny glimpse of pluralism in ancient Jerusalem
U.N. Passed 7 Anti -Israel Resolutions- including Labels Jerusalem’s Temple Mount as “Haram Al-Sharif” Jezebel, Part 4: Troubled Soul, or Evil Witch?
Arab Nations Ask to See New Holocaust Film Iran’s nuclear work goes forward at 2 covert sites – opposition
Israel marks Aliyah Day with more 15,000 new immigrants so far this year US Ambassador Predicts Another 5 to 10 Arab Countries Will Seek Peace with Israel
Israel has put all its eggs in Trump's basket LEADER OF SAMARIA: A VOTE FOR TRUMP IS A VOTE FOR THE LAND OF THE BIBLE
Small but growing number of Orthodox rabbis are officiating gay weddings RABBI OF NOAHIDE COURT WARNS: A BIDEN VICTORY WILL SPARK GOG MAGOG WAR
Mikvehs open to coronavirus patients as officials turn blind eye Dozens of Nubian Ibexes documented crossing Dead Sea highway
Mossad brought Chinese coronavirus vaccine to Israel - report Pandemic taking emotional toll on 1/5 of Israelis, experts warn
Moderna's chief medical officer explains why their vaccine is better Israeli, American scientists reach breakthrough in brain research
Man survives brain aneurysm thanks to Israeli startup's device Israeli company successfully ‘freezes’ breast cancer tumors
EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS: Children are taught that Israel is the enemy, that terrorists are martyrs, and that their actions are to be emulated. Can a balloon protect prostate cancer patients during radiation treatment? 
Why Israel Needs Bunker-Buster Bombs Israeli drone company plans for worldwide aerial-supply networks
When Christian is Jewish: Living a Jewish life with a non-Jewish name EU parliamentarians: Hate has no place in the Palestinian curriculum
Hunter Biden Chaired a Foundation to Stop Child Abuse, While Engaging In It “Four more years!”: Canadians show support for Trump ahead of election
U.S. judge refuses to block ‘No Boycott of Israel’ measure BREAKING: Audio leaked connecting Hunter Biden to Chinese spy
ObamaGate movie succeeds by telling just the facts | Phelim McAleer with Ezra Levant - Including Video Megyn Kelly: Media coverage of President Trump is ‘DISGUSTING’
‘JEWS FOR TRUMP’ AMBUSHED BY ANTI-SEMITIC BIDEN SUPPORTERS IN NYC Vimeo Removes Video Showing Ties Between Pro-China Group, Black Lives Matter Founder
Oxford COVID-19 vaccine trials produce robust immune response in elderly Oren: US election results could trigger Hezbollah
USPS worker charged with dumping ballots, as mail carriers perform extra trips before Election Day. Similar cases have been seen in other states 14-year-old Texas girl invents potential COVID-19 treatment, wins $25k
New discovery on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem: Gate in the eastern wall of the Dome of the Rock plaza Ancient church found where Jesus said to tell Peter to establish Christianity
Historic Peace Treaty or Preparation for the Antichrist? Second Temple period jars and complete clay objects unearthed in Beit El
‘GOD MADE A DEAL WITH SATAN FOR TRUMP’ SAYS PROMINENT RABBI Minister sees another normalization deal before U.S. election
INTERNET CENSORSHIP: PRE-MESSIAH EVIL DESCRIBED BY ISAIAH 'Trump Heights' a symbol of U.S. shift on Mideast policy
Could Lebanon's first negotiations with Israel in decades lead to normalization? 55% of Israelis think recent lockdown was politically motivated
As Erekat's health worsens, family 'asked to say goodbye' Drastic Decline in Arab Aid to the Palestinian Authority
Rocket fired on Israel after IDF exposes terrorist tunnel Caroline Glick: 'If Biden's elected, it'll be bad for the Jews'
US: Rafael to complete delivery of 'Trophy' systems for Abrams tanks by end of year ‘Zero waste car’ made by Dutch team with bio-based tech of Israeli startup UBQ
Kamada to supply Israel with its experimental COVID-19 treatment Agreement signed to operate Israel pipeine for UAE oil
Israeli aerospace giant partners with Australian firm to build autonomous mining fleet PA’s “Animal Farm”: No to normalization for regular Palestinians; Yes to normalization for PA leaders who need treatment in Israeli hospitals
Fatah: Let Jerusalem “be freed of the Jews” and prepare “the Jews’ graveyard” Israeli, Sudanese officials confirm talks in Khartoum, say normalization near
DESPITE BIDEN’S PANDERING: 2 OUT OF THREE US ISLAMIC LEADERS ARE VOTING TRUMP Joe Biden and Jews with Trembling Knees. Who remembers when Joe Biden yelled at -- and threatened -- Prime Minister Menachem Begin?
White House election race reaches streets of Tel Aviv Pope endorses same-sex civil unions in new documentary film
‘It’s totally irresponsible’: How NYC Jews feel watching Borough Park unrest BOSTON: ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTERS HOLD PAGAN RITUAL: EAT ‘PRESIDENT’S HEART’
Video: Who Killed George Floyd? The physical, scientific, and electronically recorded evidence is disclosed. BIDEN COMES OUT IN SUPPORT OF MUTILATING CHILDREN IN THE NAME OF PRE-ADOLESCENT TRANSGENDER TREATMENTS
How to Steal an Election - Part III CBS Melts Down After Trump Releases Full 60 Minutes Interview
Enter the Dragon: Emails Show Hunter Biden Business Pals Fixed Meeting for Chinese Communists With Veep Big PMW win over BBC
Mark Levin: Undercover sting reveals leftist's alleged plan to 'win' at ANY cost. 'I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win. I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal.' Ten Incredible Prophecies Fulfilled in Israel in Your Lifetime
(Updated) New York Post account locked as Twitter completely censors Hunter Biden story; users can't even send it in DMs HEAD IMAM OF TEMPLE MT PANICS AS MUSLIMS BEGIN TO ACKNOWLEDGE TEMPLE’S EXISTENCE
The Rabbi and the New World Order. Neither Jews nor Christians are immune to falling under the spell of false prophets Computational science helps crack biblical measurement mystery
FOR FIRST TIME EVER: MORE JEWS PRAY ON TEMPLE MOUNT THAN WESTERN WALL [WATCH] Ancient two-shekel weight discovered near Western Wall
‘American Support for Political Islam and Chaos’ – Clinton Emails Exposed. Arab media slams “testament to Obama’s dark chapter,” warns that Joe Biden “belongs to the same rotten tree” 'CHAPTERS’ IN BIBLE WERE INVENTED BY ANTI-SEMITIC CHRISTIANS. ONE TORAH EDUCATOR SEEKS TO REVERSE IT
Saudi Arabia: We, Too, Are Fed Up with the Palestinians Is normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel in the cards?
Most Young Arabs Want to Leave Middle East Pompeo urges Saudi Arabia to consider normalizing relations with Israel
PA: “We are prepared to sacrifice… We will sacrifice our children”‎ Palestinians facing immense pressure to resume peace talks with Israel
Poll shows Israelis overwhelmingly favor Trump win in upcoming U.S. election Hoping to outdo Trump’s ‘miracle cure,’ Israelis develop new antibody cocktail
Goldman Sachs: Biden victory likely to weaken shekel  Israeli startup raises $3.5M for minimally invasive cancer treatment
Tel Aviv University researchers say they have antibody treatment for coronavirus In bid to whip Alzheimer’s, Israeli scientists use immune system to repair brain
How Evangelicals Working in Settlements Bypassed Israel's COVID-19 Entry Ban 2 Iranian government institutions suffer 'large-scale' cyberattacks
More Examples of Election Fraud Prove the Left Is in Denial About It Rise of Empires in the Middle East and Why They All Covet Jerusalem
Watch: Black man kicked off plane for wearing Trump hat 'Without real change, Jews won't have a future here'. The Jewish rapper Ben Salomo sounds the alarm on the dire state of Jews in Germany amid rising anti-Semitism.
While Cuomo Targets Orthodox Jews, Muslim Mass Gatherings Go On Debate Commission Member Has Ties to Soros-backed Transition Integrity Project
NEW REPORT REVEALS: KAMALA HARRIS TIED TO HAMAS FRONT GROUP Mayoral Candidate in Texas Charged With Over 100 Counts of Voter Fraud
The Government’s Unfair Treatment of Churches During COVID Pandemic Israeli Rabbi Says He’s Already Holding Meetings With Messiah
Top ex-Shin Bet official: Arab states view Abbas as irrelevant Saudi former intel chief slams Palestinian leadership's criticism of UAE-Israel deal
Study: People with ADHD more likely to recover from COVID In first, Israeli indicted for spreading coronavirus
NeuroRX on the cusp of releasing a life-saving COVID-19 treatment The Israeli professor, the fast corona test, and the FDA
Itamar Medical’s sleep apnea device wins US National Sleep Foundation award Rabbis pray at Western Wall for Trump’s recovery
US tech giant Nvidia unveils ‘breakthrough’ processor sired by Israel team Jewish scientist among trio of Nobel Medicine winners
The final nail in Palestinian-Arab relations? Russian President Putin favorably compares Biden and Democrats to Soviet Communists
Saudi Arabia must focus on own interests-Prince Bandar Czech Republic affirms commitment to move embassy to Jerusalem
Abbas’ latest joke: Appoint terrorists to fight terror EU won’t give PA more aid as they refuse Israel-collected tax funds
US Justice Dept eases ban on announcing investigations before election In US election to be won on margins, Modern Orthodox Jews may be key demographic
CIA Director Haspel and the Anti-Trump Conspirators Virginia Public School District Wants Teachers to Enforce ‘Woke’ Revolution, or Else
Texas mayoral candidate charged with 109 felonies related to mail-in ballot voter fraud Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin suggests Congress defund Walter Reed following Trump's release
Tens of Thousands of Cases of Possible Vote Fraud Cited in New Report USPS collection boxes broken into in multiple Virginia counties, sparking fears of missing ballots
Biden win might swing U.S. policy on Iran in dangerous direction New Jersey Mail Carrier Charged With Throwing Away Mail-In Ballots
Road to Saudi ties with Israel being paved, cautiously Reopened Yom Kippur War archive reveals new docs from Arganot Commission
'Trump is the greatest ally Israel has ever had' Scientists grow fresh dates from 6th-century BCE seed
Egypt discovers 27 sarcophagi more than 2,500 years old Palestinians risk being left behind in the new Middle East
Palestinians arrest supporters of Abbas political rival based in UAE US-brokered Israel-Lebanon talks on sea & land border disputes off to a good start
Gantz heads to U.S. with shopping list of weaponry Virus Soars Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews as Many Flout Israel’s Rules
Israeli research: Bacteria may be key to curing coronavirus and other viruses Electreon building electric road in Tel Aviv
Israel’s PregnanTech creates silicone ring to help halt premature births US firm to start 3D printing kidneys using Israeli technology
BMW to equip smart cars with Israeli tech to better ‘feel the road’ PSALM 57 COMES TO LIFE AS TERRORISTS DIE IN TRAP THEY DUG AGAINST ISRAEL
Security source: Technical error causes Hezbollah arms depot to blow up in Lebanon Cynical Use of Mosques to Incite Against the Jews. Palestinian officials always said they don’t hate Jews, just Zionists. Today, they proved that is not the case.
New Palestinian curriculum shows no improvements, antisemitism remains Arabs: "Palestinians Repeat the Same Mistakes"
Honduras to move embassy to Jerusalem by end of 2020, Israel says Rouhani: US next leader will have to accept our demands. This means Harris/Biden?
Mike Bloomberg helps pay court fines for 31,100 Florida felons so they can vote Florida to issue 'Florida Stands with Israel' license plates
Helicopters, armed police swoop in to arrest 'Russian Jesus' cult leader Meet the 3 Jewish candidates on Trump’s Supreme Court justice shortlist
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Shares What Israel Means to Him - Video US issues sweeping sanctions that target Iranian arms industry
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Shares What Israel Means to Him - Video BIDEN TRIES TO USE TALMUD TO CANONIZE BADER-GINSBURG, FAILS MISERABLY
Fact-Checking New York Times Fact-Checker on BLM’s China Links Man demands parents choose between Trump signs in their yard and seeing their grandkids. It spectacularly backfires — and now he's sorry.
Ambassador Nikki Haley and Congressman Dan Crenshaw Tell CUFI Summit: We’ll Always Stand With Israel Health expert: Opening synagogues on Yom Kippur could cause mass transmission
Jewish Scientist (Dr. James Tour) Makes The Greatest Jewish Discovery! - VIDEO  
Scientists grow fresh dates from 6th-century BCE seed Reopened Yom Kippur War archive reveals new docs from Arganot Commission
'Trump is the greatest ally Israel has ever had' Road to Saudi ties with Israel being paved, cautiously
Palestinians risk being left behind in the new Middle East Egypt discovers 27 sarcophagi more than 2,500 years old
US-brokered Israel-Lebanon talks on sea & land border disputes off to a good start Palestinians arrest supporters of Abbas political rival based in UAE
Virus Soars Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews as Many Flout Israel’s Rules Gantz heads to U.S. with shopping list of weaponry
US firm to start 3D printing kidneys using Israeli technology Israeli research: Bacteria may be key to curing coronavirus and other viruses
Israel’s PregnanTech creates silicone ring to help halt premature births Electreon building electric road in Tel Aviv
PSALM 57 COMES TO LIFE AS TERRORISTS DIE IN TRAP THEY DUG AGAINST ISRAEL BMW to equip smart cars with Israeli tech to better ‘feel the road’
Cynical Use of Mosques to Incite Against the Jews. Palestinian officials always said they don’t hate Jews, just Zionists. Today, they proved that is not the case. Security source: Technical error causes Hezbollah arms depot to blow up in Lebanon
Arabs: "Palestinians Repeat the Same Mistakes" New Palestinian curriculum shows no improvements, antisemitism remains
Rouhani: US next leader will have to accept our demands. This means Harris/Biden? Honduras to move embassy to Jerusalem by end of 2020, Israel says
Helicopters, armed police swoop in to arrest 'Russian Jesus' cult leader Mike Bloomberg helps pay court fines for 31,100 Florida felons so they can vote
Florida to issue 'Florida Stands with Israel' license plates Meet the 3 Jewish candidates on Trump’s Supreme Court justice shortlist
BIDEN TRIES TO USE TALMUD TO CANONIZE BADER-GINSBURG, FAILS MISERABLY US issues sweeping sanctions that target Iranian arms industry
Fact-Checking New York Times Fact-Checker on BLM’s China Links U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Shares What Israel Means to Him - Video
Ambassador Nikki Haley and Congressman Dan Crenshaw Tell CUFI Summit: We’ll Always Stand With Israel Man demands parents choose between Trump signs in their yard and seeing their grandkids. It spectacularly backfires — and now he's sorry.
Health expert: Opening synagogues on Yom Kippur could cause mass transmission Jewish Scientist (Dr. James Tour) Makes The Greatest Jewish Discovery! - VIDEO
TRUMP: WE THANK GOD FOR ALL THE GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO ISRAEL UNDER MY ADMINISTRATION PA official names five countries set to establish ties with Israel
Evangelical Christians and Israel: Divisive issue explored in new film Corona Visas for Evangelical Volunteers Leave Catholics Frustrated
Israeli strike kills 10 Iran-backed gunmen in Syria - Lebanese media Christian Zionists in Iran? Ayatollahs inadvertently reject Replacement Theology by connecting faith in Jesus to support of Jewish state
New coronavirus proteins found by Israeli lab, potentially helping drug efforts Life beyond 500 meters: No schools no malls, but synagogues to remain open
Lockdowns don't reduce deaths - they just delay them' Five steps to stop the spread of coronavirus
Arabs: Israel Is Not Our Enemy Palestinians See Abbas as Obstacle to Peace, Demand He Resign
THE NILE RIVER JUST OVERFLOWED: HERE’S HOW IT RELATES TO THE FINAL REDEMPTION Kosovo’s Jews cheer their Muslim-majority state’s new deal with Israel
How Hamas Plans to Destroy Lebanon El Al welcomes new owner - 27-year-old New York yeshiva student
El Al to restart passenger flights next month Shameful: Arab Journalists Blacklisted for Supporting Israel-UAE Deal
US blacklists Lebanon-based companies, individual linked to Hezbollah London mayor hopeful suspended for telling 1997 voters: ‘Don’t vote for a Jew’
CIA: Iran seeks to assassinate US Ambassador to South Africa – report Why did a university invite a Palestinian terrorist to speak?
O'Reilly: Fox News Covered Up 'Factual Story' on Soros Funding Dems Why John Kerry and others were wrong about peace and Israel - analysis
Black Appraisals of Black Lives Matter – Part I Mueller Team Disinfects Phone Evidence En Masse
US accuses Hezbollah of storing explosive chemical in Europe From Day of the Trumpet to Rosh Hashanah
Cantors, shofar blowers to travel freely on Rosh Hashanah  
Sermon suggests Saudi Arabia on its way to normalizing ties with Israel EILAT-HAIFA OIL PIPELINE BUILT FOR IRAN CAN TURN ISRAEL INTO OIL TRANSPORT HUB THANKS TO UAE PEACE
AstraZeneca pauses trial of COVID-19 vaccine Palestinians set to soften stance on UAE-Israel normalization - statement
Israeli Expert: Coronavirus Isn’t Dangerous to Children! Haredi political games are risking Israel's public health
Intel Corp. names Israeli to second in command for global manufacturing RedHill says in-vitro study shows drug is ‘potent’ inhibitor of coronavirus
ISRAEL DEVELOPS SYNTHETIC SEAWEED THAT COULD TREAT SEVERE GENETIC EYE DISEASE Israeli revolutionary Alzheimer’s treatment to launch Phase 1 trial
Gov't okays immigration of 2,000 Falash Mura from Ethiopia by end of 2020 Chad considering embassy in Jerusalem
Israel, Bahrain agree to normalize ties Graham tried to convince Trump not to assassinate Iran general Soleimani
DENMARK TO VOTE ON OUTLAWING ABRAHAM’S FIRST COVENANT: CIRCUMCISION Time for Arabs states to reconsider the Arab Peace Initiative
In blow to Palestinians, Arab League refuses to condemn Israel-UAE deal Estimate: Iran is 3.5 months away from producing fissile material for nuclear bomb 
A Biden administration and the potential dangers to Israel Elderly Nazis discuss involvement in Holocaust in new film
The Brownshirts are coming under Dem rule. 19 Foreigners Charged With Vote Fraud, Identity Crimes, in 2016 Election
Ernst Röhm, Maximilian Robespierre, and Democrat Party Stormtroopers BBC ADMITS TO SHARING ‘INACCURATE’ PRO-PALESTINIAN PROPAGANDA
Massive bags of mail mysteriously dumped in Southern California — and one dump was caught on camera How to Steal an Election
Osama Bin Laden's niece says Trump is the only president who can prevent another 9/11 and claims another terrorist attack is around the corner if Joe Biden becomes president 'It's really sick and dark': The left says PEDOPHILIA is a sexual orientation, should be protected under LGBT laws
China Threatens Total Economic War by Dumping Treasuries: Be My Guest Seattle Closes Park Ahead of Prayer Rally, Believers Worship Outside Anyway
Israelis Gather in Ancient Ruins to Call Upon the Lord Jezebel – Part 2
  Jezebel – Part 3
A senior Saudi source told "Globes" that Jared Kushner and Mohammed bin Salman came close on Tuesday to agreeing a White House meeting before the November elections. RARE REMAINS OF ROYAL PALACE FROM THE TIME OF KINGS HEZEKIAH-JOSIAH FOUND IN JERUSALEM
Time for Arabs states to reconsider the Arab Peace Initiative Palestinian leaders to discuss ways to foil Israel-UAE deal
A Biden administration and the potential dangers to Israel Netanyahu: Palestinians no longer have a veto on peace. Netanyahu pointed to the UAE canceling its boycott of Israeli goods over the weekend, and said that it will pave the way for more countries in the region to normalize ties with Israel.
VIDEO: Man bashed in back of head with bricks, falls face-first to sidewalk. Observers recording sneak attack laugh and howl. Saudi Arabia downs Iranian-backed threat on eve of Israel-UAE flight
The Attempt to Overthrow America Coronavirus lab to be set up at Ben-Gurion Airport by Omega
The Most Important Video of 2020. The Left, calls for terror and videotape. Gamzu slams top rabbi over comments dismissing virus testing
CDC: 6% of coronavirus deaths were solely from COVID-19. Why wasn't this widely known before now? Jordanian Man Swims to Israel for a Better Future
'Top Democratic operative' spills the beans on how prevalent voter fraud is for mail-in ballots Etihad Airways offers flights to Israelis
Arriving despite pandemic, 1,500 young olim set to start school Lebanese army finds 4.35 tons of explosive material near Beirut Port
Uman fiasco highlights ultra-Orthodox MKs' political opportunism. The pilgrimage is just another parable for Haredi political art of taking a questionable narrative and turning it into their raison d'etre in such fashion that even the general public buys into it; Prof. Gamzu, stand your ground! UAE: We Are Not Traitors; Palestinian Leaders Are Corrupt
Reviving old therapy, Israeli doctors unleash lung radiation against COVID-19 PA fears UAE-Israel peace is birth of “Arab Zionists”
How the Start-up Nation's innovation is leading the fight against COVID-19 The Real Palestinian Tragedy
Israel's Steadicopter unveils Black Eagle 25E, 50E Rotary UAVs Invitations to Voter Fraud in 2020
Technion develops mapping system to assist blind in navigating cities CSPAN caller confronts Brian Stelter: 'CNN is the enemy of the truth'
MUSLIMS CAUGHT HIDING SECRET SHAFT ON TEMPLE MOUNT FROM 2ND TEMPLE PERIOD Private security hired by Seattle parks leave on first night after harassment
Poland approves new German ambassador whose father prepared Hitler’s briefings Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: Watch Out Schiff, It's All on Paper Now
Muslims Quickly Bury Suspected Jewish History on Temple Mount California Legislature passes bill to soften criminal penalty for LGBT adults who have sex with underage teens
Trump oversees economic deal that sees Kosovo recognize Israel, Serbia move embassy to Jerusalem Davidic dynasty symbol found in Jerusalem: Once in a lifetime discovery
Israel's shekel hits nine-year record high against dollar ISRAEL RANKED 8TH MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD
Suha Arafat says she’s being attacked by PA for defending UAE on its Israel deal Non-Israeli ban to enter Israel extended until October 1
Do American Jews have cause for concern? Israeli doctors to ‘zap’ COVID-19 patients back to health in new treatment
CHURCH PROMOTING BLACK LIVES MATTER SET ABLAZE IN BLM RIOT IN KENOSHA. Israel perspective, from an Israeli writer. Turkey gave Hamas members passports, Israeli official confirms
Kenosha cops find 'suspicious vehicles' with out-of-state plates containing helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks; 9 arrested ARCHITECT OF UAE TOWER OF BABEL AND TRUMP TOWER TAGGED TO BUILD JERUSALEM’S TALLEST BUILDING
Voter Fraud: With Evidence Palestinians Decry Rise of ‘Arab Zionists’
Ric Grenell: Obama/Biden Launched Surveillance Against Trump Amar’e Stoudemire finishes his conversion to Judaism
3 Key Points in Newly Released FBI Documents on Foreign Bid to Influence Clinton Campaign TORAH CODES REVEAL: SOROS USES PALESTINIANS TO SERVE AS ANGEL OF DARKNESS AGAINST ISRAEL
Breaking: Rioting erupts after Minneapolis police accused of shooting and killing suspect — they say video shows he killed himself TRUMP’S MID-EAST PEACE EFFORTS ‘AKIN TO KING SOLOMON BEFORE TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION’ SAYS RABBI GLICK. When the politics of the Religious bring one side of the annexation vs peace in Israel.
Report: Switzerland mulls outlawing Hezbollah Wisconsin synagogue vandalized with 'Free Palestine' amid riots
EU SPENT $6M TO PROMOTE JERUSALEM AS CAPITAL OF ‘PALESTINE’ IN 2019 DNC Convention Featured Individual Reportedly Named to Terror Watch List
Breaking: Investigators say knife recovered from car that Jacob Blake reached into; identity released of officer who shot him​ Mother of Jacob Blake unloads on violent rioters, apologizes to President Trump on CNN
New bill aims to change law regarding who can make aliyah CONVENTION ESTABLISHES DEMOCRATS AS ANTI-BIBLICAL ISRAEL/ANTI-PEACE PARTY
PROMINENT RABBI BREAKS SILENCE: ‘MESSIAH COMING THIS YEAR!’ Austrian leaders condemn attack against Jewish community in country's south
Four US citizens indicted for conspiring to sell Iranian oil to China 'Lifelong Democrat' calls in to C-SPAN after watching RNC speeches — says he is now voting Republican
PA budget reports differ from Arabic to English Anti-Semitic doctor who threatened to give Jews 'wrong meds' loses license in Ohio
Israel needs an honest conversation with its superspreaders. The precarious pandemic situation stems from the government's lack of communication with the Arab and ultra-Orthodox sectors, which constitute the most infections and as a result pose the greatest risk to national stability ANCIENT CANAANITE FORTRESS UNCOVERED IN SOUTHERN ISRAEL AS DESCRIBED IN BIBLE
Israeli firm develops groundbreaking method to grow seeds in saline soil The Israel-Sunni Arab bloc – the new sheriff
The ashes of Jerusalem's biblical fall still show at dig near Old City RABBI INSPECTS RED HEIFER IN SECRET LOCATION IN ISRAEL FOR USE IN 3RD TEMPLE
FREAK SUMMER FIRE-ICE HAIL STORM HITS CALIFORNIA: AS WRITTEN IN EXODUS Archaeologists propose new identification for biblical Tel Rosh
Israel-UAE Peace: Arabs Drop Yoke of the Palestinian Cause. And Israel starts to play the game on Mideast terms, leveraging its position for favorable outcomes A Quarter of a Million “Returning Exiles” Expected
Five countries that could be next to make peace with Israel Lone soldiers' stories told through photos in 'The Cracks in Everything'
The Arab world is fed up with the Palestinians Gamzu slams Arab community for 'coronavirus terrorism'
Shalom, Abu Dhabi! Why the Israel-UAE agreement changes (almost) everything Sudan: We are holding peace talks with Israel, no reason for enmity
Can Terrorists be Deradicalized? - Part II Apple said to have secretively bought Israel’s Camerai, a maker of camera tech
ISRAEL: ‘BIBLICAL COMPANY’ INVENTS MASKS THAT ACTUALLY KILLS COVID-19 'Some rabbis are not cooperating with health directives'
40,000 Israelis flocked to Negev to catch meteor shower Confronting Israel’s Future Enemies
Jewish Voters Beware 'Terror tunnel' dating back to 1948 unearthed in Safed
Want to tour Israel? This is the coronavirus czar's plan El Al extends passenger flight suspension to September 30
Slain DHS Whistleblower from Obama Adiministration, Philip Haney Not Resting in Peace. Is the FBI withholding evidence until after the election? HEALTH MINISTRY ADMITS: CAUSE OF DEATHS LISTED AS COVID MAY NOT BE FROM COVID
Mounting Evidence Points to Hezbollah Culpability in Beirut Blast Lithuania designates Hezbollah a terrorist group, bans members from entry
Turkey gave citizenship to Hamas members planning terror attacks - report Iran sold Hezbollah hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate in 2013
Postal Worker Caught Stealing Trump Signs — But We Can Trust Them With Our Votes Jewish-owned pub in Berlin set on fire
When Turkey’s ‘Hero’ Beheaded 800 Christians for Refusing Islam The Enemy Within: The Democrats' Plan to Rig Election 2020
Court: Florida principal should not have been fired for Holocaust uncertainty ‘FACEBOOK NOW PROMOTING HOLOCAUST DENIAL’
3 Jewish Students Forced Out of USC Student Government for Pro-Israel Views Goodyear employees say company's new 'zero-tolerance' policy bans 'Blue Lives Matter' and MAGA gear
Horowitz: Maricopa County health official ‘reassures’ public that county is overcounting COVID deaths! A Tennessee school district tried to ban parents from observing their kids' virtual classes
Bombshell photos show Bill Clinton receiving massage from Epstein accuser The Democrats’ abandonment of the Jews. We stand in the final hour of a critical decision, depleted of all excuses for former political loyalty. And we know it. Op-ed.
FLASHBACK: Thousands of USPS mailboxes removed during Obama-Biden administration Obama Seriously Doubts Biden Can Win
Iran shuts down newspaper over report on COVID-19 toll Meet the man in charge of archaeology in Jerusalem
One-second coronavirus test achieves 95% success rate - initial data FDA gives Jerusalem-based company go-ahead to start cancer drug trials
H​ydroxychloroquine is SAFER than Tylenol: America's most 'dangerous' doctors speak out Antibody treatment for COVID showing promise
Testing, testing: Indian samples boost Israeli bid for voice-based COVID check Rep. Louie Gohmert to Newsmax TV: They Wanted Me to 'Just Die'; HCQ Saved Me
ONE-QUARTER OF MANKIND WHO SUFFER FROM CHRONIC PAIN COULD FIND HELP FROM ISRAELI DISCOVERY Australian Professor: Ivermectin 'Amazingly Successful' in Killing Coronavirus
Swiss giant Roche seeks to invest in early-stage Israeli health-tech startups Israeli speech translation startup offers inclusivity for the speech-impaired
Harris, Omar and the party's great march leftward Israel successfully tests advanced missile defense system
PA Minister of Justice confirms that ICC has no jurisdiction over Israel Former Lebanese justice minister calls Hezbollah a ‘murderous’ terror group
US Attorney General Barr says the left wants to tear down system Leading Arab newspaper credits PMW for fighting PA terror for "more than 30 years"
Cutout of Hezbollah’s Nasrallah hung in noose during protest over Beirut blast Nasrallah denies a Hizballah arms depot caused Beirut port explosion
The Palestinian War on History Israel schools to open Sept. 1 despite coronavirus, Gallant says
Joe Biden's choice of Rice. Susan Rice's memo from a meeting at which top Obama officials resolved to withhold Russia-related info from Trump is now public. Op-ed. Were suspicious tunnels near Beirut Port discovered after the explosion?
UPS shows interest in Israel Postal privatization Europe must wake to Iran threat before it is too late. The Islamic Republic's aggressive actions over the past five years and its efforts to destabilize the region are clear and it would use its position as a nuclear power to entice countries seemingly beyond its reach to create a new world order
Anti-Semitism 'rampant' in American baseball, ex-player says Portland cops handcuff female protester, get asked if female cop is there for pat-down. Male officer quips, 'How do you know that I don’t identify as a female?'
Barack Obama’s Filibuster Hypocrisy TikTok: China's Trojan Horse to Indoctrinate America
Turkey mulls quitting treaty on violence against women Nashville councilwoman wants attempted murder charges for people who don't wear face mask, pass on COVID-19
Postal Service's Dire Warning to States: 'Significant Risk' of Late Ballots Ex-FBI Lawyer to Plead Guilty in Probe of Russia Investigation’s Origins
More than 1 in 5 mail-in ballots rejected in New York City primary. Over 84,000 mail-in ballots were disqualified Covert Covid. Contact tracing America’s “medical CIA” and the white coat supremacists of the Deep State.
In God we trust: Why? And how does it work? TRUMP VS. BIDEN: “THE ‘GOOD’ ESAU FIGHTING SATAN IN END OF DAYS”
Christian-Israel Relations in Danger? Oh, Please… Church leaders in Jerusalem like to employ apocalyptic rhetoric when they don’t get their way  
Defense firms announce plans for US production of Iron Dome system ‎ NASA MISSES WAVE OF ASTEROIDS SETTING STAGE FOR END OF DAYS
Israeli chemistry students win gold, silver, and bronze at 52nd Olympiad Israeli army examining purchase of wearable anti-drone device
India and Israel collaborate on rapid COVID-19 test How COVID, Hong Kong, 5G spying broke Israel’s US-China balance
What We Know Now About Hydroxychloroquine to Treat COVID-19 Italian Study: Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Risk 66 Percent
Israeli start-up enables farmers to grow crops in salty water Israeli biotech firm's ALS treatment shows positive results in trials
TikTok lambasted for failing to show up at Knesset anti-Semitism hearing 140 new citizens arrive from France
Palestinians: Israel is 'secretly' imposing annexation plan ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS FIRE ERUPTS AT IRAN INDUSTRIAL AREA
PA home videos: Children are taught to see murderers as “heroes” Palestinians: We Support China's Muslim Concentration Camps
Hezbollah looted Lebanon and it will cost $93b. to bail it out - analysis Iranian backed operatives killed in strike on base in Eastern Syria - report
Hezbollah stockpiled chemical behind Beirut blast in London and Germany. The Beirut explosion took place at a warehouse that held 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated from a ship. IN 2018, NETANYAHU THREATENED TO BLOW UP A MISSILE SITE IN BEIRUT’S PORT
Why Progressive Activists Want to Silence the Truth About Climate Change Fatah leader: Contacts underway to resume peace process
Billionaire media maven Oprah encourages white people to admit that they are racist in bizarre video Founders’ Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor Still Our Foundation
INSANE: BLM protesters list demands for local businesses, threaten 'repercussions for non-compliance' Black Lives Matter: "We Will Burn Down This System" - Part II
Chicago Lawmaker Wants to Cancel History Classes ‘Until a Suitable Alternative Can Be Found’ Rioters splash paint on elderly woman, get in her face when she stands up to their police precinct attack: 'This isn't your world anymore!'
Fighting 'The 1619 Project' Fake History: Lessons from Howard Zinn’s Fake History World's largest cargo plane lands in Israel to load Iron Dome batteries. Massive aircraft carrying U.S. military freight trucks touches ground and will transport defense system from Israel to defend American troops stationed in battlefields abroad
Dems seeking House foreign affairs job would restrict Israel aid over annexation Mail-in voting update: Due to massive postal failures, New York will count many mailed-in ballots even if they're not postmarked by the deadline, or postmarked at all. Six weeks after the primary, no result
Jewish group endorses Omar for Minnesota seat New York Democrat Chuck Schumer admits schools have to open or the economy won't recover
RELIGIOUS STUDIES PROFESSOR TWEETS PLAN TO GO BACK IN TIME TO KILL JESUS When the Leader Speaks From the Heart. A heart that learns through dire straits to be full of faith
SO MANY JEWS ARE RETURNING TO ISRAEL THAT THE GOVT. IS WORRIED THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO ABSORB THEM Americans: Make an exit plan – returning home. With increasing harassment of Jews throughout America, there are calls to make a change and come to live in Israel.
U.S. BIOTECH FIRM: HUMAN TRIALS FOR COVID-19 VACCINE COULD BE HELD IN ISRAEL Shin Bet: Fugitive Hamas operative gave us valuable intel on group
Vitamin D helps the body fight coronavirus, major Israeli study claims Israel's corona mortality rate among world's lowest
Paging Beijing Biden: Chinese State Media Says COVID Can be Used to Beat Trump Israeli institute’s vaccine candidate said highly effective in animal trials
Words Don’t Make a Hero, Deeds Do New Israeli-made mask claims to offer best protection yet against coronavirus
PMW’s recommendation to seize terror money in banks upheld by Israeli court Destroying Israel, It’s Just Foreign Policy
US, Israeli military chiefs fine-tune coordination amid rising tensions with Iran, Hizballah Turkey Openly Declares Commitment to Jihad on Non-Muslims
Dem Pol Took Bribe From Chinese Billionaire to Pay Off Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Dem State Senator Who Stole Money to Pay for Wedding and Divorce Blames Racism
Philadelphia NAACP president offers lame excuse for posting extremely offensive anti-Semitic memo 'Jews run Hollywood, fueled slavery, sold sheets and nooses to KKK'
Pressure grows to reopen Israel's skies Murder of black Trump supporter shot dead in broad daylight sparks call for federal investigation
Pro-Trump Candidates in Florida Surge Against Establishment Opponents The Democrats Declare a Jew Ban. And threaten the Jewish State.
Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez to Newsmax TV: Florida Probes Faulty Data Health company apologizes for falsely telling 600,000 US military members they were infected with coronavirus
What I discovered was absolutely shocking': Doctor reveals the REAL reason for anti-hydroxychloroquine hype Indictment of Former Democrat Congressman Widens Voter Fraud Case in Philadelphia
Third Crusade site where Christian forces defeated Muslim army identifed Face of God? Archaeologist claims to find 10th cent. BCE graven images of Yahweh
Pope, UNESCO reject Turkey’s transformation of Hagia Sophia into mosque Jesus is Jewish If you love Jesus, you will love the Jews – his brothers in the flesh
Amar’e Stoudemire offers to bridge the gap between Blacks and Jews Could archeology and modern medicine help validate the Bible?
Covid-19 prompts Jews abroad to seek homes in Israel Israeli Lawmaker Slams ‘Deceitful’ COVID-19 Statistics
Startup gets 2.5 million euro EU grant for nanotech-based respiratory device Sheba to test ‘less-than-one-second’ coronavirus detection technology
Israel biochem lab hosts U.S. envoy, seeks FDA nod for vaccine prototype Cancer test delivers results within hours, potentially saving lives
See you in September: Israeli air travel shut down for the rest of the summer. The Health Ministry has refused to set up corona testing stations at Ben-Gurion Airport to process Israelis or tourists arriving in Israel Two Israeli Startups Among Winners of 2020 Extreme Tech Challenge
Chevron to buy Leviathan, Tamar operator Noble for $5b The Hamas-Houthi Plan to Attack Arabs as Well as Israel
Why is the French Consulate covering up the PA’s lies? Hezbollah terrorist killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria
Who is on Biden’s foreign-policy team, and what are their positions? Iran: The Real Bounty Payer for Killing US Troops
WATCH: Confronted with DISTURBING drone footage, Chinese ambassador still denies 'ethnic cleansing' in China Trump Was Right: Biden First Said He'd Defund Police
Why celebrities keep quoting Louis Farrakhan — despite his antisemitism Star of David deemed 'hateful imagery' by Twitter
Marine Corps under fire after canceling training session amid concerns about speaker’s Christian background Teacher goes viral after claiming district fired him for tweeting 'Trump is our president' — but there's a bit more to the story
Progressive Dems praise anti-Semitic groups for letter censuring Israeli sovereignty Churches Across the Country Attacked
NYC Built $52M Coronavirus Hospital to Treat 80 Patients California School Boards Support Anti-Semitic Curriculum Lauding Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour
Biden urges Muslim Americans to help him defeat Trump BIDEN: “I WISH WE TAUGHT MORE IN OUR SCHOOLS ABOUT THE ISLAMIC FAITH.”
State delivers disturbing news to Nashville man: He's COVID-19 positive. There's just one problem — he never took a test. Gates-funded Program with Mastercard to Begin Tests on Biometric ID Vaccination Records in Africa. Is this beginning of the Mark or cashless society?
Key site from biblical kings’ time unveiled near US embassy in Jerusalem  
'Poland will never pay for Jewish assets lost during Holocaust' Following the reported defection of a senior naval commando officer to Israel, Saudi news outlet Al Arabiya says Hamas has arrested 16 of its own members, mostly from within the group's military wing, accused of spying on Israel's behalf.
Why reassessing Israel’s risky relationship with China matters Turkey vows to 'liberate Al-Aqsa' after turning Hagia Sophia to mosque
Israeli researchers find existing drug eradicates coronavirus from lungs Moderna Phase 1 results show COVID19 vaccine safe, induces immune response
Israeli scientists use waste in hygiene battle against coronavirus Israeli sprays may help prevent coronavirus spread
Explosion, fire at gas plant in east Iran Damage to Natanz centrifuge production may be irreparable
Fire at Iranian port, 7 ships on fire Preparing to Bomb Iran? Israel Asks US to Deliver Refueling Plane Early
Mystery blast at Iran nuclear site sets stage for showdown Unlikely Iranian bedfellows foster secret 25-year deal with China
Persecution of Christians at All-Time High Former NYPD commissioner warns US Jews: Protect your communities
British Judge: FBI Knew “Ultimate Client” for Steele Dossier Was Hillary Could Roger Stone Have a Conversion Experience Like Charles Colson?
Georgia Democrat Thanks Trump, Criticizes Black Lives Matter and Biden France adopts PA’s terror-supporting political demands including call to free mass murderers
Canadian far-right politician calls for removal of Jews from Canada Instagram personality KingFace says Trump inspired him to leave dangerous lifestyle of 'jail' and 'death'
Florida man in his 20s listed among COVID-19 fatalities — but health officer says he died in motorcycle crash Millions in PPP Funds Given to Companies Linked to China's Communist Party
Florida department of health exposed for massively overreporting positive COVID-19 cases More Than 20 Countries Are Reopening Schools. The US Should Take Note.
Why do Americans think Israelis are stupid? Israel is not the property of the ultra-Orthodox
PA anger at Arab world’s indifference to Israel's possible applying civil law to parts of West Bank China: Floods, Locusts, Hailstorms, Earthquakes, Swine Disease “as Prophesied by Ezekiel”
The day Abbas moved from rebuffing Trump to joining forces with terrorists Yet Another Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Site
How have Iran's intelligence forces broken down in face of explosions? Mysterious explosions: Iranian regime rattled
Aiming for 10-second result, breathalyzer detector for COVID begins early tests Israel announces successful launch of new spy satellite
Dr Zelenko calls hydroxychloroquine opposers 'guilty of mass murder' YouTube removes video claiming 'community guidelines violation'.
Nikki Haley on Israel: You can’t Destroy what God Has Blessed Sheba launches world's first ‘reversed personalized medicine’ cancer trial
Leaked Video: Facebook Employees Admit to Censorship Israeli Researchers Discover Connection Between Heart Disease and Cancer
Arkia mulls grounding fleet until Passover 2021 VIDEO: Black Lives Matter activists — triggered by AR-15 giveaway — physically attack church members
50% of Swiss Jews faced antisemitic abuse in past five years - study Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19 — and he's taking hydroxychloroquine for treatment
Britain passes the Coercive Acts; they should be called the Intolerable Acts

·     Christian college student questions BLM in viral video. Now college says she's no longer enrolled — after a 'disciplinary process.' Free speech?

Violent threat?
Leftist Harvard grad goes viral over threat to 'stab' the 'next person' who says 'All Lives Matter.' Now she's going to the unemployment line. US House subcommittee passes $250M in funding for Palestinians
Last week, a group of 13 Senate Democrats filed an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to prohibit Israel from using US security assistance funds for the annexation of parts of the West Bank. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms tests positive for COVID-19 after attending protests. Where the protests actually organized to spread virus to try and shut back down economy to hurt elections?
‘Day of Rage’/BLM Protesters in Boston Call for Violent Intifada Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti admits protests spreading COVID-19; gets ripped for double standard
Tony Dungy completely schools Don Lemon over the Bible, Christianity, after Lemon insists Jesus wasn't 'perfect' Schiff Learned About “Russian Bounties” in February — and Did Nothing
Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up, flees Hong Kong: 'I know how they treat whistleblowers' George Soros caught Working Closely with Iran Against US, Israel
Israel cancels 'God TV's Evangelical Christian channel Top Drug Store Begins Selling Makeup for Men: “The Lowest Level of Impurity”
Evangelical Leader Compares Trump and Netanyahu to Biblical Caleb and Joshua In counter to US peace plan, Palestinians say ready for direct talks with Israel
PA promises terror, claims it's allowed under international law Democrats circulate letter Threatening to cut US Aid to Israel
Israeli researchers develop 30-minute coronavirus test Their best shots: Israeli efforts to invent a coronavirus vaccine, explained
Hydroxychloroquine Trial Restarts With UK Regulator Approval Israeli researchers say they’ve developed more efficient, accurate antibody test
Israel becomes first country to incorporate breakthrough leukemia therapy WHO Concession: China Never Warned It About Coronavirus Outbreak
Blowing bubbles, Israeli physicists accidentally make breakthrough on light Tel Aviv-based Ibex to provide AI cancer diagnosis support to UK's NHS
Court Rules: Israelis Defeat Vatican-Affiliated Patriarch in Vital Jerusalem Property Dispute Israel Invents Artificial Intelligence Lifeguard with Futuristic Life-Saving Capabilities on Beaches
Heads of hydra. Two heads of a hydra, BLM and Antifa, don’t try to demolish rotten regimes. Driven by blind hatred, they bulldoze democratic states. Op-ed. Report: Israeli cyberattack caused Iran nuclear site fire, F35s hit missile base
Leaked Video Alleges Hamas Behind Violent ‘Black Lives Matter’ Riots New study reveals extreme anti-Semitism on TikTok
Why a Democrat State Senator Was Beaten by the Black Lives Matter Mob He Supported. Is it really still a mystery why leftists are devoured by the totalitarian entities they worship? Biden cancer nonprofit paid millions to top executives before shuttering
Minneapolis City Council, which voted to disband police, hires private security on taxpayer dime Screenwriter backs up Winona Ryder’s claim on Mel Gibson antisemitism
Two million new gun-owners in the US as weapons sales soar WATCH: BLM-linked organization removes webpage after Glenn Beck reveals VIOLENT terrorist origins'Unbelievably vicious, murderous cop killings, assassinations, and bombings'
Noted environmentalist pens article apologizing for 'climate scare' foisted on public for decades — but piece is taken down reportedly just hours later New Jersey politicians charged in massive mail-in ballot voter fraud scheme, face years in prison
How much of the United States does China really own? Massive crowds gather in Chicago and NYC for Pride month as global COVID-19 deaths surpass 500,000
Archaeological Study of Biblical Names Shows Historicity of Book of Jeremiah Report: Almost half of all COVID-19 deaths are linked to nursing homes; Gov. Cuomo complains of 'political heat'
A stiff-necked people. There have always been those who refuse to acknowledge the authority of God. Korach added His servant Moshe and the appointment of Aaron. 2,500-year-old City of David seal shows Jerusalem status in Persian period
Biden’s Foreign Policy Advisor accused of being Rabidly Anti-Israel Jerusalem School Trains Priests to Perform Temple Rituals in Anticipation of 3rd Temple
  End Times Rabbi: Gay Marriage is Forcing World to ‘Cleanse’ like Flood of Noah
Polio vaccine could protect against COVID-19, scientists say PMW: Abbas misled ICC with false document
Hadassah doctors crack the cause of fatal corona blood clots The Israeli start-up turning harmful wastewater into renewable energy
The COVID Death Count is Inflated — Change My Mind​  Israeli researcher: Antiparasitic drug could 'cure' coronavirus
Israeli researchers explain how they are healing the world with precision Israeli AI firm that offers early COVID-19 detection receives FDA approval
GPS Security Firm infiniDome Secures $1.6 Million in Funding Israeli scientists invent mask that kills coronavirus with phone charger heat
Justice for the men of the Altalena. This violent confrontation was another tragic tale in the history of inter-Jewish wars, but now - on its 72nd anniversary - it is time to clear the names of those who were wrongfully accused of treason in Israel's early days Epidural anesthesia safe at any stage of birth, Hadassah researchers say
Let the Palestinians learn from their past mistakes. An open letter to His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Washington. Taking cue from lightning, Tel Aviv University team creates power from humidity
The Maccabeats write a song in memory of George Floyd Time for Trump to be Trump at home and abroad
Turkey’s governing party accused of sending 37 million fake Tweets Israel and Azerbaijan: An unbreakable strategic partnership
New details on Iran’s drones as UN confirms Tehran’s role in Saudi attack Chinese Propaganda Outlet Has Paid US Newspapers $19 Million for Advertising, Printing. Money or politics influence our "Media"?
Lawyers who targeted NYPD with Molotov cocktails hit with new federal charges, face life in prison Attorney Busted for Throwing Firebombs at NYPD was Backed by Soros
ZOOM Admits they Colluded with China to Silence Dissidents Finally, a Good New Snap-Back Plan on Iran
Two large cash bags ... just full, I mean overflowing with cash': Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson exposes the lucrative business of abortion VIDEO Video shows rioting protesters attack CNN camera crew for recording them destroying a Wendy's
VIDEO : Black woman leaves white woman speechless, explains why she won't vote for Joe Biden: 'These Democrats ... they hate black people' Why America’s Economy Will Recover Before China’s
Street preacher attacked in Seattle's autonomous zone: 'Stop choking me!' Asheville attempt at autonomous zone fails miserably, video shows police quickly dismantle barricade
Israel builds road to link settlements as West Bank annexation nears Chinese military scientist arrested at US airport, stole US lab research
Special vessels show Jewish continuity in Israel after Roman destruction Appeals Court Rebukes Imperious Judge Over Absurd Absentee Ballot Ruling
Christians Prepare to Harbor Jews in Anticipation of Potential ‘American Holocaust’ Putin Stopped Obama from Destroying Israel new Report Reveals
Jews Blamed for US Protests, Police Brutality and Turmoil Cabinet OKs next step towards ‘Trump Heights’ town
African American basketball legend says Israel safer than US 'Israel, US have made up their minds to implement sovereignty by September'
Israel’s Deep State Agents Trained at Special School in Harvard NGO Asserts 90,000 immigrants expected in Israel in next 18 months, says minister
WSJ Analysis: 1,300 Chinese Medical Suppliers Use Fake US Address PA intentionally submits falsified document to the International Criminal Court
Jordan fears the Palestinian option. whoever thinks that Palestinians will suffice with a quiet life in a small and backward state between Jenin and Jericho are either complete ignoramuses or pathologically addicted to self-deception. Senate Armed Services Committee Votes to Continue Security Aid, Jets to Israel
PA refuses medical supplies from UAE Israeli Bus Driver Reprimanded for Talking About Jesus
Israel Develops Free 3D-Printed Hands for Children Brit Scientists 'Near Breakthrough' on COVID-19 Treatment
Moderna CMO: 1b. COVID-19 vaccines to be delivered by 2021 Mutation-proof: Israeli scientist nears vaccine that’ll cope with COVID changes
Israeli health experts: This is not a ‘second wave’ Israel ranked third safest country for coronavirus in global assessment
Despite pandemic, top Israeli defense firm reports record first quarter results Cancer treatments significantly affected by diet, researchers find
American Jews Seek Real Estate in Israel Post-COVID-19 The Gaza They Do Not Want You to See
Ban on foreigners entering Israel extended to July 1 "You Are Finished!": Turkey's Growing War on Christians
Can Pro-Israel Democrats Hold Off an AOC Clone? Dr. Fauci says the protests are the 'perfect set-up' for spreading COVID-19
Resident of Alaska accused of laundering $1 bllion for Iran Iran FM spokesman: US will 'kneel in front of Iranian nation' Possibly if Dems win in November?
Facebook deletes ad of gun-toting congressional candidate who warns Antifa to stay out of Georgia Data Leak Suggests China Had Hundreds of Thousands of Coronavirus Cases in 230 Cities
Satellite images of Chinese hospital parking suggests outbreak began in August 2019 Iran Close to Nuclear Weapons Breakout
IAEA: Iran violating all restrictions of nuclear deal New docs reveal how Chinese propaganda has infiltrated​ American media
Nigel Farage unloads on Black Lives Matter movement, compares it to the Taliban. Outrage ensues on live TV. A Brief History of Antifa: Part I
Reporters from Axios are allowed to join protests, and the outlet will cover their bail and medical bills Update: How COVID-19 fatalities in the US compare to the country's worst flu seasons
Is BLM Being Used to Funnel Illegal Donations to the Democratic Party? Sanhedrin Decision Pertaining to Trump’s Deal of the Century
Archaeologists might have identified Jezreel winery featured in Bible Annexation now, perhaps peace later. Even if Israel only controls 30% of the West Bank, it is a message to the world - both allies and enemies - that the Jewish state is here to stay and it will no longer evacuate legal settlements and those who lawfully live in them.
BIN Reporter Speaks to Laura Densmore About Christian Initiative That May Bring About Zechariah’s Prophecy Report: 12 dead in alleged Israeli strike on Iranian targets in Syria
Does Russia want Tehran to get nukes? - analysis Palestinian official warns Abbas willing 'to let PA collapse' to foil Israel's sovereignty bid
Israeli official: Germany won't sanction Israel over sovereignty Prominent Arab Voices Urge Normalization With Israel. I believe the know if the democrats win in November, then they are on their own with regards to Iran and other Countries that will not go against USA democrats.
Palestinians on Annexation: We Prefer Israeli Rule! PA Policeman: ‘Me and my Colleagues Want Israeli Annexation’
Sonarax Unveils App to Contain COVID-19 Without Collecting Personal Data Israeli Mathematician Accurately Predicted 40-Day Covid-19 Peak: Reveals new Bombshell Prediction
Israel said set to reject Chinese bids for role in 5G network infrastructure Moderna: First patients dosed with COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 2 study. The company’s chief scientist is Israeli-born Tal Zaks, who earlier this month told N12 that he is “not surprised that the vaccine works.”
Groundbreaking Israeli microscope can change the face of tech — scientists New Israeli Corona-Killing Device Can Re-Open Airports, Stadiums Instantly
Hydroxychloroquine Misinformation Can Be Deadly: Let Patients Decide Canadian Judge Rules U.S. Met Legal Test to Seek Huawei Executive’s Extradition
Israeli innovation tucked inside Google's newest earphones Top medical journal may have to retract negative hydroxychloroquine conclusions after its study used suspect data
Pluristem joins CRISPR-IL to develop next-gen genome editing products New Israeli invention: Aura Air, the air filtration system
Jewish Agency estimates 50,000 possible immigrants for 2020 New innovation center to boost Negev agriculture
Former MI6 head claims COVID-19 was made in a Chinese lab Why Western Media is Biased Against Israel
U.S. court orders Iran, Syria liable for attacks in Israel George Floyd Posthumously Dubbed a ‘Palestinian’. There’s Just One Problem. Please watch VIDEO at the bottom of the article. Very ensightful.
Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed President Trump for violent unrest. Then his daughter was arrested for protesting. Antifa Was Plotting Insurgency for Months
Top FBI lawyer at center of Flynn scandal, who signed FISA warrants, reportedly ousted from job Wisconsin city refuses to arrest rioters, but hands out hefty fines to churches with more than 50 worshipers
Illinois man accused of passing out explosives at Minneapolis George Floyd protest The UK Reverses Course on Huawei on 5G and Stands Up to China
California Tried to Bail Out Illegal Aliens - and It’s a Disaster. Who knew that anonymously handing out $1,000 to criminals could go wrong? Trump signs the Never Again Education Act into law. The law expands the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s (USHMM) educational mission to include teachers across the country.
Prosecutions in Philadelphia, West Virginia Show Voter Fraud Is Bipartisan Klobuchar declined to prosecute officer involved in death of George Floyd
Brooklyn lawyers, including Ivy League attorney, face federal charges in Molotov cocktail attack on NYPD Biden campaign staffers donate to group that bails out jailed Minneapolis protesters: report
Will the welfare of Israel play a part in your choice of a US presidential candidate? Deep State Using UN WHO for NWO Behind the Deep State (VIDEO) Scary!!!
More Muslim States Break Away from Mold: Side with Israel on Annexation. Very interesting article about the up coming election in USA. Video: Black D.C. Resident - 'Black Lives Matter is a Joke' First time I have heard someone from their own neighborhood speak the truth.
DNA Extracted from Animal Skins of Dead Sea Scrolls Offer Rare Glimpse into World of Second Temple DNA study supports Bible: Canaanites homogeneous group, lived in Israel
Palestinian Blogger Calls for Anti-Semites to Be Nice to Jews Lest They Move to Israel Archaeologist Discovers Hidden Chambers Under Bedrock of Temple Mount
Jordan Valley Palestinians await ‘annexation’ with fear, confusion, Very interesting perspective from a Palestinian. Higher education institutions to reopen on Sunday
Iran and Turkey seek to support riots in the US 9 Months After the 2nd Wave of Coronavirus, Messiah will Arrive Popular Rabbi Says
Iran tried to poison Israelis by increasing chlorine in water Israel, Saudi Arabia in secret talks to curb Turkish presence on Temple Mount
Netanyahu: Palestinians in Jordan Valley won't be citizens Gantz ordered IDF to prepare for annexation scenarios
Netanyahu: July is our target date for applying sovereignty. Reality, politics or his trial going on? Trump Tells Journalist: “I have a Chance to Break the Deep State”
Muslims themselves gave us the tools to disprove Palestinian lies Israeli scientists: Gaucher’s disease drugs effective against coronavirus
The PA’s fixation with paying for terror Buses to allow 75% capacity starting Thursday, trains return in June
US to UN: Stop Using COVID-19 As Excuse to Push Abortion Pivotal pancreatic cancer study in Israel hits benchmark
The Three Blows to the New World Order Study: Gene which raises risk of dementia may also raise risk of severe coronavirus
Kayleigh McEnany scolds media for not spreading Obamagate conspiracy Some autoimmune diseases are work of overzealous T cells, researchers say
NYC shutters field hospital that never saw single patient — and officials want taxpayers to pick up the tab Watchdog: Millions earmarked for Palestinian corona aid funneled to terrorist-linked groups. Countries that provided COVID-19 humanitarian aid include, Canada, the EU, France, Germany, Ireland and Kuwait
More than 2,000 antisemitic crimes in Germany, highest rate since 2001 Stop Believing in Science. Science is not a religion. It doesn’t offer virtue or certainty.
One in five English people believe COVID is a Jewish conspiracy - survey Meat on demand: Israeli company is 3D printing steaks
Complaint filed against Penn U and Biden Center for undisclosed China mega-donations. 'Since 2017 alone when Biden Center opened, university received over $70 million from China, of which $22 million listed as “Anonymous”.' France's Determination to End Free Speech
UPDATE: Congress suddenly cancels testimony of former Ukrainian prosecutor general in Burisma hearings. The deep state continues to work against the truth. Ukrainian police suspend officer who asked for a city’s list of Jews
Joe Biden, Ukraine call stirs 2020 presidential election flap Fury as Nazi supporter appears on Argentina's newest banknote
Democratic Senators And Biden Join In Denouncing Jewish Rights in Judea and Samaria Despite PA Renouncing Agreements Iran has banned all use of Israeli tech. Really? That would set it back 50 years
Ex-Health Ministry chief: 'You're not more at risk of dying of coronavirus than the flu' Lawsuit accuses NJ of discriminating against Jews using zoning laws
Wuhan lab admits to having 3 strains of bat coronavirus on-site Pennsylvania Election Judge Admits Stuffing Ballot Box for Democrats
‘Hospital room of future’ aims to give Israel edge against 2nd virus wave Support for China Falls Dramatically in European, Indian Polls. Why is the US Media and some politicians not seeing what most of the world sees?
Israeli scientists take leap toward understanding why skin cancer spreads Mail carrier charged with attempted election fraud for allegedly altering mail-in ballots
Two ultra-Orthodox bastions account for 37% of Israel’s virus deaths IAI, Microsoft, and Soroka Hospital Create COVID-19 ICU Supervision System
Teenager uses coronavirus lockdown to develop app for diabetics Medical miracle in Jerusalem: Surgery saves man with rod through head
Bone marrow co Gamida Cell reports positive Phase III results New report traces how European money makes its way to terrorists
Trump Fighting to Prevent China from Controlling Israel’s Drinking Water Why Iran-US standoff is going to get worse - analysis
The 'legal' landmine on the road to sovereignty Experimental drilling starts for controversial train route to Jerusalem Old City
Israel's hotels gear up for post-lockdown reopening PA: Blow up Israeli civilians in Haifa and Atlit – TV song urges suicide-terror against Israel
Iran building advanced weapons site in east Syria - report Bombshell intel report exposes how China colluded with WHO to hide truth about coronavirus
China's Wuhan reports first coronavirus cluster since lifting lockdown Will ‘Flynngate’ Compel Obama to Trigger Gog-Magog War as Bible Codes Imply?
Bosnian Catholic cardinal plans to honor Nazi collaborators in memorial Pius XII chose not to tell US about the Holocaust, buried document shows
The SS and the Vatican Christian Missionary’s ‘Hold the Line’ Group Aims to Engage the Flock Politically
'OBAMAGATE': New evidence suggests President Obama actually orchestrated the FBI’s Trump–Russia probe Dr. Birx was allegedly worried that the CDC was inflating coronavirus statistics, such as mortality rate and case count
US Govt Buys 500 Million Syringes with Optional RFID Tracking Device for Covid-19 Vaccination BGU professor develops coronavirus test producing results in one minute
Rare 1900-year-old Bar Kochba coin unveiled ahead of Lag Ba’omer What's First - Messiah or Aliya? (Behar 2020) video - religious view
Palestinian Authority Destroys Ancient Hasmonean Fortress Finance Ministry seeks to reopen restaurants, cafes next week
Israel to pilot antibody tests in coronavirus-hit Bnei Brak Israel Reveals: Iran Hacked US Pharmaceutical Company on Brink of Coronavirus Cure
Bye Bye Bleach: Israel Invents Non-Toxic, Virus-Killing Surface Disinfectant using Nanomaterials Israeli gov't research center files patents for 8 coronavirus antibodies
Cybercriminals imitating WHO to steal information, say Israeli experts Israeli scientists think they know why virus is severe for some, mild for others
Could this Israeli COVID-19 drug 'completely prevent' lung damage? Israeli researchers unveil architecture secrets of ‘word's oldest temple’
Israel's IIBR completes development phase of COVID-19 antibody Solomon Molcho: Portugal's converso messiah
Israeli lab confirms breakthrough with virus antibody, but says months till cure Coronavirus: Israeli researchers develop eight-times faster group-testing
Israel's malls, markets reopen as new virus cases remain low Italian scientist says she discovered main mechanism behind COVID-19
Teva launches Rituxan biosimilar for Rheumatoid Arthritis Coronavirus in Israel: 16,436 cases, 11,229 recoveries
Set for new term, Netanyahu eyes tricky annexation plan The death toll in Israel from COVID-19 stands at 245. Of the active cases, 78 are in serious condition.
Egypt says it destroyed more than 3,000 Gaza tunnels Jerusalem researchers say they’ve developed injection to fight superbugs
The PA is trying to hide its payments to terrorists Israel Unveils New Maneuverable Drone that can Attack Concealed Enemies
Database Swells to 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America 'For Israel to give up Hebron and Beit El is like the US giving up the Statue of Liberty'
How 250,000 Coronavirus Deaths Fit Right Into the Democrats’ Political Plan Bank of Israel intervenes to temper shekel gains
The Top Ten Jew-Hating and Terror-Promoting Professors PA Panicking Over Law Prohibiting Palestinian Banks from Paying Terrorists
Newly Revealed Transcript: FBI Agent In Wiretapping Trump’s Campaign Said All Israelis “Should Be Executed” Former Obama defense official admitted under oath that she lied on MSNBC about having Trump-Russia collusion evidence
Edmond de Rothschild Foundation Unveils Historic Layer of Caesarea’s Hidden Treasures Iran May Sabotage Trump’s 2020 Election Campaign with ‘October Surprise’ says Iran Expert
Israel plans to build it's first ever vaccine factory in Yeruham DOJ Backs Lockdown-Violating Pastor in Suit Against Virginia
Federal judge gives churches major victory amid strict lockdown restrictions by Dem governorIf it's good enough for Home Depot, it's good enough for churches The Noahide who has proof of the Exodus. Jim Long: How a non-Jewish believer in Torah discovered archaeological evidence of the Exodus.
  How did Israel crack the coronavirus code and what's next?
Judean Shepherd Announces Intention to Offer Sacrificial Lamb on Passover Likud set for 'world war' over portfolios
Research shows Pope Pius XII knew of WWII killing of Jews Eternal. Israel cannot be snuffed out for one simple reason: He (God) said so.
Israel Independence Day: A Day to Praise Hashem. Deuteronomy 11:8 Israel's population now at 9.2 million as Independence Day nears
Sanhedrin to Reenact Hezekiah’s ‘Second Passover’ Sacrifice on Mount of Olives Secret of the Israel Defense Forces Revealed [VIDEO]
Netanyahu 'confident' West Bank annexation pledge fulfilled in coming months Israeli researchers say they can make disinfectant from tap water
Pandemic May Bring Wave of Returning Exiles to the Holy Land Covid-19: Not Nearly As Dangerous As You Think. A sober look at the facts.
Israel's IAI tests UV light solution to sterilize passenger aircraft End all restrictions, they were unnecessary, Hebrew University researchers say
Coronavirus: China Continues to Flood the World with Defective Medical Supplies PA and Fatah honor Munich Massacre terrorists in anniversary posts
The Edete Corporation had developed the mechanical pollination after a drastic fall in bee numbers around the world, largely due to intensive agriculture, the use of pesticides, and climate change Weizmann Institute study published in Nature; all of the brain-injured patients who responded to odors in the test regained consciousness, researchers say
Jewish Agency chief sees jump in immigration to Israel Shapiro Accuses Pope of being a Pagan
Israel scientists develop ‘sniff test’ that predicts consciousness recovery China Exploiting the Coronavirus Pandemic to Expand in Asia
Kim Jong Un in a 'vegetative state' after heart surgery - Japanese Media Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada rise to record high for 4th straight year
Iranian secret space program revealed with satellite launch Joe Biden reportedly sent campaign operatives to look through the Senate files that he now refuses to release
BoI resumes foreign currency purchases to weaken shekel Protests by the Left Get a Pass - While Conservatives Get Arrested. All protestors are equal - but some are more equal than others.
Newsom Masks $1 Billion Deal with Chinese Company. Democrat governor hides the details, even from fellow Democrats. Pennsylvania forced to remove hundreds from COVID-19 death count over glaring irregularities
Pastor given ankle bracelet for defying stay-at-home order continues to preach anyway

COVID-19 turning out to be huge hoax perpetrated by media. Media hyped the virus and alarmed Americans to the point of shutting down the economy

U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults — A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud YouTube removed the viral video of frontline doctors calling for an end to quarantine and comparing COVID-19 to the flu
Newly Revealed Texts Show Strzok, Page Altered Flynn Interview Notes Sea of Galilee- Kinneret level reaches 16-year high
Gravitas: Pakistani citizens 'guinea pigs' for Chinese firm? Coronavirus Outbreak Video. Well worth watching Israel develops missing material for coronavirus test
PA to Palestinians: Al-Aqsa is more precious than your children - in PA TV filler Weapons against coronavirus
Nobel Bio Researcher: COVID-19 Was Lab Accident US Patent and Trademark Office Awards Israeli Research Team With COVID-19 Vaccine Design
Haifa’s boars take to empty streets en masse Coronavirus quiet brings out jackals in Tel Aviv
Israeli startup’s breath test device to sniff out COVID-19 set to start trials Nature reclaims global cities as people stay home
Israel Invents ‘Corona-Bots’ for Patients in Quarantine Coming soon across Israel: Futuristic temperature testers using defense tech
Anne-Marie Waters Video: Coronavirus and The Dire Threat of China Israel, US law-firms sue China for trillions over coronavirus
Cruz Looks to Replace America’s Medical Reliance on China with Israel New Poll: 44% of Americans See COVID-19 As Divine Wake-Up Call
Israelis Buying up Gold and Silver in Record Numbers PMW warning letter to Palestinian banks: Stop allowing salaries to be transferred to terrorists or face dire consequences
Israel must brace for change in Washington. Given the current makeup of the Democratic Party, a Joe Biden presidency will probably reverse recent trends in US-Israel relations. Anti-Semitic incidents worldwide rose 18% in 2019, study finds
The Left is Panicking That the Pandemic Will Encourage Homeschooling Thugs Killed More People in Chicago Than Coronavirus Did
NY Governor Cuomo: We Stopped the Spread of the Virus, Not God Man Charged with Trying to Blow Up ‘Jewish’ Nursing Home in Massachusetts
Half of Americans still say the Bible should influence our laws: poll. More than a quarter favor it over the will of the people In Ohio, signs showing blue demonic Jews as guilty of coronavirus appear
Federal judge blocks Democratic governor's attempt to limit religious gatherings: 'Religious activity was targeted for stricter treatment' Progressive Democrat admits on video to blocking money for workers in order to gain political 'leverage.' It didn't work.
Danish Bible Society’s translation omits dozens of references to Israel Poll: 75% among Arab sector define themselves as Israeli
China’s failure to warn of likely pandemic for 6 key days may have been critical FDA approves Israeli drug for coronavirus treatment trials
Israel approves gradual repopening of economy Dermatological symptoms may be the latest new coronavirus symptom
Israeli researchers at Hebrew U develop faster, cheaper COVID-19 test Gov't team recommends gradual exit from lockdown 4 stage process
'There is clear and present danger of a 4th election' Coronavirus crisis offers Israel rare opportunity for Hamas deal
China Actively Promoted Biological Warfare for Over 20 Years, new Report Reveals Hulk Hogan: Coronavirus is Message from God, Compares it to Plagues in Egypt
FDA approves UroGen's urothelial cancer drug Massive Earthquakes, Volcanoes now Erupting Worldwide
US senators push for cooperation with Israel on COVID-19 research Can-Fite jumps as drug aproved for Covid-19 trial
New Israeli COVID-19 treatment seemingly successful with first two patients Pluristem soars as Israeli Covid-19 patients improve
Despite COVID-19 crisis, Fatah's message that all of Israel is "Palestine" is as strong as ever Israel’s Deni Avdija declares for NBA Draft
Why is Iran not changing course? Bombshell reveals FBI knew anti-Trump Steele dossier was part of a 'Russian disinformation campaign'
Grandson of Munich Terrorist and Obama Darling Set to be California Congressman 13-year-old boy led alleged neo-Nazi plot to bomb synanogues in Estonia
Landlord in Scotland calls bagel shop's request for rent extension 'Jewish behavior' AG Barr taking 'action' against gov't officials who are regulating religious gatherings
Federal judge punches back at Dem mayor who 'criminalized' Easter drive-in church services Following Record Rainfall, Sea of Galilee Overflows: ‘An Omen of Messiah’s Arrival’
The Messiah: What ‘type’ of personality will he be?  
China Uses Coronavirus Panic as Excuse to Crack Down on Churches Coronavirus breakthrough will give Israel at least two more weeks of testing
Progressives blame Christianity and Capitalism for COVID-19 Town of Bnei Brak in near lockdown over out-of-control coronavirus
Coronavirus as a political tool Israel drafts Military Intelligence to help wage war on coronavirus
U.S. mulls treatment of Jewish dr. who claims to have cured coronavirus 4.6 Earthquake Rocks Red Sea Where Jews Crossed Just Before Passover
New evidence suggesting COVID-19 came from a Wuhan virology lab is hard to ignore Israel's gasoline taxed at world's highest rate
Israel among first to try experimental Japanese coronavirus drug As coronavirus spreads in Germany, so does antisemitism
Shin Bet nabs Israeli citizen accused of spying for Iran Brazilian minister hints at Chinese 'plan for world domination'
France Donates Four Deadly Battle-Ships to Hezbollah – Report Irish Priest Invites Muslims to Pray at his Church, Instantly Backfires
Trump’s New Press Secretary is a Fierce Defender of Israel Pro-Israel Evangelical Leader Challenges Rick Wiles to ‘Biblical Debate’
Israel and Trump's war on the coronavirus Church members get $500 tickets for sitting in their vehicles with windows closed during radio service in church parking lot
Democrats take action to give illegal immigrants money from coronavirus relief bill NC police arrest pro-life counselor outside abortion clinic for violating stay-at-home orderSen. Ted Cruz called the arrest 'unconstitutional'
Hamas Wants Americans Dead of Coronavirus, Democrats Want to Send Hamas Aid Passover's 11th plague: Jews celebrate different kind of Seder
Our Behavior is Our Witness. The Corona crisis reminded me that actions speak louder than words Israeli COVID-19 treatment shows 100% survival rate - preliminary data
Report: Israel’s Top Rabbi Orders Ceremonial White Robe to Greet Messiah Evangelical Leader Blasts Pastor Wiles for Claiming Jews Getting Coronavirus for Rejecting Jesus
Israeli Scientists Present Mathematical Model for Restarting World Economy Mystical Ceremony Reveals ‘Cure’ for the Coronavirus: Jews Must Return to Israel
NBC praised China for its medical supplies. Turns out, Chinese COVID-19 tests don't work, masks are defective. Passage in Isaiah about Quarantine has Same Numerical Value as ‘Corona’
Israel tests coronavirus vaccine prototype on rodents at defense lab Israeli scientists: Coronavirus vaccine to be tested on humans by June 1
Coronavirus by the numbers: Which Israeli cities have the most sick?  This is one of the rituals in the religious community
Syrian Journalist: Arabs Need to Learn How Jews “Make Miracles” Israeli doctor in Italy says new, innovative treatments ‘flattening the curve’
Israeli “Smart Suitcase” Maker Providing Free Hygienic Kit to Medical Workers Corona Riot in China
From swords to plows: IAI seeks to battle coronavirus with UV-light tech By voice or location, Israeli apps can determine your risk of coronavirus
As Americans go Broke, Sanders Demands Taxpayers Give Hamas $75 Million Idaho Becomes First State to Protect Women’s Sports From Transgender Agenda
Hundreds of Iranians die after seeking cure for coronavirus New photos from Wuhan reignite doubts that communist China is being honest about coronavirus
Pope: Catholics may now Confess Directly to God without a Priest Present' Israel ranked number 1 in coronavirus safety
Coronavirus Shows Our Need for God  
Israel Hits Breakthrough in Expediting Testing for Coronavirus Seeing God’s Gifts in Times of Difficulty. Rather than wallow in boredom, we can utilize our quarantine to become better
Israeli-made oral vaccine for coronavirus on track, but testing will take months Major Mystic Rabbi: Coronavirus Will End In Passover; Cure Will Come From Israel
Hamas Complains of Health System’s Imminent Collapse: Then Rejects Israeli Aid Iran/Hizballah forces relocate HQ from Damascus to Aleppo
Israel named world's 14th happiest country in annual UN report Israeli Drug-Maker to Donate 10 Million Coronavirus-Curing Pills to Hospitals Across U.S
Israel's biggest seaport operating fully, no shortages expected The Israeli Inventions That Lessen The Healthcare System’s Burden
For the first time in 17 years, Sea of Galilee is nearly full Gaza, like you never knew it
Former Health Ministry chief Prof. Yoram Lass says governments can't halt viruses and the lockdown will kill more people from depression than the virus. Soros Behind Campaign Attacking Trump’s Coronavirus Response
Coronavirus: China's Propaganda Campaign in Europe China is faking its recovery from the coronavirus outbreak: report
Platform deletes controversial article arguing the media has incited a coronavirus 'hysteria' Reports: Obama admin used up the stockpile of N95 masks but never replenished the supply, despite recommendations to do so
Britain Needs to Rethink Its Huawei Decision after China's Conduct over Coronavirus Dem Rep. Clyburn told colleagues the coronavirus stimulus bill is ‘a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision’
Report: Nancy Pelosi had 'wishlist' of unrelated demands for coronavirus bill, killing bipartisan agreement Did you know that the Hebrew Bible words for virus, epidemic and stumbling block share the same root?
Israeli Engineer Invents Algorithm to Predict Worldwide Spread of Coronavirus  
Israeli Nobel Laureate: Coronavirus spread is slowing Israeli cell therapy could treat respiratory effects caused by coronavirus
What the Bible Says to Us in Times of Corona Is There a Messianic Jewish Theology? (Part 3)
Rabbi Warns Vatican: Return Temple Vessels or Corona-Virus in Rome Worsens Netanyahu’s Corruption Trial Postponed Until May Amid COVID-19 Crisis
Random Israelis at Supermarket Spontaneously Break into Song about Faith in God Top official who claimed more than 100,000 coronavirus cases in Ohio now admits she was just 'guesstimating'.
Rivlin to tap Gantz to form next government, his office says Torah Scholar makes Bold Prophecy: “No Israelis Will Die from Corona-Virus”
Israeli researchers develop innovative diagnostic method for coronavirus Trump Just Destroyed the Muslim Propaganda War Against Israel in One Move
Teva and Celltrion's Herzuma will be sold at a 10% discount on the price of the original oncological drug. 24 new immigrants arrive from the US on Nefesh B’Nefesh flight
Coronavirus explained: 22 questions with epidemiologist guiding Israeli response Leading health agencies: No evidence ibuprofen worsens coronavirus
Ignoring Corona and Israel health care aid, PA praises murderer of 37 Israelis In First, Israeli Wins World’s Top Math Prize
NYC's Bill de Blasio is citing a bogus statistic as the 'top reason' for keeping public schools open FCC Commissioner: Schiff Violated Rights by Probing Private Phone Calls
Israel approves licensing of HIV drug to treat coronavirus Scientists bring back voice of 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy
New World Order: Muslims to be majority in Europe within two generations Erdogan to encourage refugee exodus to Europe
The 'double life' of Israel's ultra-Orthodox doubters Ex-Haredi woman dies by suicide after speaking of difficulties leaving religion
‘Sanders is Mixed Multitude Trying to Prevent Trump (Esau) from Ushering in Messiah’ Rabbi says Pre-Magog Escalation as Airstrike Kills 33 Turkish Troops in Syria
Gaza, elections and the Corbynization of the Democratic party Palestinian cleric: Hating Jews is an Islamic obligation
Israeli scientist finds microplastics in milk Israel's Sheba Medical Center named world's ninth best hospital
Innovative Light-Blade laser can cut down Hamas, Iranian attack drones How to Pray for Israel’s Government. For such a time as this: If you pray for Israel, then you need to read this.
German airlines cancel all flights to Israel over entry restrictions Israeli Neuroscientists Use Odors During Sleep to Strengthen Memories
US army translator accused of sharing secrets with Hezbollah US approves possible sale of KC-46 tankers
Israeli marathoner smashes Tokyo course record As Iran passes uranium enrichment threshold, Israel stays quiet - Analysis
Democratic Republic of Congo to send 1st ambassador to Israel in 20 years Welcome to Mount Hermon, Israel’s only ski mountain. It shuts down when it snows
Sanders would beat Trump 65-30% among US Jewish voters, new poll finds By early evening voter turnout in Israel elections remains at 21-year high
An Obama Holdover in an Obscure Government Arm Helped Cause the Country’s Coronavirus Crisis Federal judge orders Hillary Clinton deposition to address private emails: 'Still more to learn'
High school closes gender-neutral bathroom after student is arrested for sexually assaulting another student Democrats Demand Open Borders for the Coronavirus
How did Kabbalah Begin? Brief History of Jewish Mysticism 4 takeaways from Netanyahu's decisive 3rd election victory
Rare Jerusalem find could prove location of Second Temple-era market Sanhedrin Mints Coin for the Battle of the Army of Light Against the Army of Darkness
Floods, Coronavirus, Locusts, and Earthquakes: Pre-Purim Wave of Natural Catastrophes Hits Iran  Gold coins dating to early Islamic era delight archaeologists at Yavne dig
How did Western media become Gaza's useful idiot? Israeli startup gives autistic workers an opportunity
Israel outraged after key EU state holds anti-Semitic parade Coronavirus not yet a potential plague. Face masks’ reliability dubious. Likely restrictions on global travel
Israeli firm unveils kit to diagnose coronavirus, as 2nd team works on a vaccine Israeli scientists: 'In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine'
Full steam ahead as Israel powers fourth industrial revolution First batch of experimental coronavirus vaccine shipped for human trials
Abbas' deception at the UN: PA claims to recognize Israel, yet message to Palestinians is that all of Israel is "Palestine" 1 in 5 Europeans says secret Jewish cabal runs the world, survey finds
Jerusalem to get Old City train station named after Trump Carnival float in Spain features Nazi uniforms and trains with crematoria
Bitter from third elections? Ben & Jerry’s is here with a sweet surprise Soros Behind ‘Rogue’ Meeting Between Democratic Senator, John Kerry and Iran – Report
More bad news for Joe Biden clan: Judge orders Hunter Biden to appear for sworn testimony Joe Biden hit with another investigation — by Ukrainian officials
Sanders: Hamas will Ally with Israel for the Right Price An Imam at a Bernie Rally Had Called for the Destruction of Israel
Senate Democrats block bill requiring medical care for babies who survive being aborted Sanders considers moving U.S. embassy back to Tel Aviv if elected
California Teachers Union Wants Kids to Pursue Gender Transition Without Parental Consent Trump Wins Major Court Victory on Sanctuary Cities
Judge Rules Chicago Can’t Ban Christian Students From Evangelizing 9th Circuit: Trump Administration Stripping Funding From Abortion Clinics Is Constitutional
Thanks to Trump: Pascal Lamb could be Sacrificed adjacent to the Temple Mount for first Time in 2,000 Years Is It Time To Rebuild The Temple?
Iran Planning to Convert Tomb of Mordechai and Esther into Palestinian Consulate Is There a Messianic Jewish Theology? (Part 2)
When God rescued King Hezekiah, part 3. Archaeology confirms the biblical account—Jerusalem’s deliverance and Sennacherib’s end The Terrorists Migrating into Europe
LISTEN: A guide for those still perplexed by Israel’s threepeat election Israeli Achievement in Lab Mice Could Eventually Lead to Clinical Treatment for Widespread Chronic Skin Disorder
Israeli invented 'CoughSync' machine to treat coronavirus in China Sea of Galilee Kinneret just 1 meter from maximum level
This Israeli tech helped ‘grandpa’ stop spilling his drink Iron Dome upgrade deals another blow to enemy's desire to target Israeli civilians
AI a new and ‘frightening’ battlefield in cyber war, experts warn Terrorist Murderers are Palestinians’ “Honor” and “Crown”
New Breakthrough Brings Israel Closer to Cure for Melanoma Rains bring stunning floral displays to parched Dead Sea area
Israel's Leviathan gas group seeks partners to expand Sanders renews attack on Israel, triggers angry response
UK Court: Sharia Marriages Not Valid Under English Law Orthodox NBA analytics guru helps Jewish school win first title in 20 years
Former Polish priest indicted for hate speech and Holocaust denial Violence Against India’s Christians Reaches Record Levels
Former MLB player excluded from World Series team reunion — allegedly over support of Trump After Attending a Trump Rally, I Realized Democrats Are Not Ready For 2020
As a Democrat for 20 years, I realized how out-of-touch my party is. Judge rules against Christian professor who sued college over transgender pronouns
Soros Asked Obama to Investigate Somebody? Florida State Attorney Embraces Anti-Semite Rasha Mubarak
Sanders Calls to Cut Aid to Saudi Arabia so they can Unite with Iran Ancient Canaanite Temple With Statues of Baal and 'Standing Stones' Found at Lachish
Israel’s Top Rabbi: “I’m Currently in Discussions With the Messiah Himself”  
Israel’s Defense Minister: We are Now in Era of Third Temple Roman Square reopens in Jerusalem after almost 2,000 years
Was the Bible right? Inscription may confirm ancient Israel’s borders Israeli sovereignty and the future of President Trump's peace plan
Sanhedrin Gets Authorization to Use Their Trees for Third Temple Israeli Expert: China Might Have Created the Coronavirus
Rabbi, Help, I’ve Fallen in Love With a Christian! Date Trees from 2,000-Year-Old Seeds with Healing Powers Grow in Israel: A Realization of Ezekiel’s Prophecy
Who's afraid of a Palestinian state? The Palestinians Israeli Team Produces 3D Cardiac Tissues from Human Stem Cells to Treat Heart Arrhythmia
Startup develops blood test that aims to undermine tumors’ resilience Israeli startup hopes to battle Alzheimer’s with enzyme-busting drug
Palestinian lawyers threaten to sue those who 'accept' Trump plan Greenblatt: If support for Palestinian cause keeps dropping, it won't last
Trump Admin Inadvertently Highlights Bright Side of Increased Antisemitism: More Immigration to Israel An Al Qaeda Leader Came to America as a Refugee, And Applied for Disability for Bullet Wounds. How Biden helped an Al-Qaeda leader come to the USA
Israeli startup says its nanotech masks and robes may block coronavirus Englishman Explains How Bernie Sanders is the American Version of Jeremy Corbyn VIDEO
Israel announces serial production of new advanced ‘Eitan’ APC Jewish Dem thrown out of event for challenging Rashida Tlaib on antisemitism
Fatah instructs PA Security Forces not to pursue Palestinian terrorists Glenn Beck unveils money laundering scheme linked to Hunter Biden and Burisma
U.S. warship in Arabian Sea seizes suspected Iranian weapons France Quietly Reintroducing the Crime of Blasphemy
6 Jewish moments during Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech 20% of German university academics reject Israel’s existence
London witnesses three antisemitic hate crimes in under 24 hours Muslims Celebrate! Harvard Declares Koran 'Best Book on Justice'
Six women quit Liz Warren campaign over 'culture' of racism — Warren blames 'legacy' of racism in the US Poll: 40% of Israelis dread political logjam, think 4th elections likely
BOMBSHELL: Newly discovered document points to missing $1.8 billion in Ukraine Iranians nabbed using fake Israeli passports in Ecuador
WATCH: Glenn Beck SPECIAL: 'Ukraine: The Final Piece' The Christian fundamentalists and Israel: Friend or foe?
Banned in Britain: Franklin Graham’s Tour Dates Canceled Over Christian Beliefs Biblical Israelites maintained cult practice in temples outside Jerusalem
Why Jews have reason to fear in America When God rescued King Hezekiah, part 2 Archaeology confirms the biblical account - Hezekiah’s preparations in Jerusalem
Israel Not For Sale. Arab patience with Palestinians is running out as they yet again reject a Middle East peace plan 'People today have no problem admitting they fake polls'
Jerusalem: Police Complaint Charges ‘World Council of Churches’ with International Espionage 3 chunks of Israeli land for Palestine, and 5 more overlooked parts of US plan
Saudi Writers to ‘Palestinians’: Accept Trump’s Plan, or You’ll Regret it Later Sudan-Israel normalization meeting 'stabbed Palestinians in the back'
Fresh fruit and vegetables meet a suite of quality-assessing software Israeli med-tech start-up launches smartphone app to monitor wounds
Israeli cell therapy demand could be worth $2 billion by 2023 Intel Israel's exports up 70% in 2019 to $6.6b
Israeli scientists assist unprecedented mapping of cancer genome World's smartest child wants to study Israel
Watch: The Light Blade anti-arson balloon laser system Trump Middle East Plan: Last Chance for the Palestinians?
The Palestinian Authority donor machine A Global Catastrophe: "260 Million Christians Experience High Levels of Persecution"
Israel ranked 8th most expensive country to live in Peter Schweizer: Trump’s request to investigate Biden, Ukraine was legitimate — and we have the evidence to prove it
Super Bowl Surreality: Fox Rejected Pro-life Commercial, but Ran Drag Queen Ad Airline Ends Relationship With Chocolatier Over CEO’s ChristianTraditional Values
Video: 120 Members of Congress Support Hamas-Linked CAIR How Big Foundations Wage War on YOU! | Behind the Deep State - VIDEO
Horowitz Video: Why Inalienable Rights Derive From God Israeli Arabs say no to Palestine
Iowa precinct captain tries to convince voter that Pete Buttigieg's homosexuality shouldn't matter. Iowa voter goes viral with fiery response. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, UAE welcome Trump peace plan
The 'Deal of the Century': What are its key points? Nikki Haley: Trump plan may be ‘the last chance’ for the Palestinians
This peace plan comes with a map, why is this significant? - analysis Misreading reality, Palestinians overplayed their hand
On the Streets of Bethlehem as Trump Announces ‘Deal of the Century’ PMW exclusive: PA gave 517.4 million shekels to terrorists as salaries in 2019
Palestinians: Abbas Chooses Hamas Over Peace with Israel Messiah’s Gate of Mercy Being Used as Sanctuary for Terrorists
Palestinian “Expert”: “Israel is Building the Third Temple Under the Aqsa Mosque” Meet a Female Christian Officer in the IDF
Fatah threatens anyone supporting the deal of the century - in song on Fatah Facebook Uganda expected to move its embassy to Jerusalem - report
Revolutionary brain cancer treatment becomes available in Israel Netanyahu indicted for corruption in three cases, in first for a sitting PM
Israeli technology may stop coronavirus Evangelicals see Trump plan as proof 'Israel kissed by God' - analysis
Siblings of Kids with Learning Disabilities Are Not Jealous but Rather Empathetic Israeli Study Shows Gantz adviser compares Trump to Hitler
Arabian Gulf Citizens and Changing Views Jewish High-school Girl Tells Trump of Bullies who Wrote Swastikas on her Arms
Top Italian Politician: If I Win Elections, I will Recognize Jerusalem. Is He Opening to Messiah at the Gate of Rome? Classified Report Reveals 150 Islamist No-Go Zones in France
Antisemitic crimes increase by 60% in LA over the last year Rashida Tlaib retweets unverified claim Israelis killed Palestinian boy
Rashida Tlaib and her 'squad' decry Trump plan 15 Biblical Towns to be Placed Under Siege if Trump’s Peace Plan Succeeds
2 Gay Students Are Suing a Seminary. Here’s Why It Matters. ‘Trump’s Peace Deal is Akin to Decree of King Cyrus Paving Path For Third Temple’ says Israeli Politician
‘Christian Birthright’ Accused of Snubbing Prophetic Return Of Jews To Judea-Samaria Do Recent Israel Floods Represent Fulfillment of Prophecy? Are Ezekiel’s words coming true? Does unprecedented rainfall signal revitalization of Dead Sea in accordance with Scripture?
We’re here because it’s all education? One of the families who's boys have played on our team wrote this article. White House to publish peace plan as early as Friday - report
Groundbreaking Israeli microbe research scoops up €4 million in grants Kantor: Holocaust Forum gives the Jewish People around the world hope
Israeli tech brings clean water and electricity to African villages Israeli defense firm Elbit debuts system for firefighting from high altitude
Uncovered, Polish Jews’ pre-Holocaust plea to Chamberlain: Let us into Palestine Auto giant Daimler to test pioneering Israeli waste-to-plastic solution
PA: Kill Jews to save the world Israel foiled 560 'significant' terror attacks in 2019, says head of intel agency
British scientists accidentally discover immune cell that 'may kill all cancer' Documentary confronts cost of Pope Pius XII’s ‘Holy Silence’ during Holocaust
Macron Kicks Israelis Out of French Church A great – but fragile – triumph of Zionism
Migrants say they will wait out Trump's presidency in Mexico, and try to enter again once a Democrat gets into office New Revolutionary Guard commander said among planners of 1994 Argentine Jewish center bombing
How archaeology affirms the Bible's account of Hezekiah Iranian MP announces $3 million award for 'whoever kills Trump'
  Lists of Oil, Wine Shipments in Ancient Kingdom of Jeroboam Discovered
Life-Size Replica of Noah’s Ark on Way to Israel? Sanhedrin Meets With Representative of ‘Ten Lost Tribes’: Launches Efforts to Return them to Israel
Israel reveals major upgrade to Iron Dome Youtube Deletes 2,600 Videos of ‘Prophetic’ Rabbi
Technion Scientists Develop Prototype for Efficient and Safe Production of Hydrogen Using Solar Energy Hamas Gives Lesson in American History: Washington Killed Native Americans Because they were ‘Muslim’
New cancer treatment developed locally remains unavailable to Israeli patients Hebrew U. study shows aggressive bacteria can be controlled or even cured
New Israeli Algorithm Predicts Gestational Diabetes Making Pregnancy Safer Printed Cellulose Burgers: Soon at a Restaurant Near You!
Israel's unlikely Olympic baseball team dreams big for Japan Artificial Model of Premature Infants Developed at Technion Expected to Cut Injury to Those on Respirators
Iran Wants Students to Trample Israel Flag. They Refuse The Palestinians and Europe's Secret Agenda
3 Jewish students assaulted by 11 men at Indiana University Prager U Video: If You Hate Israel, You're No Friend of the Jews
Powerful videos show angry Iranian protesters flood streets of Tehran over downed jet: 'Death to the dictator' Iranians Celebrate Soleimani’s Death in Canada, Praise Trump
Journalist Sharyl Attkisson: Former federal agent blows the whistle on illegal surveillance operation during Obama administration Report: Obama Granted Amnesty to Soleimani in Iran Deal
Turkey's No Longer Best-Kept Secret: Islamized Christians Royal Heiress of Cambodia is Jewish and Just had her Bat Mitzvah
Last Auschwitz survivors speak: ‘We haven’t won, but we’ve taught our grandkids’ Thanks to Heavy Rains: Ritual Baths for Temple now Fully Functional for First Time in 2,000 Years
Revealed: An Arab prince’s secret proposal to sell the Western Wall to the Jews For Israel, Iran strike could be back on the table
Israel Chief Rabbi accuses government of letting godless Gentiles immigrate to shift the balance of religious power in the Jewish state. Israel breaks 50-year record for most rainfall
Kinneret rises sharply as torrential rain continues Israel unveils revolutionary laser-based air defense system
Israel charts the universe's last great frontier Teva seeks blockbuster drug to succeed Copaxone
Israeli tech firm specializing in freezing tumors gains FDA approval in US Tobacco Smoking Found by Israelis and Serbs to Promote Depression
Israeli Researchers Make Breakthrough Towards Cure for Lupus Water-from-air startup awarded Smart Home Mark of Excellence at CES Las Vegas
'The world doesn't realize the extent of the tunnel threat' Critics mock Ilhan Omar for claiming she's 'stricken with PTSD' over Iranian conflict 
UNHRC, UNICEF turn blind eye to abuse of Palestinian children Iran says it will not give black box of Ukrainian plane to Boeing
Auschwitz visited by record number of 2.32 million people in 2019 Donald Trump and the mythmakers
Egypt set to reopen Alexandria synagogue Friday after extensive renovation Thousands of young Syrians opt to learn Russian at school
Rare Jerusalem find could prove location of Second Temple-era market  
Rep. Ilhan Omar, Liberals Accuse Trump of Killing Terrorist Soleimani as a ‘Distraction’ PA rewards teaching that "Palestine" erases all of Israel
Israel's population 9.14m on eve of 2020 Corner of God’s Altar in Shiloh’ takes 2nd place in 2019 top discoveries
Should Israel sign non-aggression pacts with Arab countries?  
Gold coin treasure uncovered in archaeological dig in southern Israel Watch: Sparks fly as missionaries try to convert rabbi at Israel Parade
Israeli study shows cure to breast cancer without chemo A Historic First in Israel: Jewish Birth Rate Outperforms Arab Birth Rate
Leaders of Israel, Greece and Cyprus sign gas pipeline deal Celebrating a decade of life-changing Israeli inventions
“Israel is the Modern-Day Anti-Christ” Hamas outraged after Bennett seizes terrorists' money
Hasidic man attacked in Brooklyn NBC article blames Jews for spike in anti-Semitism in New York
FBI data underscores rising threat to places of worship When will American Jewry wake up?
Trump Kills Second Most Powerful Man in Iran; Warns of More to Come Amazon Caught Censoring Positive Reviews of Books Exposing Palestinian Lie
Leaving Israel makes you come back as a better Jew Up Close and Personal With a Christian Who Served in the IDF
Jerusalem ranked world's fastest growing tourist destination 'Brazil will move its embassy to Jerusalem'
Hijacking Jesus – The New Christmas Tradition First edition of King James Bible to be displayed in Saudi Arabia
Israeli migraine-busting device saluted as 2020 ‘game changer’ Israelis develop 'self-healing' cars powered by machine learning and AI
2,000-year-old Roman ‘ketchup factory’ uncovered in Askhelon AI: Beware human decline not rise of computers
Paris appeals court agrees: Killer of Jewish woman 'too high' to be guilty IDF's Tavor is foreign armies' favorite rifle, magazine says
Jewish college student is given ultimatum: Cancel your trip to Israel or you will be kicked out of student government Why American Jews slander President Trump
Where the top 2020 presidential candidates stand on Jewish issues Beverly Hills synagogue vandalized, Torah scrolls descecrated
The End of a Jewish Presence in Europe? Orthodox Jews community raises $50k for family of slain Jersey City detective
Recently Revealed Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount: First Stage in Third Temple Construction Archaeologists find table where Ark of Covenant once sat - report
Shalva band makes American debut at Israeli-American Council event Russia, UN, Syria Rebuild Pagan Temple of Baal in Palmyra: Third Pre-Messiah Gateway
Permanent US embassy in Jerusalem green-lit Israeli Army Presents a ‘Light to the Nations’. IDF’s meaningful integration of special-needs soldiers has inspired the US military
Boy's wedding proposal to girl forces rabbis to decide: 'Are they married?' Miracles await us, if we are willing to accept them
Israeli scientific study shows electrons flow like water One group of researchers will study fusion proteins that form in pediatric cancer. The other team will study the role of epigenetics in metastasis.
Israeli Researchers Develop Technique That Could Lead to Less Electrical Energy Usage Haifa Students Develop Algorithm to Safely Land Aircraft with Engine Failure
Israel forges history, Jews have no heritage in Jerusalem - according to Egyptian official and PA TV host Norway to withhold funding to PA over inciteful curriculum
Squad opposes House's 2-state resolution on Israeli-Palestinian conflict With Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism and party insiders saying little has been done to tackle the problem, even its own candidates admit that in north London, 'people are frightened'
All Antisemitic Incidents in US Caught on Video in 2019 Scary to see what is really happening. Muslim PA state rep who was offended by Christian prayer is charged with stealing from children's charity
Upcoming Documentary Explores Pagan Roots of Christmas  
Rare 3rd century Golan synagogue mosaics show shift in Jewish life post-Temple How Christian Zionism Reveals the Unity of God
Belief in Trump as chosen by God part of growing evangelical power movement Hezbollah uses Germany as operational hub for sponsoring terror
Israeli and American Researchers Develop Techniques and Drug that Slow and Even Reverse Signs of Dementia in Lab Mice Christian Marines Protecting the US Embassy in Jerusalem Speak about Their Experience
Israeli and American Researchers Develop New Technology to Help Cure Asthma Israeli Scientists Crack Code of Hyraxe Communication
Israeli startup to process blood test in ten minutes cleared by US FDA In possible breakthrough, molecule destroys pancreatic cancer cells in mice
Speculation Walmart coming to Israel causes local supermarket shares to dip Technion students develop algorithm to land aircraft with engine failure
Watch: Ilhan Omar Leads Catholic Church in Muslim Prayer Former Polish president, who serves on Burisma board, reveals Hunter Biden was hired for his name
Could future US administration undo Trump’s policy on Israeli settlements? Survey suggests anti-Semitic sentiment shared by majority of UK population
The Sword of Zionism  
A new Christian antisemitism Scientists Admit: Snakes Once had Legs as Described in Book of Genesis
Pompeo, AIPAC and Jewish American priorities Famous Rabbi Explains the Biblical Connection to Thanksgiving
Odd 13th-century Bulgarian worship hall may be country’s sole medieval synagogue Inscriptions in Byzantine-era church intrigue archaeologists
Nanosynex aims to solve antibiotic resistance Weizmann Institute develops CO2-consuming bacteria
Led by high tech, Israeli exports to hit record of $114 billion in 2019 Teva kicks off early-stage research plan in quest for new drugs for its pipeline
Israeli team uses silicon chip to deliver Alzheimer’s-busting protein to brain With New Israeli Chemo Method, Patients Would Receive Less Toxicity and Fewer Side Effects
Merkel gov’t continues UN assault against Israel, snubbing German Jews Zebra Medical gets FDA nod for device that detects water in lungs
BDS and Antifa Bigots Shout “Back to the Ovens” at Toronto's York U The Jews came as "invaders 70 years ago," no evidence of Jews before then
London man yells ‘Jews don’t belong here,’ assaults Jewish couple on a bus Church of England report admits Christian anti-Semitism helped lead to Holocaust
Italy uncovers plot to create new Nazi party The Church of St. Pete: Buttigieg Says Bible is “Inconsistent,” but Can Justify Abortion
Another Source Confirms: Omar-Tlaib are Qatari Agents 106 House Dems to Pompeo: Reverse settlement announcement ‘immediately’
Orthodox Rabbi: Trump Impeachment Hearings is ‘Angel of Esau Fuming with Anger’ 3-D Scans Confirm Noah’s Ark Buried in Turkish Mountains
Thanks to Evangelicals: Israel to Develop 24 Biblical Sites in Judea-Samaria The Two-Faced Muslim Leader that Pope Francis Loves and Trusts
World's first 'artificial meniscus' implant performed in Israel India Accidentally Sets Precedent that can Lead to Construction of Third Temple
Israeli startup presents revolutionary development. Israeli startup announces open application for artificial pancreas. Hebrew University Research Finds Genetic Selection of Embryos Raises IQ Only by a Few and Carries Hidden Pitfalls
The Real Reason Behind the Rocket Attacks VIDEO America has finally decided the Bible is not illegal
Official PA media emphasizes its commitment to terrorists and murderers 25% of Europeans anti-Semitic, East European bigotry rises sharply
Netherlands halts aid to PA over payments to terrorists Israel Further Cuts Funding of Terror-Supporting Palestinian Authority
New Israeli Study Reveals: Consumers Make Better Buying Decisions on PCs than on Smart Phones Israeli Researchers Find Way to Deliver Medications to Brain Inhibiting Alzheimer’s Disease
Jewish Democrats: Trump is biggest threat to American Jews Pompeo’s statement on Israeli settlements is a diplomatic turning point
154 U.N. nations call Temple Mount solely by Muslim name Haram al-Sharif Republicans introduce legislation to block sanction waivers for Iran
Amazon blocks pro-Israel Evangelical group form charity program Marie Yovanovitch committed 'perjury' when she LIED under oath about 'do not prosecute list'
NASA to Send Prototype Solar Power Generator Developed at Ben-Gurion University to the International Space Station Amazon's Israel launch fails to raise a smile
Use of probiotics in intensive care units could backfire, Israel-US study shows This Startup Wants to Prevent the Next Pool Drowning
How a Christian Girl from Small-Town Denmark Became One of the Biggest Pro-Israel Social Media Ambassadors Rabbi: Blessing Trump as King Shows He is the Final President Before the Return of Davidic Dynasty
Robert Spencer’s 'The Palestinian Delusion': A Treasure "Death to Israel" song on Hamas TV as terrorists’ rockets strike Israel
Amnesty International Caught Lying, Blamed Israel for Jihad Rocket Misfire Israel Kills Senior Islamic Jihad Commander in Gaza
Grandson of Munich Massacre Terrorist Set to Win California Congressional Race IAEA: Uranium traces found at undeclared Iranian site
Lutheran pastor's wife rejoices that transgender daughter, 12, just got 'life-affirming' hormone-blocking implant Sec. of State Tried to Undermine Trump with Apocalyptic Scenario of Jerusalem Embassy Move
U.S. human rights group sued for funding Palestinian balloon terror NFL quarterback Nick Foles gives inspiring response when asked if he's doubted God because of a bad injury
Is Iran Winning or Losing? Gantz and Netanyahu may be closing in on deal for unity government: report
Hamas Accidentally Brings Daniel’s Prophecy to Life with Fire Book in River 'Evangelical media can help Israel's public diplomacy efforts'
The Economy Ministry has altered its regulations on pork and lard imports, saying that only “kosher” pig products can be imported into the Jewish State. Oxymoron? ENERGEAN CONFIRMS 'EXCELLENT' GAS DISCOVERY IN ISRAELI WATERS
Why is Martyrdom-death “unique in Palestine”? Russia Pulls Plug on Anti-Air System in Syria Opening Skies For Israeli Air Operations
WHAT WOULD A BERNIE SANDERS PRESIDENCY MEAN FOR ISRAEL? The Great Replacement: ‘Foreigners’ Will Soon be More Than 1/3rd of Germany
Gov. Ralph Northam confirms Virginia already 'working on' gun confiscation now that Democrats are in control Almost 50% of Jews in UK say will leave if Labour's Corbyn wins general elections
Sexually Explicit Books Were Put in These Virginia Classrooms. Parents Want Answers. Video: Woman brutally attacks 79 year-old Christian man preaching on a NYC subway
Our Staff Discusses the Biblical Implications of the Uprising in Lebanon Jewish and Christian Archaeologist Team Venture to Jordan Valley in Search of Temple
Similarity Found Between Human Brain’s Face Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Israeli Researchers Discover Way to Detect Autism via Watching Movies
Israeli company that makes water out of thin air signs deal with Uzbekistan Why Do Males Get More Infectious Diseases and Females More Autoimmune Disorders? Israeli Researchers Found the Answer
Palestinian terrorist is like Jesus, according to official PA daily Why IDF have stopped attacking the Iranian Weapon Systems
US Jews Afraid to Wear Kippa in Public Even in America, most say it is no longer “comfortable” to be known as a Jew Al-Baghdadi and Trump’s Syrian chess board
9 out of 10 US Jews worry about anti-Semitism, and most think it’s getting worse Kentucky Supreme Court Sides With Christian T-Shirt Maker in Free Speech Case
Tech Companies Accelerating Their Exodus From China Rabbi: Secret War Being Waged Against Christians and Jews in America
Fox News host targets Republicans over Trump impeachment inquiry: 'Having trouble with the facts' Father who fought to protect son from forced gender transition is under 'clearly unconstitutional' order
How Bernie Sanders became a favorite among Muslim Americans Judge reverses jury decision in case of 7-year-old's forced transgender transition
A First Since the Time of Biblical Kings: Israel’s Top Clergy Wears Torah Scroll 1,500-YEAR-OLD BYZANTINE CHURCH WITH STUNNING MOSAICS DISCOVERED IN BET SHEMESH
Was it the Messianic Leviathan That Munched on an Oversize Great White Shark’s Head? Israel Celebrates Simchat Torah: The Joy of God’s Word!
In Israel, being liberal does not mean what you think it means Netanyahu, the media and the fate of Israeli democracy
Why Hamas Supports Erdogan's War Palestinian who converted to Judaism arrested, badly beaten by PA forces
Leukemia immunotherapy treatment could fight other cancers, Tel Aviv team finds Researchers rediscover fast-acting insecticide used by Nazi army, lost after war
Our brains are wired to prevent us thinking about our own death — Israeli study Survival Rates Among Israeli Cancer Patients Rise 
Israel fifth worldwide in millionaires per capita Jew-hatred and the erosion of the West’s moral compass
Pro-Israel Evangelical Group Categorized as “Hate Group” by Southern Poverty Law Center Terrorists Call for Killing Jews -- from UN HQ in Gaza
Pompeo: Trump prepared for military action against Turkey if necessary Merkel Refuses to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Despite Pressure from her Own Party
Elizabeth Warren: ‘Everything on Table’ to Prevent Jews from Living in Land of Israel Buttigieg: US aid should be used as ‘leverage’ to change Israeli policies
Mass Protests in Lebanon Pave the Path to Temple-Building Alliance with Israel A First Since the Temple: Levites Sing Psalms at Footsteps of Temple Mount [Watch]
On an ancient road to the Temple, archaeological innovation, mystery and dispute The Case for Building a Synagogue on the Temple Mount. If the picture is correct has the Eastern Gate has been relocated? The one to the right maybe orginal and one in front of Dome is new?
Take a trip to the Israel-Syria border with Israeli Messianic YouTuber Hananya Naftali for an important update[WATCH] Portals to history and conflict: the gates of Jerusalem's Old City
Muslims Discover Secret Room on Temple Mount Where Jews Have Been Praying for 48 Years WATCH: ULTRA-ORTHODOX CELEBRATIONS BRING JOY INTO THE HOLIDAY OF SUKKOT
Iran said planning to limit international inspector access to its nuclear sites Lightning Bolt Constellation Forms Image of Man Walking Over Jerusalem
US Ambassador: Trump Will Not Evict Jews From Judea and Samaria Rafael delivers US army tank protection systems
Putin's growing Middle East influence is on display Terror Supporters to Converge at Minnesota University in November
Anglican Church Promotes Global Antisemitism in South Africa Report: Christianity declining in America at 'rapid pace
NEW whistleblower: George Soros behind DNC pressure to fire Ukraine prosecutor at center of impeachment inquiry The arguments at the heart of Trump’s Jewish judicial nominee controversy
William Barr Is Right: Secularists Are Imposing Their Own Religion State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton email probe, says 38 people 'culpable'
40,000 Attend Priestly Blessing at Western Wall  
Jubilee Countdown to Messiah: Sanhedrin Blesses New Year in Jubilee Cycle with Shofar [WATCH] 100,000 Jews gathered for Selichot prayers at Western Wall
PA stopped taking money because of dispute with Israel over stipends paid to families of Palestinian terrorists, but souring financial situation and increasing instability force Ramallah to reconsider its policies Gideon Saar challenges lengthy Netanyahu Likud rule
Vatican Reps Remain Silent as Muslim Leader Denies Jewish Ties to Jerusalem New players challenging old education system
Two killed in shooting near synagogue in Germany Amid deadlock, Liberman presents four-point plan for unity government
Christian Doctor’s Biblical View of Men and Women Ruled ‘Incompatible With Human Dignity’ Strong Sept tourism as Israel heads for record year