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IDF succeeds in evacuating almost 1 million from Rafah in 2 weeks.

'Forced to read the script': IDF finds footage of former hostages Ela, Dafna Elyakim in Gaza.

A new study finds that the food supply to Gaza is more than sufficient for the population’s needs.

Israel moves to a more limited Rafah assault plan, to which the US will not object – report.

Satellite photos show Rafah emptying as Israeli forces move in on southern Gaza city.

All the Aid From Biden’s Gaza Pier was Seized by Hamas. That was $300 million in taxpayer money well spent.

'Public sees just 3 minutes of horrors, it's been 330,000 minutes,' hostage families say.

The modern exodus and messianic fulfillment is today's Israel.

How are liberal Jews reassessing their relationship with Israel post-October 7?

In Europe, synagogues burn (again).

Poll: Over half of Israelis oppose new elections.

Watch and hear Hamas terrorists abduct and abuse female Israeli soldiers now held hostage.

Elbit and Defense Ministry ink multi-billion ammunition deal for IDF.

Palestinians Threaten to Attack US Troops.

IDF recovers bodies of 3 captives killed on Oct. 7 from northern Gaza.

Rising antisemitism drives a massive surge of aliyah interest from the US and France.

They want war, and we want peace.

Israel has been fighting a full-scale war.

Abbas' advisor threatens Israel with more massacres: “Oct. 7 can repeat itself 100 times, and perhaps even more seriously."

The voice of warning for today.

Muslims ANGRY with Jews and Christians building the Third Temple in Israel.

"It’s Not Just Hamas, It’s Many of The Civilians."

On Special Rules For Israel. Watch.

Who do Israelis think are the biggest supporters of Israel?

WATCH: IDF discovers weapons in UNRWA facility, kills Hamas terrorists.

'We are not afraid': US university students arrive in Israel as antisemitism rocks campuses.

Trump Foreign Policy Advisers Met Israeli PM Netanyahu, Source Says.
Biden’s repeating the sin of King Saul… and it’s hinted at in Purim.

Memorial for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi muted amid public discontent.

Giant Jars in Small Ancient Town in Israel Puzzle Archaeologists. Enigmatic Canaanite Tablet Turns Out to Be School Exercise, Israeli Researchers Say.

An Indiana farmer’s journey to caring for red heifers brought to Israel from Texas.

Let’s Visit Biblical Gezer.

Implant gives spots photographer new lease on life.

Israeli experts discover how cancer cells survive and how to starve them.

Do we have the courage to admit that we were wrong? We must take stock of what has happened to us and why it happened. But asking “Who is to blame” will neither help nor change our current situation.

Ben Gurion Airport's Terminal 1 to reopen ahead of schedule.

Germany says it will arrest Netanyahu as Israeli envoy appeals to Berlin to defy ICC. Argentina rejects the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for Netanyahu.

Retiring early due to antisemitism, a professor paints a dire picture of US academia.

Behind the royal curtain: how the British monarchy views Israel.

The Vatican hides ancient Byzantine relics that are a divine heritage of Jews and Christians.

Israeli athlete at U.S. university returns home amid safety concerns.
House Speaker: We're working on a date for Netanyahu to address Congress. Meet the Israeli doctor who revealed a major COVID-19 vaccine side-effect.

AOC: Prosecuting Trump Is Like Putting ‘An Ankle Bracelet Around Him’ Because He Can’t Campaign.

Senators accuse Obama Admin of blocking the FBI from arresting terrorists linked to Iran.


General Flynn: Winning Against The Deep State.

Harvard Corporation Breaks With Faculty, Votes To Block 13 Anti-Israel Encampment Protesters From Graduating.

Top Dem's past push for noncitizen voting rights revealed ahead of House vote. FBI Raids Offices And Business Owned By Soros-Backed District Attorney.


PMW video documentary: “Leave: The Origins of Palestinian Refugees” (in their own words).

Israel Closer To Hostages Than Ever Before In Sudden Operation! Verified!

Biggest Surprise Of The Day Came From The US! IDF Raids 2 Centers That Will Change The Course!

No one expected this! Sinwar had to come out of hiding! Hamas' most elite police force has fallen!

IDF Suddenly Changed Its Operational Center! Egypt Created a New Front Line With 100+ Abrams Tanks!

Israeli Commandos Finally Entered Long Rafah Tunnels! Egypt is Running to Border.

Hamaz NOW COLLAPSED! 10 Hundreds of Hamaz members were eliminated in the gigantic tunnel!

Biden's arms embargo on Israel 'emboldens' Hamas missile strikes against Jewish state.

IDF Rafah Center Meets DIVINE JUSTICE! Hamaz Officially Announces Sinwar's Location!

Massive donation to Trump from Jewish org amid anti-Israel campus protests.
Columbia deletes Instagram story celebrating dual-degree with Tel-Aviv University.

Jewish-owned businesses in NYC were vandalized on Israel's Independence Day.

Hezbollah seeks to use Syrian refugees to create a crisis with Europe - analysis.

Hamas runs a Stasi-like internal security service, surveilling citizens, reports.
Israeli Jewish teen beat on ground then blamed at Canadian high school.

Israel's GDP jumps but is still below the pre-war level.

Insulin in capsules may replace injections for diabetics.

From Oct. 7 to today: How Hamas criticism vanished in The New York Times.

Emerging hardline Dutch coalition to look for right ‘time’ to move embassy to Jerusalem.

Gal Gadot appears to have lost a million followers after sharing a story supporting Eden Golan.

Passers-by ignored Israelis after pro-Palestinians violently attacked him, and his daughter in Belgium.

Spain denies port of call to ship carrying arms to Israel.

Jewish children were savagely beaten by a man in a New York City attack. Man sets fire to a synagogue in Rouen, France, is killed by cops; extensive damage.

October 7 survivor stuns Cannes in 'Bring them Home' dress decorated with the hostages's faces.

White House: Biden would veto Israel Security Assistance Support Act.

Biden's cynical Rafah obsession only strengthens Hamas.

16 Republican senators demand IRS investigate fiscal sponsor of Students for Justice in Palestine.

Anti-Israel protesters disrupt college commencement ceremonies as campus demonstrations continue.

Biden has opened a Pandora’s box.

72% of IDF reservists are against hostage deals, and 90% oppose Gaza aid.

UN cuts Gaza civilian casualty figures by half, without explanation.

After October 7, ‘never again’ has become an empty promise.

Israel releases new Gaza death toll, claims historically low civilian deaths.

Germany bans pro-Hamas group supporting ‘Palestinian resistance.’

By tying Israel's hands over Rafah, the US distanced the hostage deal.

Ahead of Independence Day, Netanyahu notes the US arms embargo in 1948.

Independence means having the freedom to defend ourselves - Netanyahu.

October 7 Hero creates 'Survived to tell' initiative to recount survivor testimonies.

House to vote Wednesday on a bill to compel Biden to sell arms to Israel.

Top US Nazi hunter tells ‘Post’: Israel is obligated to stop Hamas's genocide.

15 terrorists were killed in the Hamas command center at UNRWA school.

Buried facts about the Gaza war.

Egypt's Duplicity, the World's Silence.

Israel marks 76th Independence Day as the nation remembers Oct. 7.

Reports of Biden White House keeping 'sensitive' Hamas intel from Israel draws outrage.

Israeli Army Began EXPECTED Rafah Operation! Operation's BEHIND-THE-SCENES Unveiled!

Son of Hamas challenges. "What Revolution Are You Talking About?”
American Jews warn Biden: Arms embargo 'emboldens' Hamas, Iran. Iran LOST Biggest Lebanon Card! Israeli Fighter Jets Hit Hezbollah's Largest Tunnel House!

'If we need to, we will fight with our fingernails,' PM vows.

Jewish Dems join Squad in praising Biden for halting weapons aid to Israel.

Israel's Newest Security Threat – Is the US Next? Israel nears 10 million population mark ahead of 76th Independence Day.
Blood test detects knee osteoarthritis up to eight years before X-rays can - study. UNGA votes 143-9 to upgrade Palestinian statehood status.
Israeli cloud security co Wiz raises $1b at a $12b valuation.

Israeli startup to pioneer hybrid app–drug combinations for tailored treatment.

Reported Soros funding of anti-Israel encampments sparks antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Longtime Israel critic loses Indiana Republican House primary after campaigning by Jewish groups.

Dozens of gravestones were desecrated in Jewish cemeteries in New York.

Trump: Jews who voted for Biden should be ashamed of themselves.

5 US Jewish organizations boycott education secretary call over the presence of progressive groups.

Airline apologizes after bumping Jewish man from flight over Gaza.

A Palestinian State Will Lead To More Massacres, Final Nail in Coffin Torpedoing Biden Legacy.

American Airlines ejects a yeshiva student from a flight with no clear explanation.
How Federal ‘Science’ Spending Helps Radicalize College Students.

Wounded Israeli soldiers bring resilience to UCLA amid canceled Holocaust event.

 IDF Calls on Rafah Civilians to Evacuate to Safe Zone.

Jews/Israelis are “destined to burn in Hell” – PA TV teachings.

Google takes down MAGA ad critical of Biden — prompting multitudes of reposts across social media.

Son of Hamas founder: Hamas ceasefire proposal is a trap.

From threats to action: Israel’s surprising move on the Rafah crossing.

PM, ministers issue defiant messages as Israel fumes over Biden’s threat of arms freeze. Netanyahu reposts days-old speech rejecting external pressure; Ben Gvir: Hamas loves Biden; Trump: ‘Crooked Joe’ siding with the terrorists; US Jewish groups, GOP, some Dems decry move.

Hamas health ministry can’t find 10,000 names of those it claims died.
Hamas-linked commandos steal $70m from Gaza banks.

Palestinians report tanks have entered East Rafah after War Cabinet gives the operation go-ahead.

Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate outside Auschwitz during March of the Living.

Hamas controls ATMs, cash, and the humanitarian aid trucks.

IDF destroys Hamas tunnel found 150 meters from Israeli border.

'In such a difficult year for the Jewish people, I will march proudly'.

Hamas fires at Kerem Shalom crossing hours after reopening.

Hamas says 33 hostages to be freed in 1st phase of a deal may not all be alive.

Israel remains optimistic about a possible workaround for the US military aid halt.

US delays arms shipments to Israel amid internal pressure.

Have Israeli Holocaust historians found the elusive smoking gun on Hitler?

The US confirms holding up the delivery of heavy bombs it feared Israel would use in Rafah.

Israeli importers assure the public that Turkish products can be replaced, for a price.

Turkey’s trade ban: Importers seek indirect routes to bring goods to Israel.

The Real Reason Hamas and Egypt Oppose Israel's Control of Rafah, the Only Border Out of Gaza.

Turkey halts all trade with Israel; Jerusalem denounces ‘dictator’ Erdogan.

IDF shoots down Iranian-backed Hamas commander in the heart of Gaza.

Palestinian father abuses son.
Druze delegation visits the US to combat anti-Israel misinformation and highlight diversity. Gasoline prices in Israel to rise for the fifth straight month.

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi approves plans for Rafah op.

The Jewish sports report: For Max Fried and Dean Kremer’s Passover dominance, Dayenu.


'You Have a Beautiful Daughter...': The Persecution of Christians, March 2024.

Rafah and Riyadh: Defeating Hamas is essential for normalization - analysis.

The shameful silence on Jewish Democrats' part has led to the current Jew-hating thugs on college campuses. And if and when Biden loses, it will get worse.

'We hate Hamas like we hate Israel': the Palestinians who managed to flee Gaza.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was among the 100 arrested protesters at Washington University.

Hamas tries to steal Jordanian aid shipment, US says.

Outrage as London police cover Holocaust memorial for fear of vandalism by antisemitic mob.

Hamas' sexual violence against Israeli women is revealed in a new documentary, 'Screams Before Silence.'

A Christian family paid for a meet-and-greet with Disney's Evil Queen but wound up with a man dressed in drag.''

Douglas Murray on Iran attack, anti-Israel marches, and Israel’s resilience.

Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccines’ Efficacy Exaggerated, Effectiveness ‘Well Below’ 50 Percent, Researchers Say.

An Arab Muslim who grew up in Israel.

Protesters in Germany call for the abolition of democracy.

Sheryl Sandberg’s new film testifies to Hamas’s brutal sexual violence on October 7.

U.S. Campuses: Grooming Terrorists

Pro-Israel camp screens footage of Oct. 7 attack to counter pro-Hamas protest at UCLA.

'Send them to Iran or Gaza': Caitlyn Jenner's fiery message to LGBT pro-Palestinian protesters.

Massive Air Strike! Unexpected Blow to Iran From the U.S. and U.K! Israel Cut Off Main Power of Hamaz.

The world Jewish population is still lower than in 1939, CBS reports.

There is NO ESCAPE for Iran! Israeli F-35 Eliminated a Secret Pro-Iran Station! Big Ship Was Hit!

As the PA breaks all the rules and unites with Hamas, and the Biden administration abandons Israel, Betzalel Smotrich calls on the PM to fulfill his promise of annexing the Biblical heartland.

Israeli student elected Columbia student president for the first time in the history of the university amid pro-Palestinian protests.

ICC can't act against Israel without US backing — Israeli official. “Where is [US President Joe] Biden? Why is he quiet while Israel will potentially be thrown under the bus?” the source said.

New study: dates finds from the First Temple period and shed light on Biblical events.

Istanbul Mayor to CNN: 'Hamas is a terrorist organization, carried out terror.'

Soldier gets 3D printed bone after head injury.

Israel kills IRGC operative in Iran - report.

Children find a 1,200-year-old coin near the Sea of Galilee.

Trump is no longer sure about a Palestinian state.

FDA approves Israeli-developed AI designed to prevent blindness.

White House considers accepting some Palestinians from Gaza as refugees amid Israel-Hamas war.

Israel ranks 10th best healthcare system in the 2024 review.

US voters say Israel should invade Rafa, Gaza humanitarian pier revealed.

Will TikTok be banned in Israel?

Actress Susan Sarandon denies Hamas committed rape, justifies ceasefire rejections,

Israel’s tourism industry remains strong as hotels pivot from hosting evacuees.

'Zionists don't deserve to live': Columbia University student rants in live Instagram video.

'Long live October 7': Vancouver protesters praise terrorist groups.

What in the WORLD is Happening at Columbia University?

Young children chant 'Israel is a terror state' at Sydney University 'kids' excursion.'

If Israel didn't care about civilian casualties.

'Jewish students have reason to fear for their safety' on US campuses.

HAMAS Attacks U.S. Pier Building Effort in GAZA.

Israeli student questioned at UK airport: Is there a new British policy to question IDF veterans?

Unveiling the Hidden Forces Supporting Students for Justice in Palestine.

New Jan. 6 Details Emerge From 20,000 Hours of Newly Released Video.

Levites tune-up for the Third Temple.

Rep. Mike Lawler to Newsmax: Jewish Dems Quiet on Antisemitism to Pander for Votes.

Barley harvested for the Omer offering.

Islamization: Ramadan in the churches of Europe.

City of David: Jerusalem's ancient capital and modern vision.

University of Colorado-Boulder Ethnic Studies Department: Shilling for Hamas.

Israel’s Best Kept Secret: Biblical Migdal (aka Magdala).

'They are willing to use Jewish brains, but they don't want to let Jewish people in.'

Israeli startup to pioneer hybrid app–drug combinations for tailored treatment.

World powers urge Hamas to release hostages; US notes 'indications' for deal. What's the penalty if they don't, a billion dollars more in funding?

US chip giant Nvidia snaps up Israeli AI workload management startup.

Gaza is plagued by poverty, but Hamas has no shortage of cash. Where does it come from?

Jews – it is time to return home.
Many Culprits Behind Rise of Antisemitism, Including the Media. Once a thriving community: 2,500-year Jewish legacy in Egypt reduced to memories

The Iran File, Updated. Obama is still running the country, and wants Iran to “take the win.”

Hezbollah fires 35 rockets as Passover starts in Israel, IDF strikes back.

‘Jew-Hating’ Asian American Studies Program Exposed at Northwestern University.

IDF, Shin Bet heads in Egypt to discuss Rafah ground operation.


Dem State Senator Advocating Gun Control Busted for Burglary.

Turkey's bid to shape Gaza's future faces Arab resistance.
Man in France accused of threatening Jewish woman’s life to ‘avenge Palestine.’

‘Son of Hamas’ Mosab Hassan Yousef: ‘If we finish Rafah, we finish Hamas.’

The goal of the campus Jew-haters is to render Israel indefensible, in both senses of the word.

Sign of life from Israeli American hostage in chilling Hamas propaganda video.

Biden appears to read script instructions out loud in latest teleprompter gaffe: 'Four more years, pause.' Biden laughs off the apparent mix-up, as the audience begins chanting 'four more years.'

Hamas' Haniyeh and Erdogan meet in Istanbul to discuss relocation to Turkey.

Police arrest multiple people on suspicion of planning Passover sacrifices in Jerusalem.

Israel has completely crippled Iranian defenses with its most special weapon!

Hamas kills aid workers to manufacture Gaza food crisis, Fatah charges. So where is the condemnation from the USA Administration?

Hamaz Leader Sinwar Came Out Of Underground! Infiltrated Northern Gaza!

Israeli forces prepare evacuation of civilians in Gaza's Rafah ahead of planned offensive.

PEOPLE REVOLT IN AGAINST IRAN REGIME! Israeli Jets Dawn Operation Destroyed Strategic Iranian Base!

Iran tried to cover up the damage of alleged Israeli strikes. UNSTOPPABLE Missiles Attack! Israel Used Radar-Evading Missile Destroyed Iranian S-300 Defenses.

Netanyahu slams reported US decision to sanction IDF unit: ‘The height of absurdity.’

Gaza terrorists fire on UN officials; IDF comes to rescue.

Biden administration caving to BDS tactics against Israel.

Biden signs aid package with $17B for Israel, $1B extra humanitarian aid for Gazans.

Satellite images reveal damage after an attack on Iran's Isfahan air base.

Michael Oren: FBI must investigate the money trail behind campus antisemitic protests.

Fatah: Hamas kills aid workers and steals food for itself.

U.S. decides against sanctions on IDF's Netzah Yehuda Battalion.

Israeli minister criticizes Biden, says would support Trump. Qatar, 'Leading Sponsor of Terrorism in the World, More than Iran,' Is Not an Impartial Mediator.

Israel's Message with Iran Strike: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide | Caroline Glick's In-Focus.

Biden Admin Sues Sheetz Stores for Not Hiring Criminals.

Egypt finally made a tough decision and a move after the massive Israeli airstrike in Rafah!

Senate Democrats revive an old antebellum tactic to protect Mayorkas.

Iranian Air Defenses There Are Disabled! Another Blow From the Israeli Jets!

Ukraine Hits Russia With Long-Range Missiles Secretly Provided by US.

Cries of VICTORY in Israel! IDF has downed Iran's most elite detachment! The secret hunt has begun!

Christian charged with 'hate crime' for sharing Bible passage is headed to Finnish Supreme Court for a showdown.

'I fear that innocent Jews will be killed across America.'

COVID Spike Proteins Help Cancer Cells Survive, Resist Chemotherapy: Brown University Preprint Paper.

Thousands at Birkat Kohanim at the Western Wall. Worshipers join together in prayer for the return of the hostages, for the well-being of the IDF soldiers and security forces, for the healing of the wounded, and for peace for the people of Israel. Why does the US criticize its ally while supporting those who demonize it?

Columbia's former president Dwight Eisenhower warned the world would forget WWII horrors against Jews.

Hamas has a secret weapon no one talks about Western stupidity.

Most potential jurors who were rejected in the Trump trial within minutes said they couldn't be impartial.

Bucking boycotts, Israel Bonds sell record $3b since start of Hamas war.


 The 'Free hostages' ad was denied at a spot once when the pro-Palestinian ad was being hosted in New Jersey.

Israeli experts are in a study that may revolutionize graphene use and quantum computing.

Biden's education secretary vows to shut down the largest Christian university in the US.

PhD in Holocaust denial: Abbas' doctoral dissertation revealed in full.

Keep God’s Land: Christian/Jewish Leaders Gather in Washington to join forces against “Two-State Delusion.”

Was it worth it? Iranian currency tanks after the failed attack on Israel.

Bible engagement falls below 40% among Americans, continuing a decade-long decline. Washington sold out Israel’s deterrence to save Iran.

Iran LOST its Second Biggest Trump Card! Israel Dealt the Final Blow!

In the wake of the Iran attack, rival Jewish organizations unite to call on Congress to support Israel.

Israeli F-35 Hit Air Defenses! Great News for Israel!

Modified RNA in COVID Vaccines May Contribute to Cancer Development: Review.

IDF Begins IRON SHIELD Operation! F-35 Raids Secret Outpost!

Top Military Official Lied About Jan. 6: Whistleblowers.

Israel Responds! Secret Operation By F-35s Against Iran's Secret Nuclear Facility! Alert in Tehran!

Dershowitz: Trump 'can call me crazy American Jew,' but he may vote for Biden. Or is American liberal insanity more important than protecting Israel?

Can a mother pray for her son to die as a Martyr? The PA is incredibly effective at brainwashing people across the generational spectrum to believe in achieving Martyrdom.

Expected Israeli COUNTER-ATTACK On Iran Has Officially Begun! Israeli Warplanes Have Entered Iran!

They do it all: Meet the business here to help you with Passover cleaning and preparations.

COUNTER-ATTACK On Iran Has Officially Begun! Israeli Warplanes Have Entered Iran!

How will we celebrate Passover's freedom during wartime?

The Doomsday Scenario For Iran Has Come True! Israeli F-35s Have Started Secret Mission.

Six months into the war, Israeli soldiers still count on donations for basic supplies. Why?

Searching for hidden treasure in the Vatican basement.

Biden approved the Iranian Attack on Israel.

Hypersonic Missile Ended Iran! Unforgettable Counterattack From Israel!

US worries Israel may not give warning before retaliation against Iran.

'The war is over': Footage from Gaza that enraged Israelis.

Gazan journalist to ToI: We, the people of Gaza, are also living like hostages of Hamas.

River turns blood-red in Iran just in time for Passover.

Qatar funds more terrorism than Iran, former Mossad official says.

Israel launches retaliatory strike on Iran, reports say; explosions heard in Isfahan.

Israeli sources to Post: 'An eye for an eye'; not clear why Pentagon leaked info on attack.

Biden: US won’t support Israeli response to Iran attack.

American money earmarked for PA security used to pay families of terrorists from Jenin - report.

US approves Rafah op. in exchange for no Israeli counterstrikes on Iran - report. Does the US Administration join the rest of the Arab world in their true concern for the Palestinian people?

Israel should again engage in a preventive war, says the top general.


An Israeli Christian Addresses Tucker Carlson. Audio

Mobileye set to ship at least 46 million new assisted driving chips.

3 Levels of Response: How Israel May Strike Back at Iran.

Mobileye founder gives a sneak peek into a human-like AI robot doing household chores.

Iran ship linked to Houthi attacks goes home amid Israel tensions, report says.

Christians Prefer Living in Israel, Not the Palestinian Authority.  

Russian military intelligence unit may be linked to 'Havana syndrome,' Insider reports.

Iranian Opposition Leader tells Congress: “If we don’t hit Iran soon, it will go nuclear, and then it will be too late.” Blames Biden.

Cancer doc speaks out on suit against NYU Langone for termination over anti-Hamas posts.

As Biden supports 'Trans Day of Visibility, on Easter Sunday, ' Iran cracks down on the LGBT community.

The founder of Soros-funded 'propaganda' news network has visited Biden's White House nearly 20 times.

U.K. Lawmakers Hope to Eliminate Provision Allowing Down-Syndrome Babies to Be Aborted Up to Birth.

1 in 4 California Community College Applicants are Fake.

Poll: US pressure on Israel backfires, with American voters opposing the effort to push Israel into a peace deal.

Philadelphia-area shul sees swastika in a second incident of vandalism.

Migrants arrested in Europe with weapons, photos of Israelis, report.

Will Arabists finally kill the US-Israel relationship?

Americans' perception of discrimination against Jews increases by half, new Pew data says.

Islamic State calls on followers to attack Christians and Jews in the US, Europe, and Israel. Terrorist group spokesperson praises Moscow shooting that took lives of at least 143 people.

Fitch maintains Israel's A+ credit rating and removed it from the negative watch list.

Future Christian leaders brave the war to tour the holy land.

Joe Lieberman and the Democratic Party's Abandonment of the Jews & Israel.

Americans are turning against Jews because they are hurting the US economy, says a PA TV commentator.

Israeli college near Gaza border reopens for the first time since Oct. 7.

Female entrepreneur revolutionizes security field with cutting-edge 3D imaging technology.

Israeli forces arrest the sister of Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh.

'Garden of Eden': Israel's Jordan Valley opens new national park.

Israel ranks among the top 20 countries with the most billionaires.

‘Most evangelical Christians intimidated into silence’ on Israel-Hamas war, pastor says.

This Israeli technology could stop road accidents. Here's how.

Israel Aerospace Industries and Aerotor Unmanned Systems ink lucrative deal.

“Revitalized” PA: New Minister of Religion: Jews are “apes and pigs”; New Minister of Women’s Affairs is a brazen terror supporter. Is this the peace partner the Biden Administration is pushing for a two-state solution?

Israel shares photo of aid build-up in Gaza, says UN is not distributing it.

Despite the war, 70% of Gaza periphery residents returned home.

This Israeli report disproves hunger claims in Gaza.

Hamas slashes food prices as Gaza flooded with humanitarian aid.

Brooklyn 8th-graders find connection on ‘super powerful’ solidarity trip to Israel.

American military experts: Israel must invade Rafah.
A famous atheist says he identifies as a 'cultural Christian' and is 'horrified' by the promotion of an Islamic holiday.

October 7 exhibit arrives at United Nations New York headquarters.

PUTIN Is In Trouble! BRITISH Missile Broke The BACKBONE Of The RUSSIAN Navy! It was the most significant Blow From the IDF!

Hostages’ families call for increased military pressure on Hamas.

TEHRAN is in shock! IRAN'S GENERAL has met the wrath of GOD! Biggest IDF raid in history!

Even Israel is in shock! US and ISRAEL ARMAGEDDON attack brought the END of RUSSIA and TEHRAN!

Tennessee to Classify “Vaccine Lettuce” as Drug. Tennessee does not intend to ban the sale of vaccine-laced foods.

DC archbishop jabs Biden as 'cafeteria Catholic' who 'picks and chooses' for his 'political advantage.'


Iran Has Lost Its Mind! US and UK Fighter Jets Hit Iran's Arsenal Directly! Record Success from IDF!.

A famous atheist says he identifies as a 'cultural Christian' and is 'horrified' by the promotion of an Islamic holiday. How CDC Handled Congress’ Probe of China-Tied Lab in California.

Even Israel is in shock! US and ISRAEL ARMAGEDDON attack brought the END of RUSSIA and TEHRAN!

Dem leaders endorse Israel critic Jamaal Bowman after Jewish legislators back rival.

Red Heifer Conference in Shiloh: We have experienced it firsthand. FDA Forced to Remove Anti-Ivermectin Posts Claiming It’s Horse Medicine | Facts Matter.

Anyone who says the Red Heifer will happen soon is LYING!!!!!!!.

PUTIN Is In Trouble! BRITISH Missile Broke The BACKBONE Of The RUSSIAN Navy! It was the most significant Blow From the IDF!
Palestinian Authority rebrands with White House help. Audio available.

TEHRAN is in shock! IRAN'S GENERAL has met the wrath of GOD! Biggest IDF raid in history!

Blinken to Abbas: US ‘looks forward’ to engaging with new PA government.

Gazan terrorist confesses to raping Israeli girl on Oct. 7.

Iran Has Lost Its Mind! US and UK Fighter Jets Hit Iran's Arsenal Directly! Record Success from IDF!.

Palestinians reject proposal to introduce Arab multi-national force in Gaza - report.

A Kosher Kohen had been found for the RED HEIFER CEREMONY!!!.

Netanyahu approves plans for Rafah operation. PM office says the IDF is preparing for the invasion and population evacuation in Rafah and adds that Hamas hostage deal demands remain unacceptable.

Iran Smuggles US Weapons from Afghanistan to Terrorists in Israel. The weapons denied by Biden to Israel are instead going to terrorists backed by Biden.

PA TV attacks PMW: “There is no doubt that he [PMW] is watching me now, recording me, and preparing reports.”

Hamas confirms number 3 Marwan Issa eliminated.

Arab Justice Salim Joubran - a symbol of Israeli coexistence between Jews and Arabs.

Army says it destroyed part of one of the longest Hamas tunnel networks in north Gaza.

Egyptian Tanks Are Rushing to the Border! Israel Disbanded Hamas Control Unit!

Hamaz's Secret Central Bank Was FOUND! Money Scattered Around! Israel Caught Hundreds of Members!

Iran Didn't Expect This! IDF Obliterated Iran's Neighborhood-Sized Arsenal in One Strike!

Tal Heinrich to Newsmax: 'Either You're With Us or You're With Terrorists.'

Humanitarian aid boxes given to Palestinians for free are being sold in Rafah Markets.

IDF releases video of armed Palestinians shooting at Gazans while waiting for aid.

Don’t expect the NY Times to report this awful Hamas detail.

Mordechai and Schumer: A tale of two court Jews - opinion.

George W Bush, One side is guilty, and it's not Israel.

John Spencer: Why the World is Wrong in Comparing Gaza to Any Other Conflict. It is very worthwhile to see the realistic perspective vs. Satan's media and God's adversaries' desire to destroy Israel. VIDEO


Schumer Warns Israel to Spare Hamas or Face Sanctions.


Biden Administration Seeking to Overthrow Israeli Government to Save Hamas.

US slow-rolling military aid amid Gaza crisis, Israeli official claims. Bar Kochba Revolt era hiding complex revealed near Sea of Galilee.

Robert F. Kennedy: 'Hamas to blame for Gaza war, any country would act like Israel.'

Israeli researcher awarded IEEE medal, the Nobel Prize of engineering.

'He dumped Israel': Donald Trump accuses Biden of abandoning support.

Israeli scientists harness a molecule to treat a rare disease common in Ashkenazim.

The West’s abandonment of the Jews.

Denial of October 7 in Silicon Valley.

Houston Young Republicans event with Israel envoy canceled over security concerns.

Israel must assemble a massive new arms stockpile.

US school district introduces ‘opt-out’ option for Holocaust survivor testimony.

After a non-binding motion, Canada halted arms exports to Israel.

Allegations of Antisemitism at University in New York Video.

EasyJet and other airlines will resume Israel flights next week.
Jewish teens have experienced antisemitism. Ben Gurion Airport's low-cost terminal will resume operations on June 1.
London cinema will cancel the Eurovision screening if Israel participates.

Australia: Shocking details emerge of assault by pro-Palestinian activists.

Florida Chabad synagogue and community center set aflame in arson.

One in five Germans wants to vote Nazis into parliament.

Michael Rapaport and Debra Messing denounced the Oscar winner's speech with 450 other Jewish entertainers.

February 2024 sees a 124% increase in antisemitism from February 2023.

The Islamist Transformation of Ohio in One Video.

A BBC journalist behind the accusation against IDF liked the celebrations on Oct. 7.

Biden Regime Invites Hamas-Linked CAIR to the White House.

'Israelis should be burned to death’: Israeli employees experience wave of antisemitism.

Zorah: In the Footsteps of Samson.

'Save Ireland from the Jews' banners hung over Cincinnati overpasses.

Palestinians demolish Jewish archaeological sites in the West Bank.

People Who Received Ivermectin Were Better Off, Study Finds.

This Israeli innovation will make strawberries sweeter.

The report finds that Israelis are the fifth happiest in the world despite the ongoing war.

New treatment cures IDF reservist's 30-year tremor.

Losing control of Gaza: Hamas crackdown on clans and civilians with new intensity. It appears now that Hamas is concerned that it could be losing its grip on power.

Haredim to leave Israel if forced into IDF, chief rabbi says. Jewish sarcasm 102 - This will happen when the Muslims in the USA either don't vote in November or vote for Trump. How stupid do people think we are? Thousands in Tel Aviv rally to end military draft exemptions for ultra-Orthodox.
Biden: Netanyahu is hurting Israel more than helping it. Why do Democrats always think they are speaking through a window when it's actually a mirror? This was the same playbook used by the Obama Administration and only made Netanyahu stronger.

With Iraq on his mind, the US ‘savior-general’ points at a way to victory in Gaza. Maybe trust an experienced military General over a politician?

Hamas offers exchange of women, children, and elderly hostages for up to 1,000 prisoners, including 100 with life sentences.

Netanyahu rejects ‘still absurd’ Hamas demands, approves IDF plan for Rafah operation.

Gazan women, teens took part in Hamas's October 7 attacks on Israel - report.

2023 was the most profitable year for weapons sales.

American mother recalls Oct 7 abduction, Gaza hospital staff 'cheering' at 'Jewish prey.'

Gazans were killed and injured by Palestinian gunmen while waiting for aid.

Meet the young Israeli scientist taking on the toughest diseases.

'Overwhelming majority' of Israelis support Rafah operation, Naftali Bennett says.

Jeremiah Prophecy: The US will wage war against the Houthis and Iran…and lose.

European Jew hatred too deep to identify ‘even after years of therapy,’ Douglas Murray says.


Saliva tests could save kids from lifelong disability - study.

Ancient 'horoscope' scroll unveiled: A glimpse into the mysterious sect of the Judean Desert.

The whole world should hear Israel Katz's message to the UN Security Council - editorial.

Israel out of Cairo talks, IDF expands offensive in Gaza's Khan Yunis. Hamas refuses to list living hostages, putting the ceasefire deal at risk of collapse.

Netanyahu: The road to victory runs through Rafah.

Biden is entirely detached from Israeli reality.

Netanyahu hits back at Biden: ‘I’ve got my own red line.’

Where terrorists hide in luxury homes: A visit to the Qatari-built Hamas stronghold.


Exiled Gazan peace activist exposes Hamas's cruel attack on humanity.

Hamas executes Gazan clan leader accused of collaborating with Israel. Terror group accuses Doghmush clan chief of negotiating with Israeli authorities on aid distribution in the Palestinian enclave.

Statistics professor: Anomalies in Hamas death statistics show they have been faked.

Biden says finishing off Hamas would be a "red line."Biden Admin Officially Turns on Israel

Hamas could be expelled from Qatar if deal not reached - WSJ report.

After Iran Killed 3 U.S. Soldiers, Biden Gives It $10B Sanctions Waiver.

Calls for removal of Chief Rabbi over alleged political meddling.


The U.S. held secret talks with Iran over Houthi Red Sea attacks.

How ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Are Costing American Lives: The BorderLine.


Pro-Palestinian activists in Chicago attack Jewish man carrying Israeli flag.

California activist group teaches teens to push for 'racial justice' with taxpayer funds: Report.

Seven Dem Senators Want US Military Aid to Israel Cut.

Israeli professor who’s slammed campus antisemitism says Columbia is investigating him.

Senator Mike Lee subjected to TSA pat-down days after calling to nix the agency: 'Maybe it's a coincidence.'

Sen. Cruz to Newsmax: Biden's Secret Migrant Flights 'Astonishing'.

US literary magazine retracts Israeli writer’s coexistence essay amid mass resignations.

California driver arrested for hitting passenger thought Jewish or Israeli.

“The Process Is the Punishment”: Pastor Indicted by Fani Willis.

Anti-Israel protester destroys the painting of Lord Balfour, who paved the way for the modern Israeli state.

Noa Tishby decries 'overt display of Jew-hatred' at Oscars.

Media Propaganda is Literally Killing Americans.

Poll: Israelis hope Trump beats Biden in November.

'From the river to the sea' spray-painted on the scene of the 1972 Munich massacre.

Biden Actively Seeking to Overthrow Israeli Gov to Save Hamas.

Biden’s problem is with Democrats who hate Israel, not Netanyahu.

Revealed: Smotrich's plan to hurt PA economy following US sanctions.

US sanctions Jewish outposts over 'settler violence.'

Awash in Qatari money, have US campuses become incubators for Doha’s interests?

Schumer calls for new elections in Israel and criticizes Netanyahu.

Survey: Trust in IDF soars amid war against Hamas.

Officials say the operation in Rafah is a matter of days.

Judge Rules Arizona Law Requiring Proof of Citizenship Not Discriminatory.
Israel, US come to heads over sanctioning of Hamas charities, report.

Israel out of Cairo talks, IDF expands offensive in Gaza's Khan Yunis. Hamas refuses to list living hostages, putting the ceasefire deal at risk of collapse.

US military to build emergency port on Gaza shore to offset hunger crisis.

We have hostages; I caught one: IDF uncovers recordings of UNRWA employees from October 7.

Taking a look underground: West Point expert reframes Hamas tunnel issue.

Biden weighs conditioning Israeli use of US arms in Rafah.

Israeli report: 38 children killed on October 7, thousands traumatized.

Instagram Accused Of Silencing Voices About Hostages In Gaza.

Palestinian official: The Holocaust was necessary because Jews planned to take over Germany.

Feminist Gender Theorist Explains Hamas Raping Jewish Women is “Resistance.”


IDF reveals 450 UNRWA workers affiliated with Hamas with damning audio.


Douglas Murray slams Palestinian Leader for calling ‘terrorists’ freedom fighters.
Zechariah’s prophecy & The Israel War.


Hamas' New Legion General Was Eliminated! 80 Members Surrendered!

RUSSIAN Warplanes On The BORDER With Israel! EGYPT-ISRAEL Tensions Erupted!

Important video World Media hatred for Christians : White Christians in Hungry.

Israel Eliminated 19500 Hamaz Members From There! 35 Different Castles Fell!

Discovered in the Judean Desert: Bar Kokhba Revolt coin engraved with “Eleazar the Priest” in ancient Hebrew. Sinwar's Egyptian Tunnel Found Among Those Hidden in That Building!

Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Oct 7 paves the way for the Conquest of Rome.

Israel-hater George Galloway returns to Britain's Parliament once Saddam-supporter who urged British soldiers to defy orders in Iraq wins election in Rochdale, a town with a 30% Muslim population.

U of Haifa finds 'groundbreaking discovery' in Parkinson's research.

UNLV police end Israeli professor's black holes lecture after protest.

Automatic shopping carts will guide you through the supermarket.

Jewish actress told not to leave London theater due to pro-Palestinian rallies.

'There is no famine in Gaza' - comment.

Jewish dentist reportedly shot dead by Muslim patient in California.

Palestinians contradict the Quran in order to deny Israel's right to exist.

Jewish man stabbed by teenager in Zurich in suspected antisemitic attack.

PA chooses to fund terrorists but not heart disease patients.

‘Judea, Samaria’ may officially be used by the US gov, thanks to a GOP congresswoman.

Liberty University claims Department of Education probe 'used different standard' after $14 million fine.

An esteemed molecular biologist warns of 'smoking gun' evidence. Researchers at a Chinese lab engineered COVID-19.

Gold Star Dad Arrested for Telling Biden to Remember His Son. Terrorist supporters are treated better in D.C. than the parents of soldiers killed by terrorists.

Retired Methodist pastor draws a swastika on Jewish neighbor’s groceries.

"Incorporating Sharia Law into European Legal Systems": A State in India Bans Sharia.

Cutting the cord: Will Israel’s Wi-Charge transform the future of power?

Paris assailant calls man in kippah 'dirty Jew,' attacks him as he leaves synagogue.

Birthright parents: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace my kid’s wartime trip to Israel.

‘You kill Muslims’: Jewish man harassed on London transport.

Meet the robot valet at Tel Aviv's first automated public lot.

Steve Baker’s attorney to federal prosecutors: ‘Game on.’

Over 60 lbs. Jellyfish sighted off the Israeli coast.

Feds Shell Out Thousands on Computer Lessons for LGBTQ Refugees, Fostering ‘Economic Inclusion’ in Latin America.

Brazilian priest indicted in Jerusalem over pedophilia allegations.
Teachers Unions Quietly Spend Millions on GOP Primaries in 32 States. Haredi draft: When ultra-Orthodoxy meets the truth - opinion.

Seventeen relatives of Americans taken hostage by Hamas will attend Biden’s State of the Union address.

IDF soldiers sentenced to 20 days in prison for making hot dogs on Shabbat.

High-profile Democratic senator wants illegal migrants to start joining the military in exchange for citizenship.

Here’s what the FBI and DHS Said About Russia in the Secret Election Briefing.

Israeli officials mull arming some Gaza civilians as aid security crumbles - report.

Biden Uses State of the Union to Threaten Civil War.

Can scientists predict the pre-Gog and Magog earthquake?

Is Ramadan a time for peace or terror? The US thinks peace; the PA promotes terror.

What would Donald do? Here’s what we know about how Trump would handle Israel and Gaza

Defense Ministry will purchase tens of thousands of Israeli-made rifles to overcome the arms shortage.

‘Disgrace’: US House speaker slams Biden’s policy on ‘settlements.’

"US plan divorced from Israeli reality."

Biden Omits Hunter’s Russian Biz Pals From List of 500 Sanctions; Veep Biden

Hamas terrorists captured while hiding in Gaza school, IDF pushes deeper into Khan Yunis.
Israelis line up for smash burgers as Shake Shack opens first eatery in Tel Aviv.


If This Is ‘Christian Nationalism,’ Sign Me Up!.

Israeli commandos ambush senior Hamass chief in secret tunnel! Sinwar's secret plans were captured by the IDF.

  Israeli Fighter Jets Raided Hamaz Meeting at the Last Minute! Incredible Fiasco From Hamaz Member!

Hamas leader Sinwar cites civilian casualties as a tactical advantage for the terror group, a report says.

Israeli Fighter Jets Broke the Pro-Iran Convoy in Half!

Hermes™ 650 Spark Unveiled: Elbit Systems Launches a New State-of-the-Art UAS.

Hamas's Most Wanted West Commander Was Eliminated! Israel Found the Secret Intelligence Tunnel!
McDonald's cites misinformation over Israel-Hamas war for sales hit. Biden Admin Warns Israel Not to Interfere With Hamas Members Stealing Aid.


Poll finds nearly 1 in 4 Americans hold antisemitic views, highest in 60 years.

Watch: New footage shows IDF not involved in Gaza incident.

Rubio: ‘Unsettling’ that foreign courts can block US arms shipment to allies amid war.

Egyptian Army is Running to All-out Rafah! New Operation Begins!

White House Warns FOX News to Stop Covering Biden Corruption. And the media is cheering it on.

Great Hamaz General Was Finally Caught! Israel Buried the Longest Tunnel There!

Pakistani Imam Preaches Jew-Hate in Belgian Parliament.

WATCH: Hamas tactics revealed: IDF recovers footage from terrorist's camera.

Netanyahu counters Biden: Most Americans support Israel.

Important video World Media doesn't want you to see : Polish Prime Minister 

Revealed: LA school board candidate promoted antisemitic book.

'Squad' Democrats roasted as 'communist sympathizers' after secret trip to Cuba: 'Anti-American.'

UC Berkeley: Jewish students forced to evacuate through the tunnel by a violent mob.

US launches unprecedented investigation of company producing Iron Dome parts.

CBS Reporter Who Uncovered Hunter Laptop Scandal Is Fired, All Files Related To Story Seized By Network.

Kataib Hezbollah commander killed in Baghdad in US strike.

Beto O’Rourke Resurfaces to Back Hamas.

Christian lawmakers head to Israel in the biggest mission since the war.

Israel transplants miniature pacemakers in patients.

Israeli footballer to leave Scottish team because of pro-Arab fans.

Israeli Sheba Hospital ranked 9th best medical center globally.
British lawmakers fear for their safety after threats and abuse over Gaza.

Visit The Biblical Kishon River.

Blaze News investigative writer Steve Baker says the FBI wants him to self-surrender Friday in Dallas over his Jan. 6 reporting.

An Israeli developed a foldable car that could change urban driving.


A reporter goes viral for attacking Christians who believe rights come from God — and the responses are glorious.

‘Future of Judea & Samaria’: Former US envoy unveils sovereignty plan.

The US pro-Hamas fifth column intends to kill people.

While Biden Pushes Ukraine to Fight, He Demands Israel Surrender.

US Army cutting force by 24K amid recruiting shortfalls. That equates to 5-8 Brigades. The entire US Army had a total of 42 Brigades.

Dined Twice With Russian Billionairess Who Financed Hunter.

Hamas' Sinwar "pleased with Gaza conflict progress," Wall Street Journal reports.


Two Iranian gas pipelines allegedly attacked by Israel - NYT.

Iran warns Hezbollah: 'Don't give Netanyahu an excuse for a wider war.'

Report - Terrorists in Uniform: PMW Report documenting PA Security Forces involvement in terror.

"US plan divorced from Israeli reality."

Biden gambles with Israeli security.

Israeli engineering forces clear 30 kilometers of Lebanese border routes.

Israel proves that at least 30 UNRWA employees took part in Oct. 7. How Tucker Carlson went down the rabbit hole. A look at three pivotal events that affect the Russia/Ukraine war.

France's Skyrocketing Threat.

Hamas is Directly Trying to Influence Biden.

Brussels Airlines announces gradual return to Tel Aviv operations starting March 24, 2024.

Michigan Muslims Take Biden Hostage to Save Hamas.

How the US Abandoned Israel under Biden.

Syrians Show Up at Border Wearing Pricey Tactical Gear. Claim They’re for Jobs, Love America.

Police secure opening night of London play after Jewish actress receives threats.

Why Iranians are not demonstrating en masse for Gaza, despite official rhetoric.

Canadian cyclist disinvited as speaker at women’s event because of past IDF service.

Israel complains after Catholic Church denounces Gaza ‘carnage.’

Harvard pro-Palestinian faculty group apologizes after sharing antisemitic imagery.

Imam recites Quran at Belgian parliament, calls for killing, kidnapping of Jews.

The report shows that US antisemitism has reached the highest level since 1979.

Rare Holocaust-era photos of Jews in Poland uncovered.

What Americans don't get about Israelis fighting for their lives.

Chinese Immigrant Without U.S. Citizenship Is Sworn Into San Fran’s Election Commission.

MAGA Truckers Say They'll Refuse NYC Loads After Trump Verdict.

Arab Americans are not the only ones with political leverage in the US elections.

Fmr Navy Intel Cmdr Reveals Biden Suppressed Info on Previous Chinese Spy Balloons.

Abraham Lincoln Pardoned Biden’s Great-Great-Grandfather for stabbing a soldier about an inappropriate remark about a female cook. Now, who is stabbing America in the back?

Federal Agencies Are Already Preparing to Sabotage a Potential Trump Presidency.

Indiana parents warn nation after child is removed from home for improper pronoun usage: ‘Can happen anywhere.’

Biba's family hopes new video of kidnapped mom and kids ‘shocks world’ into action.

Hamaz Boats Suddenly Rushed the Israeli Corvette!

IDF special needs band boosting soldiers' morale amid war.

Israel FOUND Million-dollar Commander Tunnel! Israel Dealt Iran Blow That Had Been Awaited for Weeks.

Israel FOUND Leader Sinwar's Great Treasure! New Hostages Found There!

Israel is Withdrawing From There! 100 Hamaz Members Surrendered During the Raid!

Hamas Leader Sinwar's Neighborhood Fell! Israel Finally Found the Hamas General!

12.000 Hamaz Militants Fell From There! Israel Found the Main Fuel Tank!


Important video World Media doesn't want you to see : Netanyahu Out? Think Again. 
Countless Gazans are vocalizing their opposition to Hamas Gaza, Ancient Judean cistern fills for just 3rd time since 1992.

Israeli entrepreneur Dr. Alkalay is recognized for medical breakthroughs.

A winter view of the Golan Heights' majestic splendor.

Israeli research reveals ChatGPT weak spots, saving millions from being hacked.

A rare stone box from the Second Temple period was discovered in the City of David.

United, Delta will resume flights to Tel Aviv, Israel's Airport Authority reports.

Unopened medicine boxes bearing names of Israeli hostages found in hospital raid.

Hamas kills Palestinian teen taking food from aid shipment.

Israel's Tourism Minister Haim Katz headed to Nashville on Sunday to take part in the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Christian media convention and deliver a message that "Israel is safe for tourists."

California schools spent $250,000 on anti-Israel 'Woke Kindergarten' curriculum.

Dearborn, Michigan is the 'Jihad capital of America.'

UK university chaplain gets death threats after return from IDF service.

Israel proposes a plan for Rafah ahead of the impending ground operation.

NYC Druze restaurant was vandalized for public Israel support multiple times.

“Israeli researcher to British Parliament members: ‘The Palestinian Authority is involved in terror.’

'Hamas is operating in Belgium, but we can’t do anything about it' - interview.

Greece Becomes First Orthodox Christian Country To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage.

Rashida Tlaib Refuses to Condemn Hamas Raping Israeli Women.



Idaho: House Passes Bill Proposing Death Penalty For Convicted Sex Offenders Whose Victims Are Under 12.

Belgium confirms Hamas operates within its borders through shell companies.

In the Washington Post, the US Orders Israel To Commit Suicide.

Court orders Netherlands to stop F-35 parts delivery to Israel over war on Hamas.

Jewish man stabbed six times in Paris antisemitic attack.

Davos ski shop says won't rent equipment to Jews.

As votes loom on aid to Israel and Ukraine, polarization in Washington has reached such a pitch that US national interests are being sacrificed to electoral advantage.

Georgia Specialist Finds Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Soros Moves to Control Second-Largest Radio Group in US.

NATO Worse Than Trump Portrays.

Jew-hatred ‘far higher’ in Italy in 2023 than the prior year.

15-Year-Old Illegal Migrant Arrested After Times Square Shooting.

Woman who shot up Texas church had 'Palestine' sticker on her gun.
‘Cash in Envelopes’: How the US and UN Fund the Border Crisis.

Server Breach Reveals: Iran-Russia Military Deal Valued at Nearly Two Billion Dollars.

Secret Hamas Leader Hiding at Border Was Found! Sinwar's Money Was Seized.

Leaked Iranian Gov Docs Show Soros Group Acted as Foreign Agent.

WATCH: The world's biggest sporting event will include a pro-Israel ad.

U.S. DOJ Sues Tennessee Over HIV Prostitution Law.

Israel Trapped 100 Hamaz Members at Once! Hamaz's Police Chief Could Not Escape From Israel!

New January 6 Footage Dismantles Leftist Narrative | The New American TV.

Five small red cows that rocked the world.

Israel’s Rafah evacuation plan: 15 camps of 25,000 tents each.

1,800-year-old Roman Legionary Base discovered at Tel Megiddo.

Russia is mum after rumors of deploying nuclear weapons in space, calls this 'yet another white house ploy.' And Sadim Hussein had weapons of mass destruction?

Investors not affected by Moody's: Only small decreases in the stock market.

He's a journalist by day—a senior Hamas anti-tank missile system developer by night.

US obsession with a two-state solution is ‘delusional.’

Palestinian released in ceasefire deal caught trying to infiltrate into Israel.

Twenty thousand foreign workers are expected to arrive in Israel to replace Palestinian workers.

'He held a gun to her head and started kissing her, she started crying': Former hostage talks about Hamas sex crimes.

Air Europa airline will resume flights to Israel.

Israeli Commandos Rescued the Hostages From There! Pro-Iranian Commander Has Fallen!

Biden Admin Considered Sanctioning Israeli Cabinet Members.

Hamas HATES This Video.

Our ancient regional codex. The realignment plan was supposed to continue the Disengagement Plan, remember? • What does the spotlight do to former security establishment officials • And why has Hamas demanded a ban on Jewish visits to the Temple Mount?

Iran is in Shock! Israel Found Iran's Central Bank in Gaza! Khan Yunis Operation is Getting Deeper!

Two-state solution? Not in Palestinian schoolbooks.

Hamaz's Great Commander Could Not Escape This Time! Israel Found the Most Secret Center!

In covert interviews, Gazan civilians rail against Hamas for wrecking their lives.

Israeli scientists pioneer methods to produce freshness using sound waves.

White Rainbow Spotted in North Israel: Sign of the Messiah?

Israel's Ben-Gurion University revolutionizes clean air travel with new aviation technology.

Hamas' Central Commander Could Not Escape Israeli Warplanes!

Biden sends delegation to meet with Hamas supporters.

Biden sends aides to woo Michigan Arab and Muslim leaders amid anger over Hamas war.

360 degrees of hostility: The Biden administration and Israel.

Meet the Christian entrepreneur becoming a voice for war-hit Israeli farmers.

Biden threatens veto of US House's Israel aid bill.

Biden’s playing politics with the Gaza war, not Bibi.

House GOP proposes a $17.6 billion aid package for Israel, but Biden is skeptical.

Two ultra-Orthodox youths were arrested after spitting at a Catholic priest.

LGBTQ+ Palestinians can request asylum in Israel, court rules.

A pastor’s plea to embrace ‘compassion’ over truth is dangerous advice.

The son of Hamas knows best - the editorial includes a video.

Houthis sentence 13 to public execution on homosexuality charges.

While the Hamas leader was deciding on a hostage deal, his niece gave birth in an Israeli hospital.

A giant tunnel under UNRWA headquarters discovered PM tells Blinken in the meeting.

Biden's 'Two-State Solution' To Reward Palestinian Terrorism, Destroy Israel.

German weapons-producing machines, See-Shoot technology, in Hamas base.

Caught on video: Hamas blocking humanitarian aid in Gaza conflict.


Wall Street Journal reveals the real reason there's no ceasefire yet.

Terrorists in Uniform: A study of PA Security Forces involvement in Terror.


The Argentinian president has pledged to move the embassy to Jerusalem.

Son of Hamas founder joins Israel's public diplomacy efforts.

Ministers urge pause for humanitarian aid as figures show 60% ends up with Hamas.

Saudi Arabia will settle for the Israeli promise to establish a Palestinian state for normalization.

The US implicitly threatens to invoke Leahy Law over West Bank incidents.

Israel begins a shift to domestic ammunition production.

Jerusalem rally will demand that the Gaza war continues until victory. IDF reservists say they fear this Gaza war will end like all those before it and urge the government to let them achieve victory.

Meeting soldiers, Netanyahu says IDF has destroyed 75% of Hamas battalions; says war will last months, not years.

Biden invited Muslim leaders who publicly supported the terror group Hezbollah to meet with his top aides.

Haley Waffles on Texas Secession. It also talks about unlawful acts by the federal government.

Senate Border Deal Will Legalize All the Afghans Biden Brought to the U.S. At least 11,110 had fake birthdays.

Moderna Scientists Warn mRNA Vaccines Carry Toxicity Risks.

Why the Iran-U.S.A. spat has not turned into war.

Prominent U.S.A. think tank has secret ties to Iran regime - report.

Senate Democrats seek to limit Biden on weapons sales to Israel.


Declassified docs reveal why Canada let Nazi war criminals keep their citizenship.

After 82 years, secret KGB documents on the murder of Jews in the Holocaust were revealed.

A Jewish student was beaten by a pro-Palestinian student in Berlin.


Hamas's Second CENTRAL BANK Was Found! Israel Pulled the Control Plug on Pro-Iran!

Cleansing the world of Jews’: Porto housing protest turns antisemitic.

IDF Initiates Emergency Operation! Northern Gaza Is No Longer Under Control!

Palestinian Authority is anxious to reward thousands of new terrorist prisoners.

Hamas's MULTI-MILLION Dollar Bank Collapsed! Israel Trapped the Great Commander There!

“Israel is the only country that the rest of the world just assumes they’re not allowed to win a war.” 

Hamas Leader Sinwar Was Found There! Shocking Blow From Israel to Pro-Iran Official!

The essence of civilization: to distinguish between the two.

Hamas elite commander surrenders in tunnel: 'We decided not to fight and waited for the IDF' Video.

The End of 2550 Hamaz Militants! Leader Sinwar's brother's office was Aided!

Sanhedrin: No deal for the hostages until Hamas is eliminated.

Israel will evacuate Palestinians ahead of invasion into Gaza's Rafah - official.
Who's more eager to emigrate from Israel after Oct 7, Jews or Arabs?

IDF finds machine gun, UN vest, and humanitarian aid in Khan Yunis home.

The Bible teaches that only Jews are human - all others are not human; PA TV broadcasts the father of a terrorist.‘We ask Allah to send people like Hitler, Nebuchadnezzar, and Pharaoh.’

More than half of Israelis oppose Palestinian state for Saudi ties.

Saudis resume US talks on Israel normalization.

‘Biden Doctrine’: US reviews options for recognizing Palestinian state.

UK government denies plan to ‘reward’ Hamas with Palestinian statehood.

Liberman to 'Post': Israel should give Gaza to Egypt, split West Bank with Jordan.

Gazans Chant: ‘The People Want to Topple Hamas!’

Biden administration sanctions four Jewish Israelis it accuses of ‘extremist settler violence.’
Three men were indicted for a murder-for-hire plot on US soil on behalf of Iran.


Democrat Reps. Bush And Tlaib Vote Against Bill Banning Hamas Terrorists From U.S.

Chicago, Where 148 Were Shot This Month, Demands ‘Ceasefire’ in Israel.

Israeli lecturer in the UK: 'I am being threatened and I am afraid, there is no one to turn to.'

UNRWA nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, amid allegations workers took part in Oct. 7.

Feds charge Massachusetts man for calls threatening Jews with ‘genocide.’

Antisemitic incidents shoot up 235% worldwide amid the Gaza war, the report says.

A New Jersey man pleads guilty to badly injuring 3 in a series of violent antisemitic attacks.

Canadian synagogue vandalized, police investigating.

Ukraine uncovers mass fraud in weapons procurement - security service.

A new Egyptian film portrays an alliance between descendants of Hitler and an Islamist leader.

After 82 years, secret KGB documents on the murder of Jews in the Holocaust were revealed.

3 US soldiers were killed, and some 34 were injured in a suicide drone attack on the Jordan-Syria border.

FACT CHECK: Biden claims Holocaust Remembrance Day is about “LGBTQ+.”

Uganda disavows its judge in The Hague for standing with Israel.

Lawmaker says whistleblower tipped him off to 'hidden room' holding migrants at Atlanta airport.

This is how Israel struck back against its haters at The Hague.

Missouri State Senator Calls for PROSECUTION of Planned Parenthood after Veritas Report.

Heritage’s One-of-a-Kind Election Fraud Database Hits 1,500 Cases.

Israel says UNRWA staff implicate themselves, more complicit in crimes.

For releasing hostages: Hamas wants guarantees it stays standing.

Hamas banks up to $12 million a month through online donations.

US seeks to sweeten hostage deal with Saudi-Israel peace.

IDF Division 99 seizes Hamas intelligence and funds from a Gaza bank vault.

It's time to target Hamas' leadership abroad – so that the Gaza war is won.

PA spox says Ramallah prepared to hand over power to Hamas.

Gallant: ‘Terrorists in Gaza surrender and give sensitive information on Hamas.'

Biden is ‘hampering’ Israel’s war effort.'

Hamas says the proposed hostage deal includes 3 phases - report.

Even Gazan’s chant ‘Down with Hamas.’

Fearing Israeli assassinations, Iran pulls IRGC commanders from Syria - sources.

Indigenous Coalition opens embassy in Jerusalem.

Gazans call for the overthrow of Hamas as they flee through the IDF humanitarian corridor.

Israeli tech succeeds in growing tomatoes that consume less water.


Sifting Project Discovers Byzantine Weights Suggesting Christian Activity on Temple Mount Before Islam.

Israel minimizes civilian casualties more than anyone in history - expert.

Gasoline prices in Israel to rise to an 18-month high. Holocaust education in Israeli high schools may become non-mandatory following Oct. 7.
White House rejects report the US considering slowing weapons sales to Israel.

Gazans call for the release of Israeli hostages in a rare protest against Hamas.

When it comes to Israel, the people of Iran go against their Ayatollahs. US abandoned dual citizen terror-victim.

Italian FM reveals country ceased arms shipments to Israel starting October 7.

Hamas losses: Up to 60% of terror forces out of action - analysis.

US State Department warns of Jew-hatred emerging from Asia.

IDF Spokesperson declares massive IDF strikes on Hezbollah, Sinwar ready for hostage deal.

Nearly all US Senate Democrats back a two-state solution for Israel and Palestinians.

Maccabi Haifa to play Belgian soccer club in an empty stadium due to safety concerns.
Not Just America, Canada is Being Demographically Transformed. Only 9% of Canadians want more immigrants. Global Jews seek home in Israel: Is the nation ready?

U.S. universities receive a failing grade as the annual IHRA adoptions report is released.

Israel secures top priority for US attack helicopter deliveries.

A new PBS documentary ‘Nazi Town, USA’ looks at the 1930s heyday of Hitler’s US admirers.

Jews attacked in London; police responded only after being called 10 times.
How Obama Took Over the Biden Administration. Iceland officially threatens to boycott Eurovision over Israel's participation.

Mossad offers Hamas leaders to leave Gaza - report.

Justice Dept. may be orchestrating 'retaliation' against Blaze News' Steve Baker for his Jan. 6 reporting: Baker's attorneys

Wanted: Palestinian Leaders Who Will Condemn Terrorism.

Silence of the Jews: Hollywood Jewry careful about weighing in on Gaza war.

'They took us back 100 years, kill them': Gazans express frustration with Hamas in calls with IDF.

Gallant says 'Signs IDF closes in on most sensitive Hamas positions' in Khan Yunis.

Iran's panicking amid Israel's war in Gaza. Hamas releases propaganda doc denying atrocities, blaming Israel for civilian deaths on Oct 7.

Netanyahu rejects Hamas's conditions for hostage deal which include 'outright surrender.'

Hamas rejects Moscow's request to release hostages 'captured' during Oct 7 attacks.

EU threatens ‘consequences’ for Israel’s opposition to Palestinian state.

Blinken is using blackmail to achieve the goal of Palestinian statehood - opinion.

Israel-Hamas war: Israeli govt gives daily briefing.

Hamas is collapsing in its own Gaza tunnels, Gallant tells IDF soldiers.

IDF completely encircles Khun Ynis, Gaza.

Hushed opposition: behind Saudi Arabia's quiet criticism of Hamas.

Israel Daily News – War Day 110, January 24, 2024.

Why is Netanyahu clashing with the US over a Palestinian state?


IDF turns to AM radio in a bid to reach hostages, aid troops in Gaza tunnels

Hamas DESTROYS Any Hope for Peaceful Coexistence.

Biden Threatens Netanyahu's Drive to Destroy Hamas.\


Israeli official confirms US working on grand regional bargain to end Gaza war.

Houthi missile launched at US warship; 2 Navy SEALS lost at sea during search for Iranian weapons bound for Yemen.
Just-released Jan. 6 videos show Capitol Police officer lied in Oath Keepers trial, Blaze Media investigative journalist says.

Ryanair announces resumption of flights to Tel Aviv from February 1.

The surprising victims of Houthi threats are Tesla, Volvo, and Suzuki.

Wizz Air to resume Israel flights in March.

Anti-Israel protesters target Jewish state, cancer patients in Manhattan.

Air France and other foreign airlines to resume Israel flights.

When US citizenship doesn't pay.

Pakistan says it carried out a 'series of military strikes' in Iran.

Senate Dems sink amendment to halt Palestinian aid until Hamas' hostages are released. Hundreds give Nazi salute at political rally in Rome.
Amid the war, Strauss hiked the price by 25% of its products, laying off 150 employees. Will the Israel-Hamas war cause a spike in aliyah in 2024?

How Iran is pushing the Saudis into Israel's arms.

Israeli institute finds new effective cancer treatment using immune cells.

The Gaza paradox.

100 days of innovation: The IDF's new weapons, tactics, and units in Hamas War.

Netanyahu rejected the Palestinian state as a pathway to Saudi normalization.

Biden Administration's 'Pathway' to a Palestinian Terror State.

Netanyahu delayed new Gaza hostage deal, left war cabinet in the dark - report.

Incredible Raid! In 640 Kilometer Tunnel, Hamas' MOST IMPORTANT Leader Fell Into A Big Trap!

New COVID treatment from 101 Therapeutics poised to revolutionize pandemic response.

Hamas' Biggest Brigade Has Finished Itself! The Great Collapse Has Begun!

Behind Bibi's back? Senior US officials met with Israeli opposition - report.

Hamaz BACKBONE COMMANDER Captured! IDF's VICTORY Cry In The South!

The Benjamin Netanyahu era is over, sources in Likud say.


Members of the Indian Bnei Menashe tribe say they are seeking to enlist in IDF. Two international airlines to resume operations in Israel amid war. Three others have already started flights to Israel.

The Real Story of January 6 Part 1 | Documentary.

The Real Story of January 6 Part 2: The Long Road Home | NEW Documentary.

Hamas leaders in Lebanon flee country in fears of Israeli assassination - report.

Hamaz is OUT OF BULLETS! Screams of Victory in Israel! The City of Khuza is Now Under Israeli Control!

Captured Islamic Jihad operative says received military training in Iran.


God’s most favored nation.

'Don't try to escape, they hate you': Teen hostage speaks on Gaza captivity.

Federal Agencies in the Dark About China’s US Farmland Purchase, New Report Reveals.

5,700 shafts spread over hundreds of kilometers: Huge Hamas tunnels array surprised the IDF.

Islam Overtaking Europe?

Hamas accuses Hezbollah of joining the war effort only symbolically.

Voter Fraud Convictions Challenge Narrative of Secure Elections.

200 Undercover FBI Assets at US Capitol on Jan. 6, Congressman Estimates.

U.S. concerned Netanyahu to use Hezbollah conflict to remain in power, report.
After October 7, Diaspora Jews feel a stronger bond with Israel - Expert.

Israelis attacked in Berlin's Potsdamer Platz after speaking Hebrew.

IDF says it found proof Hamas developed cruise missile capabilities, aided by Iran. Feds to investigate NJ school district where students held pro-Palestinian walkout.
Al Jazeera 'journalists' in Gaza were terrorists, IDF proves in documents.

Biden Promised Gaza Aid Wouldn't Go To Hamas. He Lied.

A visit to the heart of cruelty: Israel Hayom gets access to Hamas' secret rocket factory. US intelligence officials warn Hezbollah may target mainland US amid war in Israel.

SPYDER is an all-in-one air defense system that undergoes a successful interception test.

Israeli breakthrough confirms the biblical battle of Gath mentioned in the Book of Kings.

God of the Breakthrough.


Israeli teen forced to marry Muslim man in Uzbekistan - report.

‘I’m afraid every day for my children’: As antisemitism soars, French Jews flee to Israel.


'Honestly, I prefer the IDF': Palestinians in Gaza speak out on Hamas abuse.

Will the Israel-Hamas war cause a spike in aliyah in 2024?

A new film on the 1506 massacre of Lisbon Jews garners worldwide attention.

The Victory of 12 Kilometers in One Day From Israel! Secret Raid on Hamaz' Missile Factory!

IDF Found Hamaz Khan Yunis CENTRAL BANK! Unexpected Surprise for Iran!

Powerful Letter from Israeli Soldier on Front Lines in Gaza.

IDF Eliminated 300+ Tunnels in One Go! Even Hamas Leader Sinw@r Couldn't Believe It!

Hamas led children through underground tunnels to 'deliver ammunition' and 'assess damage': IDF. 

Terror groups train kids in the art of terrorism. Hamas operates summer camps where children learn rifle shooting, tunnel warfare, anti-tank combat, and even the abduction of soldiers.

Hamaz Lost That Place Too! Sinwar's Tunnel House Crashed! Israel phobia hampers Red Sea naval coalition
Zephaniah’s Cry: Don’t Rely on America!

Israel posts Hamas atrocities on a new site, blocked from Israel.

Is Hezbollah fighting to aid in Iran’s race to nuclear bomb?

Israel-Hamas War: IDF pulls troops out of Gaza's north, prep for third stage.

The new generation of Democrats n are not fans of Israel. AOC, a leading ultra-progressive, critiques the Gaza war and US aid to Israel; dismissing her overlooks the new generation she represents with distinct views on Israel.

Biden Justice Dept ordered stop investigating pro-Hamas/antisemitic activities.
  Watch: Israel launches advanced surveillance balloon in the north.

Australia: Jewish doctor assaulted while helping unconscious man.

Gazan clans, US allies: Who will run post-war Gaza? IDF plans revealed.
One in Five Young Americans Has a POSITIVE View of Osama bin Laden.

Video - Gaza Journalist Complaining about wanting to go back to before waar to pre-Gaza.

Thousands of Gazans will become Christian, Palestinian Evangelical predicts.

A Gaza Journalist works with Israeli an artist to show both sides, but see the alternative motives.

What does ethnic cleaning look like?

Posts claiming Jews killed Jesus rose over 1,000% on X (formerly Twitter) after the October 7 Hamas massacre.

Hamas deputy leader abroad Saleh al-Arouri killed in an alleged Israeli strike in Lebanon.

'Unprecedented levels' of antisemitic abuse in New Zealand since October 7.

Discover the Heart of Israel as tours start again. 

The mob’s attempt to undermine America.

LAST DAY! Israel Collapsed the Deepest Underground City of Hamaz Leader Deif! Big Factory Fell!

Israeli officials pessimistic over possible hostage deal; Iran moves warship to Red Sea.

WATCH: Hamas' elite forces surrender to Israeli troops

Israel rejects Hamas's proposal that includes withdrawal from Gaza.
Watch: Mark Levin educates Marxist Democrats on basic economics. Despite the war, Hebrew University's international students choose to remain in Israel.

Israeli med-tech company’s innovative headset could reduce delirium in ICU patients.

Israel Finally Brought Down the Great Commander! Hamaz' Main Factory Fell!

Israeli research uses Earth's magnetic field to verify event in Bible's Book of Kings.

6000 Hamas Militants Fell From There! Israel Entered the Tunnel City of the North!

Terrorists and weapons were found hiding in 2 more Gaza schools. IMPOSSIBLE! Israel's 99th Division Submerged 100 Hamas Tunnels! Israel Announced New Hero of War!

Hamas waives demand for IDF withdrawal, open to hostages-for-prisoners deal - report.

Israel wants UNRWA out of Gaza.

The biblical account of the conquest of Gath was verified by Israeli tech.

Khan Younis blitz is for the hostages.

Groups That Support Hamas.

Western donors: Look how the PA is using your money to support terror!

Toronto: Jewish-owned store vandalized before being set on fire.  

Gordon Chang to Newsmax: China Working on Bioweapons.

In ‘frustrating’ call, Biden tells Netanyahu Palestinian tax funds issue must be resolved — report.

TikTok insiders slam alleged bias against pro-Israel posts claim company: 'serve Hamas’ narrative.'

Jewish 'erasure' has become more prevalent since October 7.

'Too political': TikTok refuses to run Israeli hostage videos.

Dutch agency spying on Holocaust survivors for years ‘defies any idea of civilization.’

Outrage in Chabad: Tunnel discovered under Chabad Headquarters in New Jersey.

Anti-Israel protesters show up to a Dem congressman’s home in the middle of the night, blaring car horns and screaming.

The UN is the Sanhedrin of the Temple of Replacement Theology.

FB Disables Account of Christian Who Complained Against Pro-Hamas Terrorist Posts.

IDF general says the military is searching for Hezbollah tunnels.

Despite the IDF dropping a huge number of bombs, Gaza casualties are unprecedentedly low.

IDF finds 65 million Hamas documents including hostage how-to manual, rocket launch schedule. 

Netanyahu thanks Christians for support against Hamas.

Stephen Fry decries antisemitism in Christmas video, is pilloried online.

Fatah official in Denmark is proud Fatah did not condemn Hamas's Oct. 7 atrocities.

15-Kilometer VICTORY Advance From Israel! Iran Lost Everything on the Road Again!

British journalist Douglas Murray tells young Israelis why he's supporting Israel during wartime.

Mia Shem opens up about Gaza captivity: ‘Everyone there is a terrorist’ VIDEO.

Underwater Victory From Israel! Even Egypt Was Surprised by This! Sinwar's Long Tunnel is Broken!

A Device preserves the heart for transplantation for 2 extra hours.

Hamas's Most Wanted Commanders Are Stuck in the Last Tunnel! Israel's Great Hunt Has Begun!

Intel will build a $25 billion chip factory in Israel’s ‘largest investment ever.’

The Israeli inventor who turns every soldier into a sharpshooter.

Captured Islamic Jihad terrorist admits his squad committed rape on Oct. 7.

Report: Terror Group Rejects a Deal to End War With Israel.

Who Supports Hamas?

The US denies Israel's request for Apache attack helicopters.

Terrorist weapons were found hiding in 2 more Gaza schools.

Elbit among global defense giants seeing a surge in orders.

IDF Spokesperson declares massive IDF strikes on Hezbollah, Sinwar ready for hostage deal. Biden told Netanyahu not to launch a pre-emptive strike on Hezbollah: report.
Europe is terrified and Kowtows to Hamas. Catholic priest embarrasses himself with Christmas remarks on Jesus.

Watchdog: Targeting of Catholics Wider Than FBI Claimed.

Tucker Carlson is right: Voting for Trump is bigger than Trump vs. Biden.
Did campus anti-Israel groups know October 7 was coming?

US Department of Education to scrutinize antisemitism on at least 5 more campuses.

Hamas leader: “We need the blood of the children, women, and elderly.”

Antisemitism boosts foreign interest in Israeli real estate.

“You son of a dog” – Gaza resident curses Hamas leaders for “destroying us.”

Swords found in Judean Desert caves ranked as the most exciting archaeology story of 2023.

IDF uncovers Hamas ambush utilizing children's cries in Hebrew.

83% of Israeli children suffer from emotional distress since October 7, a study finds.

‘Shadows of Children’: Hospital Chief Speaks of Torments Suffered by Young Hostages.

Finisher! Israel Completely Flooded Tunnel Roads With Water! Critical Hamas Leader Flees to Egypt!

IDF releases video of Hamas stealing aid from Gazans. 

Unexpected Raid on Hamaz' Last Secret Base! Israel Has Made Move That Changed Fate of the War!

WATCH: IDF Commando Brigade receives logistical resupply via parachutes.

VIDEO's - How Israelis are responding to Hamas' massacre of October 7, 2023, and the ensuing Israel-Hamas war.

VIDEO - 30km Impossible Victory Advance by Israel! Fighter Jet Radars Searching for Fleeing Commanders!

US antisemitism is up 337% since October 7 in an all-time record, ADL says. What We Saw in Videos of Hamas Terrorists’ Oct. 7 Attacks in Israel.
America wants to help but is undermining the war effort.

The war has already made 1 thing clear: Israel is not fully independent.

PA: “On Saturday, we murder the Jews; On Sunday, we murder the Christians."

'Bibi, I love you but I don't agree with a damn thing you had to say.'

IDF recovers bodies of 2 abducted soldiers from Gaza, releases name of 2 fallen soldiers.

Hamas used toxic gas to kill female IDF soldiers.

Turkish parliamentarian has a heart attack after saying Israel will suffer the wrath of Allah.

Terror Tunnel Hannukah Miracle. VIDEO
Spielberg is documenting the October 7 atrocities as a 'powerful tool to counter antisemitism.'

Turkish lawmaker who collapsed amid anti-Israel speech dies.

Biden fundraiser flees 'divisive' Democratic Party for GOP: 'We have to be more united.'

Hamas political leader tied to a cache of weapons found in Gaza.

The US leaves open the possibility of Hamas retaining power.

Puma to terminate sponsorship of Israel's national soccer team - FT.

Red Cross reprimanded hostage families: 'Think about the Palestinians.'

“Former hostages are too afraid of Hamas threats to speak of their experiences,” a doctor reports.

Hamas Leader Threatens Israel: Oct. 7 ‘Was Just a Rehearsal.’

Israel issues severe travel warnings to dozens of countries amid rising antisemitism.
PA unfit to govern Gaza post-Hamas, White House says. ZAKA female volunteers picking up remains from massacre: 'I shower and still smell death.'

China-Linked Company Directly Paid Joe Biden, Latest Released Bank Records Show.

Survey shows almost half of Arab Israelis support IDF response to Hamas in Gaza.

Harvard whistleblower points to 'undisguised calls for the murder of Jews' after launch of federal probe.

Georgetown Prof: All Non-Muslims Had To Do To Be Equal Was Convert to Islam.
Washington cautious in sharing intel with Israel, says U.S. House Intelligence Chair. Liberal Americans 'wouldn't last a day under Hamas' says Israeli diplomat.⁠
Rep. Loudermilk: 'All' Jan. 6 Deposition Tapes Have Disappeared. Tucker Carlson is right: Voting for Trump is bigger than Trump vs. Biden.

USC Professor Denounces Hamas Nazis, Now He’s on Administrative Leave.

Two University of Texas teaching assistants were dismissed after sending an 'unacceptable' post to students about the Israel-Gaza war.

How George Soros funds anti-Semitism.

Bomb threats at dozen-plus New York synagogues.

Israel's UN ambassador slams Soros for donations to 'pro-Hamas groups' seeking destruction of Jewish state.

Sources: The US said it might not exercise UN veto unless Israel increases Gaza aid, and fuel.

Is the Diaspora Jewry's future in peril? Concerns rise as safety for Jews worldwide wanes. Is Israel prepared for mass absorption? Ofer Petersburg delves into the looming future.

Biden administration asks Congress' approval on Israeli tank shells for use in Gaza.
American Jews Who Worked for a Secular America Made a Fatal Error. Why, as a Jew, I vehemently oppose the de-Christianizing of America.

The heat is on: New Israeli-made thermal patch primed to save more lives on the battlefield.

Israel is preparing to flood the Hamas tunnel network in Gaza - report.

Jerusalem College of Technology students, and alumni develop solutions to protect Israel on home, and cyber fronts.

Israel-Hamas war brings Saudi normalization closer.

Israeli Operation to Drill the Secret Tunnel of Hamaz Commanders! Beginning of the End for Hamaz!

Israeli Fighter Jets Hit Pro-Iranian Group With Direct Hit! Navy Raid on Secret Headquarters!

BREAKING: IDF Forces ELIMINATE Hamas Leader, Gather Intel on Others | Israel-Hamas War | TBN Israel.

Unexpected End to Hamaz' A Team Commander! Israel Made Record Progress in Hours!

Hamas' Newest LONG Tunnel Collapses! Israel Corners Hamaz Underground!

A new study at the Gezer site proves Biblical accounts of David and Solomon.

The Making of Sadistic Terrorists: An Interview with Dr. Mordechai Kedar | The Caroline Glick Show.

Israel loved the Zionist cowboys because Jews won't come here - opinion.

Gallant says Hamas nears 'breaking point; daring operation to rescue hostages.

The Biden Regime’s Epic Betrayal of Israel.

PA will pay 9 released terrorists 19,500 shekels a month for life.

UCSD condemns campus antisemitism, then denies antisemitic event took place.

Hostage recalls meeting with Hamas leader in the tunnels during captivity.
Israeli academics outraged after top scientific journal calls Hamas 'militants. Saudi media says Israel confirmed strikes on Yemen.
Egyptian author, a liberal activist, forced to flee for backing Israel over Hamas.

Ynet reporter moves seasoned Fox anchor to tears over Abigail Edan.

Obama-era deal to allow Hamas office in Qatar backfired on US: experts.

Pope Francis describes Israel’s war on Hamas as genocidal “terrorism.” ⁠

Toronto reports a sharp rise in antisemitic incidents.

Don't Dismiss Trump II Middle-East policy.

‘Riot’ in Queens high school as anti-Israel students threaten, mob Jewish teacher.

A Last-Minute Order From Obama Enabled Nonstop Leaking On Trump From Intelligence Community | Truth Over News.

Israel is set to fight until the release of all hostages, if possible.

Pro-abortion extremist agrees to plead guilty to firebombing pro-life office on Mother's Day.

'I dreamt we came home,' says an Israeli girl released from Gaza.

Hamas's leader doesn't know or care how many hostages are still alive.

Listen to Muslim history you will learn and understand things better!

Lawrence Jones gets reaction to Hamas footage screening: 'Repeating of ISIS.'

October 7 massacre marks a tragic return to the roots of Zionism. 

Hamas: Some hostages could not be found for release.

Released hostage says he was held by UNRWA teacher in Gaza - report.

‘Antizionism’ is the most lethal form of antisemitism out there.

Hamas founder's son calls for Israel to kill his father if hostages not released.

Israel-Hamas war: Did Oct. 7 change Israeli left-wing views on peace?

BBC bans staff from attending London march against antisemitism. Don't believe us, believe Hamas' charter, which aims for the complete destruction of Israel.

Over 75% of students are dissatisfied with their university’s response to antisemitism.

Thai hostages: ‘Jewish hostages beaten with electric cables, held in worse conditions than us.’

PM Netanyahu shows Elon Musk the horrors of the Oct. 7 massacre in Kfar Aza.

Women held hostage by Hamas in Gaza kept in cages - report.

A little girl tells the truth: Hamas is “underneath, in tunnels, and we – the victims who are dying – are civilians.”

Report: Qatar tells Hamas to 'quit the games.' Red Cross would not answer their phones.

Millions of shekels in cash found during the Gaza operation were added to the treasury.

Why the Arabs 'Betrayed' the Palestinians.

Red Cross shows clear anti-Israel bias, Jerusalem Institute of Justice claims.

Biden About To Betray Israel?

Released terrorist hopes for more kidnappings to “empty the prisons” and bless Hamas for her freedom in exchange for Israeli hostages.

Nir Oz says 3 residents abducted in the Oct. 7 onslaught died in Hamas captivity.

Global women’s rights groups are silent as Israeli women testify about rapes by Hamas.

She refused to leave captivity without her husband; Hamas threatened to kill her.

84-year-old Elma still in critical condition, daughter furious at Red Cross: 'Refused to hand over meds.'

Released Palestinian terrorist refuses to leave Israeli jail.

Freed captives describe horrific ordeal in Hamas tunnels.

War is costing the economy some $600m a week due to work absence — Bank of Israel.
Iranian university students protest intensified suppression - report.

Hamas planned a ‘second phase’ for the Oct. 7 massacre.

13 Nov! 20 Creators of Hamaz Fell in the Tunnels! Israeli F-35s Erased Pro-Iranian Base Off Map!

Thousands of Secret Member Palestinians GOT STUCK & Helplessly Surrendered to Israeli Special Forces.

14 Nov! Iran Lost Its Mind! Carotid Artery of Pro-iranian Group is Ineffective! Israeli Jets Inside!

11 Nov! Israel Has Erased the Largest Fortress in History From Map! Bad End to Great Hamaz Commanders!

Media watchdog: Photojournalists were embedded with Oct 7 Hamas terrorists; may have had prior knowledge.

12 Nov! 3 Central Castles of Hamas Have Fallen! Coup That Cut Off Hamas's Connection With the World!

IDF: Terrorists fire RPGs from Gaza hospital entrance at troops, who kill 21 gunmen.

15 Nov! 40 Meter Deep Commander Tunnel Raided by Israeli Ferrets! Israeli Robots Are Entering!

Saudis help block anti-Israel measures at the Arab summit.

Israel Daily News - War Day 40, November 15, 2023.

Scientists announce that Noah’s Ark’s site shows human activity between 5500 and 3000 BCE.

17 Nov! Sponge Bomb Operation in Hamas's Secret Tunnel Center! All-out Israeli Attack on Gaza Harbor!

Palestinians can stop the war by overthrowing Hamas - opinion. Two million Palestinians vs 40,000 Hamas. Probably close to only 30,000 now.

What Saudi Arabia really thinks of Hamas.

Why was Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' found in the Hamas base in Gaza?

Israel's oldest gate offers a glimpse into ancient urbanization.

At age 12, Dor Shachar ran away from Gaza to live in Israel. What transpired was a journey that exposed a deep divide.

Whoever has a rifle, “shoot a Jew, or give it to Hamas!” - Palestinian students in Ramallah support Hamas.

'Israel protects us, especially now': Young Jews won't let war disrupt their Masa programs. Usually, it is a one-year program to live in Israel from all over the world.

Exclusive: Aliyah applications see a massive uptick in some countries in the wake of war.

Canary Mission links Tlaib to three more fundraisers with ties to Hamas.

Antisemitism kills. IDF forces found a copy of Hitler’s antisemitic work “Mein Kampf” in a child’s room 

Holocaust survivors call on Spielberg to condemn Hamas's massacre.

WATCH: Hamas blocks IDF fuel delivery to Gaza's Shifa Hospital.

Jews support the ideology of elimination.

'Palestine' takes part in world tourism fair, Israel absent.
Israelis killed on October 7 were denied Jewish burials due to halachic status.

Iranian dissidents make an impression at pro-Israel demonstrations worldwide.

Hamas operative boasts he ‘can leave with any ambulance,’ in call overheard by IDF. Putin’s Russia pushing disinformation on Gaza war, says Microsoft chief.
As Gaza collapses, Hamas leaders make billions abroad. Hamas armed wing says it discussed freeing 70 hostages in return for 5-day truce.⁠
Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Controversial Document Revealed.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Hamas Terrorist Tunnel Under Rantisi Hospital in Gaza.

Saudi's MBS Commits to Ongoing Israel Normalization Talks.

Israeli satire mocks “Woke” support for Islamists. Satire Video

First, Archaeologists Extract the DNA of Ancient Israelites.

Finland signs NIS 1.3b David's Sling deal.
ANALYSIS: Why Israel was caught off-guard by Hamas on October 7.

Israel calls on Hamas to surrender the Shifa hospital base as the US strikes Iran proxies in Syria.

Douglas Murray: 'Since Hamas massacre, I've tried to remind people who the aggressors are here'. Video Pro-Life Must Mean Anti-Hamas.

LISTEN: 'Your son killed 10 Jews,' Hamas terrorist tells Gazan parents.

21 kids from 13 families without parents after Hamas attack; one is 4-year-old hostage.
LISTEN: Hamas blocks road to Gazans fleeing- 'They're shooting at people.' Hamas terrorists: We were told 'whoever brings a hostage gets $10,000.'
IDF carries out airstrike on terror cell at Jenin mosque planning ‘murderous attack’.

Kill, behead, rape: Interrogated Hamas members detail atrocities against civilians.

Report: Hamas Fighters Trained in Iran Before Oct. 7 Attack. Gaza tunnels, terrorist infrastructure uncovered by Israeli geologist.
Veteran voice actress fired from animated show over Israel-Hamas posts: 'Just found out on Twitter!' Points for Palestine: US lecturer offers students extra credit for anti-Israel efforts.
Blame directed at Tlaib after Detroit Synagogue president murdered. Police claim there is no link to anti-semitism. US said concerned Israel lacks achievable goals for Gaza op and that IDF not ready. Is Biden and his administraion start to show their true colors?
Death toll in Gaza hospital blast was greatly exaggerated - independent intel. Israeli girl with autism thought kidnapped by Hamas found dead.
As Biden Turns against Israel, Netanyahu Must Stand Strong. Taibe bike shop torched after Arab Israeli owner donates bikes to Jews.
Fact check: Biden says Hamas doesn’t represent Palestinians. Is that true? Protesters on Capitol Hill against Israel's 'genocide' in Gaza wore talits. I wonder if these people traveled to Gaza, Iran, Yemen, and Qatar and showed their support would be any more welcome than the German Jews who served in Hilter's Army and were sent to the Labor and Death Camps for their patriotism.
Foreign media has given unprecedented access to the forensic institute, to witness atrocities. Israeli victims’ credit cards were reportedly abused by terrorists after Hamas onslaught.
Hamas in the Bible? Did you know that Hamas appears by name in Scripture? It’s right there in the Book of Genesis! It's official: Israelis can now enter the US without a visa. Call me cynical. They have talked about this happening soon, but I believe this is totally political in its timing,
New Discovery Changes Story of King Hazael’s Attack on Biblical Gath. Hidden camera video shows Texas law firm advising teachers how to 'circumvent' CRT ban: watchdog group.
Trump Speech Live | Trump Blames Joe Biden For Israel-Hamas Conflict. After the Gaza war: What will reality look like for Israel?
Greta Thunberg calls on the world to 'Stand with Gaza.' Are climate activists terrorists?

Judith and Natalie Ra'anan freed, Biden thanks Israel, Qatar speaks to family, meds enter Gaza.

'Kill hostages expected to resist' Hamas' hostage-taking handbook uncovered. Did the Hamas attack signal the beginning of Gog and Magog?

El-Sisi Rejects US-Israeli Proposal for North Sinai Refuge for Gazans.

This is the drug Hamas terrorists took to help them slaughter Israelis. Captagon pills were found in the pockets of Hamas terrorists.
Why Egypt and other Arab countries are unwilling to take in Palestinian refugees from Gaza. How Iran used the Gaza hospital strike to spread anti-Israel, US propaganda.

LISTEN: IDF shares classified audio of Hamas terrorists on Gaza hospital blast.

A life forever changed: I'm no longer your average 15-year-old.

Islamic Jihad misfired rocket strikes Gaza hospital, killing hundreds - IDF

Former Israeli PM mic drops on CNN over media coverage of Gaza hospital bombing: 'Do your job and show the truth.'
Codex Sassoon, the world's oldest Bible, arrives in Israel in a complex operation. Close to two million Israelis are currently ineligible for US visa waiver.
Sarcophagi discovered in Roman-era cemetery in Gaza Strip. “The Palestinian problem is no longer our concern.”
The Palestinian Authority admits there’s no ‘Israeli occupation.’  Q's workshop: How the IDF is developing James Bond-style gadgets for operators.
Messianic Jew denied Israeli citizenship, accused of missionary work. This Israel must rely only on itself when it comes to existential threats.
A new model allows doctors to predict lung cancer in smokers with 85% accuracy. Air taxis fly over Jerusalem for 1st time as Israel builds an airspace network of drones.
Israeli study finds new way to combat severe crop disease. Afghan resistance leader wants Israel's help in fighting the Taliban. Since they know the current US Administration has shown their uselessness?
In a stunning reversal, Pennsylvania school board bans boys from using girls' bathrooms following student walkout and successful pressure campaign. MRNA Detected in Breast Milk After COVID-19 Vaccination Can Be Passed on to Infants: New Study.
COVID Vaccine Mandates Begin in Red State.

The US military discharged over 8,000 service members who rejected the COVID-19 shot. Only 43 have rejoined.

Army plans ‘sweeping changes’ to recruiting after struggling to meet end-strength goal. Israeli man arrested for attempting to sacrifice sheep on Temple Mount.
Water libation reenactment followed by full-dress Levite rehearsal. Jerusalem March unites Christians from 90 countries in a grand display of faith.
Saudi Arabia unveils a $1 billion tourism and hospitality school in Riyadh. Israeli hospital refuses to register newborn of a couple wed outside of Chief Rabbinate.
Israel Should Decline the Offer of an American Defense Treaty. Israelis to fly visa-free to the United States, FM Cohen says.
Route 60 shatters box-office expectations. Israel’s ambassador to the UN was detained after leaving the General Assembly to protest the Iranian president’s speech.
Biden State Dept funds group with ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad. New York Stock Exchange draped in Israel's national colors | Watch.
UFC star hoists Bible, prays with an opponent after the bout, claims Maui fires were 'man-made': 'Satan is taking over this earth.' Pollard: Visa Waiver Program is a trojan horse of the US gov’t.
Americans have 'too much freedom to speak freely,' one-third of Democrats say: Poll. CDC Refuses to Release Updated Information on Post-COVID Vaccination Heart Inflammation.
ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles comes under a cloud of unfounded suspicion of missionizing. Appeals Court blocks Iowa school district rule punishing students who ignore gender pronoun preferences.
Rare 3,800-year-old passageway and vault found in northern Israel. In 1973, Biden reassured Israel. ‘Egypt won’t Attack. On Yom Kippur Egypt Attacked.

In a historic first, the tourism minister arrives in Saudi Arabia​​​​​​.

King Hezekiah's riddle: Has the ancient royal inscription finally been cracked?
Israel uncovers Second Temple-era stone workshop in West Bank.

Will the Israel-Saudi deal be finalized?

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are a cancer to Israeli society, a radio presenter says.

The Palestinians will not stop normalization with Saudi Arabia.

Why is Israel under a microscope, but the Palestinians aren’t? Israel's population 9.8m on eve of 5784.
'Ever since I made Aliyah, I see miracles around me every day.' Transform your life with the simple act of gratitude.

Mahmoud Abbas, 'You are a liar, a hypocrite, and guilty of genocide.'

Dennis Prager Fireside Chat: What Does God Care About Most?
Palestinian Authority doubles salary of terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld.

Netanyahu: Anti-reform protesters helping PLO, Iran.

Israel unveils IDF's new AI-powered 'Barak' super tank. Christian politician learns the EU is funding Arab terror: “My eyes were opened.”
Israeli researchers developed a noninvasive method to assess iron levels in brain. Israel makes cancer treatment breakthrough with genomic profiling.
FDA Refuses to Change Anti-Ivermectin Statements After Court Ruling. The MLB has more Jewish players than ever.

‘HiTOPS’ Nonprofit Sneaks Sexual and LGBTQ+ Curriculum into Schools, Admits Goal to Strip Parents of Opt-Out Rights.

TikTok activists received $300K from George Soros to support Biden to push a radical leftist agenda on young people. Ivy League school under fire for hosting 'antisemitic' writers festival.
Catholic theologian acknowledges archaeologists found Biblical Sodom. Abbas softens demands on Israel, paving the way for a Saudi peace deal.
Uncovered Vatican letter confirms Pope was aware of the Holocaust.  
World leaders announce railway that may bring pilgrims to Third Temple. What is your brain's iron level? New Israeli non-invasive tech can find out.
Will lab-grown meat be brought to the Third Temple as an animal sacrifice? Israelis find breakthrough treatment for cancer patients' severe itching.
Foreign aid as a means of Western neocolonialism. How are COVID-19 and autoimmune diseases linked?
Route 60 biblical highway: Journey through the heart of the Holy Land. Air taxis fly over Jerusalem for 1st time as Israel builds an airspace network of drones.
Jericho is NOT a Palestinian Heritage Site. Congress Should Block Any UNESCO Funding. Elbit debuts next-gen turret mortar system at London exhibition.
Cache of rare Roman weapons found in historic Judean Desert haul. 16 tons of rocket-making material destined for Gaza seized in Ashdod Port.
‘Rabbi, why are most Jews liberals?’ Israel takes home 5 medals in first time at Invictus Games.
Ukrainian intelligence warns Jewish pilgrims Russia poised to strike holy site. Black, white people must defeat Jewish enemy - former US lawmaker.

Biden admin paves the way for Iran deal worth $6 billion.

A lawsuit alleges that the California school district illegally approved ‘antisemitic’ ethnic studies.
How the Biden Administration Is Trying to Bribe the Palestinians. Israelis in Cyprus are accused of rape – but not all Israelis are Jews. The initial allegations of a British woman raped by Israelis in Cyprus left out a small, but important detail. They are Arab - Israelis.
United Nations declares US-Mexico border the deadliest land migrant route in the world. UPenn holds anti-Israel festival during Jewish holidays.
Families of terror victims sue to block release of $40 billion in frozen Iran funds. I am a Muslim who supports Ben-Gvir.
Rare find of Roman swords in Israeli cave leave experts with 'more questions than answers.' Israeli researchers receive $3.5 million from European Research Council.
US, Saudi Arabia, India discuss possible Middle East rail, port deal. Israel to ink a major energy deal with Cyprus and Greece.
Sharp rise in cancer in youths and young adults, study finds. Israel’s Top Defense Companies to Showcase at DSEI 2023.
Medical miracle: Israeli surgeons reconstruct woman's tumor-ravaged face. European Union condemns Mahmoud Abbas for 'fueling antisemitism.'
American-Israelis say unable to shed U.S. citizenship. After forfeiting the Shabbat match, Israel goes on to win the flag football championship.
Citing ‘God of Israel,’ Papua New Guinea becomes 5th nation to open the Jerusalem embassy. Senate Democrats Block Ohio Lawmaker’s Bill to Prohibit Federal Mask Mandates.
New report: Antisemitic crimes rose 28% in 21 US cities in 2022. Pennsylvania's Democratic governor set to cut off state funds to non-profits that care for women who choose not to kill their babies: 'Shapiro is choosing extremism.'
California Legislators Approve New Gun And Ammo Tax. Soros Foundation Worries Trump Will Win in 2024 and 'Imperil' Globalism.
Biden’s Army, Air Force, and Navy Secretaries Say They’ll Go On Putting Abortion Ahead of National Security. 75,000 illegal immigrants were flagged as having possible ties to terrorism in the last year, according to CBP data.

Vivek Ramaswamy goes on a podcast of a YouTuber who said Jews ‘own almost everything.’

Redeciphered First Temple inscription may shed light on the biblical ‘Valley of Salt.’
Chinese nationals posing as tourists breached US military bases and other sites, raising espionage concerns: Report. Rabbi Glick to lead Mount of Olives Shofar “Creation” event manifesting Prophecy of Joel.
Palestinian construction destroying Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal. Israel to build hydrogen pipeline to Gulf countries, Europe - energy minister.
Israel declassifies massive archive to mark 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur War. From chaos to connectivity: Israel's top 6 infrastructure priorities.
Young Israeli Christians prepare for IDF service. Not science fiction: Israeli researchers created embryo models in a lab.
Newly studied documents named Jews aided by Catholics in Nazi-occupied Rome. This is referencing individuals versus the Catholic church.  
Why hasn’t Netanyahu stopped the widening Israel-Evangelical schism?

Sierra Leone to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

Blame the Jews for everything. Fatah takes credit and celebrates murder of Israeli this morning.
Palestinian terrorists shoot up an Arab school for teaching Israeli curriculum. Rare blue supermoon to appear with Messianic undertones.
Israeli company nears final hurdle to okay insulin-based preemie therapy. Israel’s cost of living is the highest among OECD countries in 2022, data shows.
In global first, Shaare Zedek spine surgeon combines augmented reality with robotics. Israel's airports conclude the busiest summer in history.
Taking vitamins may increase risk of cancers - study. IDF spy plane makes first test flight.
US Marines plan to procure 3 Iron Dome batteries, and nearly 2,000 interceptor missiles. Israel to have partial laser defenses by next year.
Washington Post has a coffee date with ‘good terrorists.’ Chinese firms invest heavily in Israel – and are eager to do more.
Biden Admin Admits Vaccine Error: No Evidence Behind Recommendations. Iranian weightlifter banned from sport after shaking Israeli's hand.
Biden Staffer Met With Member of Jack Smith's Team Before Trump Indictment.

Former Biden Transition Official Andrew Lorenzen-Strait Describes His “Corrupt Bargain” Scheme; Brokering Massive $2 Billion Immigration Contracts with Federal Government.

City of David canals leave archeologists with more questions than answers. Former Biden Official Andrew Lorenzen-Strait Reveals NYC Migrant Contract With Mayor Eric Adams Went “Horribly Wrong.” Reveals Contract Was The Result of Politics Not Good Policy | BREAKING PART 2.
Papua New Guinea to open Jerusalem embassy. A 300-meter stretch of aqueduct from the late Second Temple period was uncovered in Jerusalem.
Hunter Biden prays in a synagogue for God’s justice. And, indeed, I have observed under the sun: Alongside justice, there is wickedness, Alongside righteousness there is wickedness.

Dissecting the George Soros agenda. And a look at what it’s got to do with Israel, social division in the Jewish state, and the impact on American-Jewish support.

Frozen $6 billion in Iranian profits transferred to Switzerland. Is this insane?

6 Jewish things to know about Vivek Ramaswamy, the GOP candidate who suggested ending aid to Israel.

The Border Patrol sees over an 800% increase in Chinese illegal immigrants at the southern border since 2022. Russia's Luna-25 smashes into the moon in failure.
Record-breaking egg-laying sea turtle returns to Israel after 3 years. Is it caused by global warming? JFNA beefs up security for Jewish summer camps amid antisemitism. We aren't talking about Israel.
Tiny sensors allow this ALS patient to communicate. How Latin America is being shaped by Israeli innovation.
Study reveals links between vaccination and Alzheimer's. Exposure to these chemicals during pregnancy can impact your baby - study.
Will Israel's government crash and burn due to Haredi draft issue? Jerusalem doctors carry out revolutionary AR robotic spinal surgery.
Two-thirds of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel are Christian – report. Despite the highly mutated variant, officials are not concerned about COVID.
Normalization Deal May See Saudis Replace Jordan as Custodians of Temple Mount. War through the lens: The Yom Kippur War like never seen before.
  Ramaswamy touts an end to U.S. aid to Israel.
The Sons of Jacob Promised Return Series – The Tribe of Dan. Ancient 5,500-year-old gate uncovered in south of Israel.
Remains of medieval synagogue discovered in Poland. Reporter’s United flight discrimination claim intensifies gender segregation debate.
Five reasons Jews should worry about Jack Lew as ambassador to Israel. Most Israelis do not trust mainstream media.
Russians nearly fall victim to Israeli strike on Iran, report. Prophet or profit? Do they practice what they preach?
Israeli doctors restore eyesight of girl with degenerative disease. Theory of ‘YHWH’ embedded in DNA debunked.
Israeli study may open the door to preventing relapse of certain types of lung cancer. Israeli smart water leak detection startup raises $35 million from funding round.
Australian Christian groups protest the government aligning with Israel’s enemies. Israel’s ReWalk snaps up AlterG for $19 million in profitability push.
Donald Trump and the Biblical Definition of Justice. Jihad in Austria: 'Christians Must Die.'
Iran and Saudi Arabia: Diplomatic ice age continues. Biden’s Iran Envoy to Teach at Princeton While FBI Investigates Him for Mishandling Classified Info.
American Medical Association Suggests Taxpayers Fund $300K Uterus Transplants For Trans Women. Biden Admin Pushes Plea Deal to Spare 9/11 Mastermind the Death Penalty.
How the Biden administration is encouraging more Iranian terrorism. State Department says funds to Iran will only be humanitarian; Regime disagrees.
In northern Israel, a massive 3,800-year-old monument stuns and stumps archaeologists. The Armageddon Mosaic And What it Says About Israel’s Relationship With Evangelical Christians.
Israeli tourists attacked in Berlin after speaking Hebrew in public. This is unfortunate, but in all our security meetings with athletes traveling going abroad, this is highly stressed to only speak English and no clothing with any Hebrew or Israel. Israeli trial shows better milk quality in cows without antibiotics.
El Al in negotiations to buy Airbus jets in potentially historic shift. This common medication may lead to dementia - study.
The Real Reason Palestinians Do Not Have a Free Media. Israeli co. unveils clean heat system with 97-99% efficiency.
Tucker Releases Full Interview With Ex-Hunter Biden Business Partner, Devon Archer. A 15-year-old terrorist proclaimed his choice to die for Allah just hours before his terror attack.
FBI Agent Who Spearheaded False ‘RussiaGate’ Trump Connection To Plead Guilty For Illegally Working For Russian Oligarch. Swimming with a whale shark off the coast of Eilat.
Australia will refer to West Bank as ‘occupied Palestinian territories.' Ignore President Biden, Here’s What’s Really Happening in Israel.
Reporter Simon Ateba sues White House in a fight for press freedom after 440 journalists stripped of hard-pass credentials. Hakeem Jeffries says judicial legislation won’t affect US aid, during Israel visit.
Is the Kentucky Ark more popular than Noah’s original? Iran, Russia Evade Sanctions; Biden Administration 'Funding Both Sides of Ukraine War.'
Vermont Law Bans Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers From Counseling Women. Michigan state senator apologizes for visit to Israel.
Israel's Chief Rabbinate has become a hereditary monarchy - opinion. German church refuses to remove antisemitic Judensau carving.
Tourism to Israel is booming again. Nearly 4 million visitors are expected this year. Blood libel to be taught at Princeton.
Huckabee at IHF & INN event: The land is 'occupied' by those who have the title deed to it. Massachusetts Won’t Let Couple Foster Children Because of Their Catholic Beliefs.
US expects Israeli-Saudi normalization within a year - report. Haifa among top 3 cruise destinations in the world for 2023.
A Dying Breed: Pro-Israel Democrats to come to visit. ‘I’m truly Jewish now.’
Yeshiva University Opens Master’s Program for Christians. Risky promises: Biden's Saudi normalization may cost Israel dearly.
Israeli study finds biological treatment effective for lung cancer. Who is funding Israel's judicial reform protests?
Israel unveils miniature human heart model to transform drug testing. Intelligence minister asks Christian Zionists to ‘share the truth’ about Israel.
Never-before-seen footage of Nazi death train liberation unearthed 78 years later.  
Storm devastates Washington as Biden admin—plans for Israel to concede land.

The man who uncovers Jewish history in Jerusalem.

Look what the PA is hiding from the US and Britain. Biden admin. advances Saudi talks, may mean replacing Netanyahu gov’t.
The US approves €316 million sale of Israel's David's Sling missiles to Finland. Democrats advance anti-Bibi/anti-judicial reform resolution.
Meet 007: The cell with a license to kill cancer, created by an Israeli startup. A newly found video shows moments US troops saved thousands of Jews from a Nazi train.
Amazon to invest $7.2B in Israel, launches Tel Aviv data centers. Why it would be better for Israel if Iran enriched to 90% now.
Male, female brain cells react differently to stress - Israeli study. Laser air defenses coming to Israeli border communities soon.
Ashley Biden Confirms Famed Diary Is Hers & The Full Story Behind The FBI Raids On American Journalists. Israelis develop energy making powder.
B’nai Brith Canada expresses concern after new data shows Jews remain the most targeted religious minority in Canada. Making salty water sweet: New breakthrough boosts crop growth.
After-school Bible Club Wins Discrimination Claim in Rhode Island. Years in the baking, Israeli doctor’s cookies could take a bite out of peanut allergies.
Hebrew Media Claims Christians Brought Red Heifer to Israel to Establish Antichrist. In what it says is world first, Hadassah's medical team saves the fetus’s twisted ovaries.
William Henry Hechler: A Christian Prophet of the Jewish State. Fresno Lab: China's Operation to Exterminate Americans.
Israeli archaeologists unearth building destroyed during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem. Christian arrested while reading Bible on loudspeaker near 'family'-friendly Pride event: Video.
High-speed rail to bring pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to Third Temple by 2040.  
Biden mulls Saudi deal forcing Netanyahu to abandon extremists - NYT. Prophecy fulfilled? Foxes spotted in Jerusalem’s Old City on Tisha B’av.
200,000 rally for judicial reform in Tel Aviv. Bipartisan lawmakers call on Biden to end PA’s ‘pay for slay.’
What the ‘reasonableness’ law does — and doesn’t — mean for judicial overhaul. Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum introduces virtual tour.
The Lost Jews Of The Inquisition: We Must Not Forget. Sweden approves Torah burning in Stockholm outside Israeli embassy.
German journalist and vocal Israel critic revealed to have lied about being Jewish. New expeditions to a 2,000-year-old sunken vessel.
Israel Receives Three New F-35 Fighter Jets. Scientists accidentally discover self-repairing metal – study.
Genetic defects in nerve cells of autistic children develop quickly, Haifa U. finds. The study found a recurrence of this phenomenon among children with autism originating in four different types of genetic mutations. Maker of Oakley and Ray-Ban sunglasses buys Israeli hearing tech startup Nuance.
Subclinical Heart Damage More Prevalent Than Thought After Moderna Vaccination: Study. FDA approves RSV vaccine for infants.
A young adult woman gets just 90 days in jail for aborting a viable unborn child, burning its body. Spain elections may result in far-right government, 1st since Franco.
Senior PA security official: Hamas, PIJ recruiting youth ‘with nothing to live for.’ Doctor critical of vaccines has personal, and business bank accounts abruptly terminated by Chase — executives' accounts also shut down.
After-school Bible Club Wins Discrimination Claim in Rhode Island. Intelligence agency funding research to merge AI with human brain cells.
  My final Tisha B’Av. I was convinced that Tisha B’av would be the final fast day before the reinstitution of the Temple Service.
Executive Director of Siemens Energy Admits Green Energy is Duplicitous; Engages in 'Marketing Fluff.'  DOJ Sued For Failing To Register Hunter Biden As A Foreign Agent.
Are Iran, the West still moving toward unofficial nuclear understanding? Are Iran, the West still moving toward unofficial nuclear understanding?
The US Government's New 'Ministry of Truth': The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Zack Gelof becomes the 18th Jewish MLB player this year — a likely record.
Netanyahu discusses investments in Israel with Boeing chief. Mannose sugar kills honeybees, but it could also help fight cancer.
Israeli researchers use stem cells in search for treatment of Huntington's disease. Israel's NurExone Biologic develops unique nasal treatments for spinal cord injuries.
On the other side of the reform struggle that nobody reports on, 80,000 IDF reservists published an open letter in which they spoke out against their comrades refusing to serve. Israeli startup uses AI to help doctors image and diagnose cardiac issues in minutes.
PA: No plans to disarm Jenin's armed group. No more 'monkeys' and 'pigs': Anti-Israeli content removed from textbooks in Saudi Arabia.
Marine excavations offer a glimpse into ancient history preserved under the sea. Is US visa waiver in danger? 'Decision lies with US political echelon.'
The empty tomb. “I knew that Jesus wasn’t there,” a Jewish believer confesses. Herzog flew to the US to heal the Biden-Netanyahu rift. Instead, he exposed its depth.
Israel denies NYT account of Biden-Netanyahu conversation. Israel to Protect Archaeological Sites in Judea and Samaria.
Israel denies NYT account of Biden-Netanyahu conversation. The Sons of Jacob Promised Return Series – The Tribe of Reuben.
U.S. Democratic Congresswoman apologizes for calling Israel 'racist.' The US is losing Israel. Israel might reassess the value of being tied too closely to an unreliable and often fickle ally.
Christian arrested after trying to quote Bible to Pride rally attendees sues city for violating his constitutional rights. Biden Calls Jesse Jackson, With Long History of Jew-Hatred, a ‘Man of God.’
  Israel’s Defiance of US Pressure. American officials might not like strong Israeli leaders, but they do respect them. Is the current administration?
‘A nightmare’: US passport crunch for dual citizens in Israel among most severe. 2 killed in gunfire exchange near US consulate in Saudi Arabia.
Iran’s shadow war. 8-year-old congratulates 15-year-old cousin on her “Martyrdom-death”: “1,000 times congratulations.”
Revolutionizing diabetes treatment: Israeli firm makes progress on the micro pancreas. The number of Arab women graduates doubled in a decade.
Israel plans to build undersea electricity cable linking to grids in Europe and Gulf. In bid to cure rare disease, scientists discover treatment for statin side effects.
Israel earmarks NIS 113 million to build an R&D center for chip-based biodevices. Robotic deliveries, 3D-printed organs: Israel seeks to bring the future closer.
I donated a kidney to an Arab citizen - a Jewish and Zionist act. Nobel Laureate Physicist Calls Climate Emergency a “Dangerous Corruption of Science.”
Israel protests as Sweden allows Torah burning outside the embassy on Saturday. Pits with weapons and explosives were found in Jenin mosque.
Trump taunts Netanyahu for not being invited by Biden to Washington. Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor's taxpayer-funded staff repeatedly pressured schools and libraries to buy her books: Report.
A second-grade teacher sent an Afro wig, and white face paint to a 'mixed race' student, parents allege in new lawsuit. Groff v. DeJoy is the rare Supreme Court decision that every Jew can celebrate.
Is Erdoğan Hoping to Bring 84 Million Turks into Europe? Republicans double down on Israel support, Democrats become even more anti-Israel.
Video Series: A thought-provoking conversation on the state of Jewish-Christian relations. Israeli political leaders denounce Biden’s ‘extreme’ remarks.
Israeli prof. comes forward as whistleblower against Biden family. The outgoing US Ambassador approved nearly $1 million to support delegitimizing Israel.
Abbas visits Jenin for the first time in almost 20 years. The Palestinian leader visits the West Bank city, a known Islamic stronghold, following the IDF raid that decimated the local terror infrastructure.  
IDF seeks to shatter Jenin’s role as a terrorist safe haven. a tunnel linked a Jenin terror mosque to a kindergarten.
At Aspen Idea Fest: Biden Administration talks antisemitism but Omits Israel. The test can predict which drugs will benefit individual cancer patients, and which will not.
Israel to procure 25 more F-35 stealth fighter jets. Israel to get third pipeline from Leviathan offshore gas field.
In a first, Hebrew U. lab induces placenta cells, boosting pregnancy disorder research. At first, the Hebrew U. lab induces placenta cells, boosting pregnancy disorder research.
Pits with weapons and explosives were found in Jenin mosque. Israeli discovery could help brain block urge for highly addictive fentanyl.
Israel continues the Jenin operation after unearthing 550 extra-powerful Palestinian bombs. Hadassah surgeons reattach a boy’s head to his neck after internal decapitation.
Startup to build a factory for ‘wearable’ that tracks oxygen consumption through sweat. Israeli documentary about Hezbollah, drug trafficking airs in Saudi Arabia.
‘Sound Of Freedom’ Steals The Spotlight From Brand-New Indiana Jones Film. Rabbi Yaakov Menken: American Govt Biased Against Israel.
'America's Darkest Secret': Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse, and the Biden Administration. Video: Border Patrol agent cuts razor wire installed by Texas to deter illegal crossings — then allows migrants to enter private property.
Is Biden Encouraging America's Enemies? Biden’s Anti-Semitism Czar Condemns Israel, Not Anti-Semites. Lipstadt condemned three countries. One of them was Israel.
Biden Admin. issues report: Plan to block sun to counter global warming. ‘Where To?’: Gilgal And Spiritual Orientation – Pt.2.
Exodus II. Spike in worldwide antisemitism sparks mass emigration. Christians worry growing protests against ‘missionaries’ will soon turn bloody.
In 30 years, 1 out of every 3 students in Israel will be ultra-Orthodox.

Netanyahu sails with open eyes into a confrontation with Biden.

Netanyahu to visit China gave Biden advance notice of the trip.

Senior US Jewish leader slams Biden for ‘boycotting’ Netanyahu, meeting with tyrants.
Israeli Minister Takes On Foreign Media ‘Fake News.’ Mossad says it caught Cyprus terror plot assassin in Iran, airs clip of confession.
Israeli defense exports reach new peak. Hundreds of old Merkava tanks on the way to Europe under historic deal.
Rafael unveils hypersonic missile interceptor. At first, the Hebrew U. lab induces placenta cells, boosting pregnancy disorder research.
Israeli discovery could help brain block urge for highly addictive fentanyl. The Palestinians No One Talks About.
Abbas’ Advisor: Arab participation in Jerusalem municipal elections is a “betrayal of Allah” and “a crime.” Israel is the second-most pro-America country in the world, poll finds.
UN rolls out AI-powered tools to help nations stamp down so-called 'misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech.' Nazi-smuggling submarine found in Argentina causes an international stir.
U.S. ends technological cooperation with Israel outside Green Line - report. Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs signs an order to allow state employee health coverage for gender-transition surgeries.
Massachusetts DA’s Office Suspends Allah for Anti-Semitism. They hired a former Nation of Islam gang member. What could go wrong? Israel and the Almost Russian Civil War. “We saved Assad; we will save Putin too,” the Iranian Revolutionary Guard promised.
US to send 'secret weapon' ATACMS missiles to fight Russia in Ukraine - WSJ. Germany's far-right AfD party secures historic victory in local election.
Unable to rely on wind and solar, Sweden ditches its 100% renewable target and bets big on nuclear power. A site near Haifa was a Phoenician factory for producing Biblical blue dye.
A passionate plea to Christians to repent for Christianity’s pride…by Christians. “Messiah Will Come Before I Join Netanyahu!” Heated political debate in Israel again focuses on “Messianic Jews” and a religious government with an eye toward prophetic fulfillment.
The study reveals city planning in Judah under King David. Over 13,000 Russian families waiting to immigrate to Israel.
A web of biblical cities depicts King David as a major ruler, says an Israeli archaeologist.  
“The Time Has Come”: Jews Arrested En Route to Temple Mount Sacrifice. Ancient floral mosaic floor along Israel National Trail recovered after 40 years.
US Ambassador Slammed for Equating Jewish Victims to Hamas Terrorists. The ‘Israel First’ Principle.
The ties that bind Israel, Greece, and Cyprus - analysis. Permanent UN probe demonstrates anti-Israel bias, 27 nations say.
Major importer insists Israeli cost of living is not exorbitant. Skin samples can become a human placenta, Israeli researchers find in new breakthrough.
Israel unveils new $1 billion spy plane at Paris Air Show. Space Florida and Israel Innovation Authority announce winners of a $2 million funding round.
Six startups make World Economic Forum tech pioneers list. The dark side of medications: These drugs do more harm than good.
Ben-Gurion Airport expected to break records this summer. Israeli man diagnosed with monkeypox despite being twice vaccinated.
What’s behind the escalating Palestinian terror offensive. Conference: Unmasking Jew-Hatred Within the Palestinian National Movement.
Israel will be overthrown by Palestinian resistance, Iran tells Hamas. Biden admin. won't acknowledge Iran deal explicitly to skirt Congress - analysis.
Teaching about the Holocaust? This is the best way how - opinion. Israeli exports of carrots, potatoes breaking records.
Emails reveal Biden administration knew that vaccines had breakthrough infections as early as January 2021, but imposed mandates anyway. SCOTUS declines Christian college's appeal to fight Biden admin's transgender housing directive in advance.
US government funds a $3.3 million grant pushing woke initiatives in Caribbean countries — including teaching psychologists 'gender affirmation' care and providing journalists with LGBT-inclusive language guide. Pics Peg Hunter Biden at Joe's House During WhatsApp Banter.
Glimpsing the messiah in the Emirates - opinion. This Jew loves Christian support for Israel.
Biblical Highway: Activists want to create 'Route 60' in Israel and West Bank. US, Iran close to reaching ‘informal, unwritten agreement.’
Solving biblical mysteries and hiking the holy land. Leading Rabbi: Jews who harass Christians are not Torah observant. It is a sin.
Top Israeli security expert releases new Gaza victory plan. Evangelical leader decries mainstream church efforts to malign Israel.
In a breakthrough, Israeli scientists say they synthesized human embryos from stem cells. PA Leader: Palestinian Neanderthals Lived on Mt. Carmel. Have they evolved in 60,000 years? Does the koran teach evolution?
Tachles With Aviel – Israel’s Arms Exports Are Booming! The Theory of Evolution: A False Religion Bringing the West to Destruction.
A new Israeli study shows a link between autism and nitric oxide levels in brain neurons. It's a deal: Germany will purchase Israel's Arrow defense system for 4.3 billion euros.

Likelihood of U.S.-Iran agreement on nuclear program increasing, senior Israeli officials say.

Elbit unveils new capabilities to counter drones, anti-aircraft missiles.
An Iran arrangement would not obligate Israel, Netanyahu tells Blinken. Despite outrage over the arrest of a man who tried to quote the Bible at Pride rally, city council members back police: 'There are parameters of decency and civility.'
Spanish politician resigns after calling Jewish rival a 'Nazi Jew.' Israeli CPAT treatment reduces ADHD symptoms in 1 out of 3 children - study.
Iran attempted to get UK universities to help drone program - analysis. BlackRock snaps up provider of loans to Israeli and European startups.
'Fixing our eyes on Christ': ESPN reporter asks nat'l champion Oklahoma softball players how they maintain 'joy' — and they all point to Jesus. Israel defeats South Korea 3-1 for 3rd place in U20 World Cup.
Israel fears US arms in Ukraine will end up in Iranian hands. Teenager arrested for attempting to hire hitman to kill 7-year-old.
Likud MK presents a plan to divide Temple Mount between Jews and Muslims. AI can create a 'new Bible,' influential author declares: 'In a few years, there might be religions that are actually correct.'
EVIDENCE FOR THE QUEEN OF SHEBA’S VISIT TO KING SOLOMON? US said it set to rejoin the UN cultural agency UNESCO, 6 years after Trump withdrew from it, because of haterade for Israel.
With 100,000 olim in 17 months, aliyah to Israel at a 30-year high - panel. Israel Boycotts Conference on Harassment of Christians in Jerusalem.
Israel to test eased entry for Palestinian-Americans before landing US visa waiver. 75 words for 75 years of Israel – Mishkan/Tabernacle.
Joe Biden’s sop to the Jews. Lebanese Christians who allied with Israel are grateful but remain lonely and scared.
Cherries from the desert. After five years of attempts to grow cherries in the Negev, the trees near Mitzpe Ramon bear fruit. Ehud Barak’s complicated position in Israeli politics and industry.
Israeli-built aerial warning system set to be deployed in Ukraine by September. New Israeli technology improves the prediction of patient response to immunotherapy.
Israeli drone power: How UAVs have taken the IDF to a new level. First 'air taxi' test carried out in Israel.
FDA Makes Unexpected Ivermectin Announcement | Facts Matter. Israel's foreign minister attacks Kamala Harris over judicial reform comments.
Israel's U20 World Cup upset against Brazil leaves world in awe. Kamala flap is overblown - but indicative of bigger US-Israel problems - analysis.
Target Donated to Group Demanding Mount Rushmore Shutdown. Dershowitz: Jews shouldn't be defending George Soros against Elon Musk.
Obama Judge Says 14th Amendment Gives Muslim Migrants the Right to Invade America. Two Christian Teenagers Charged with Blasphemy and Sent to Jail in Pakistan.
VIDEO: Christian Man Arrested While Preaching at Pennsylvania Pride Event. DHS-Funded Program Ties GOP, Conservatives to Nazis.
“Christians Must Stand Up,” Former Iranian Prisoner Tells Israel Today. Did an AI drone go rogue and kill its human operator in a simulation?
Palestinian journalists announce “top priority”: “Loyalty” to terrorists. Israel’s Fear: Washington Moves Closer to Tehran.
Blinken, and Jill Biden to skip stops to Israel on Mideast tour. Nides, outgoing US Ambassador to Israel, approved a nearly $1 million grant to support delegitimizing Israel.
Extremist Jewish group prepares for a new Jewish Holy Temple.  
Towards a New Theology of Jewish-Christian Relations. One in four Europeans harbors antisemitic attitudes, a new ADL survey shows.
Why Join the Battle? How it’s in your interest to ally with Israel these days? Israel slams IAEA for ending probe into Iranian nuclear sites.
Beat Iran at Its Own Game. Groundbreaking Israeli cancer treatment has 90% success rate.
The US may buy Israeli silence on Iran in exchange for Saudi peace. Israeli startup unlocks the secrets of bee colonies.
Israel announces new natural gas field off its coast. IDF successfully tests the naval Iron Dome defense system against multiple attacks.
5 common medications that can trigger depression. Israel has a better solution than the contentious NGO tax bill to stop foreign intervention into Israeli politics.
Leaks show US aid money pushed Israel to buy flawed American periscopes for new subs. US Jewish teens, led by Ezra Beinart, are meeting prominent Palestinians via Zoom.
Palestinian terror group runs student exchange program with Europe. Durham District School Board solidifies its ranking as Ontario’s WORST school board by BANNING parents and media from its meetings.
Israeli missing for 2 years discovered in Jordan. NYC’s public law school releases video of ‘antisemitic’ commencement speech.
Biden’s antisemitism strategy fails to condemn BDS, includes CAIR. New York lawyer caught using fake case citations made by ChatGPT.
Foreign Interference? How Non-Citizens Are Voting in American Elections.

Dennis Prager: If the US abandons Israel, ‘that is the end of America.’

'The Official Truth': The End of Free Speech That Will End America.

US ultimatum to Netanyahu: Drop bill limiting aid to PA Arabs, score a meeting with Biden.

Biden DHS Pays $40M to Smear Conservatives; Extremism Pyramid Links Mainstream Right With Nazis. “Christians, Go Home!” Shout from Orthodox Jews at Temple Mount.
Soros’ Son Visited White House At Least 17 Times Since Biden’s Presidency, Records Show. Hungary likely to move embassy to Jerusalem, Foreign minister says.
Where it all began: Foot-shaped compounds shed light on the early stages of the Jewish religion.  
US conditions Israel-Saudi talks on a halt to judicial reform. Israel, Saudi Arabia in ‘advanced’ talks over direct flights for Hajj - report.
Miracle Baby defies the odds and leaves the hospital after a lengthy battle for his life. Do the Europeans know or care where their aid to the PA goes?
Israeli researchers identify brain imbalance linked to autism. Israel to export water know-how to southern France.
Family building a house in northern Israel destroys 1,800-year-old burial cave. New Israeli cannon set to revolutionize field combat.
Delving into the Portuguese Inquisition archives. PA brags that Fatah actively supported Islamic Jihad in the recent Gaza War.
Elon Musk's Neuralink gets FDA approval for a study of brain implants in humans. The Real Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque is From Muslims, Not Jews.
Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology. Isn't it strange that Sky News in Australia reports on the Durham Report and US Media outlets aren't? VIDEO
Anti-Israel Activist Arrested for Vandalizing Michigan Synagogue Is vandalizing a synagogue "anti-Zionism" or anti-Semitism? Self-Admitted Child Porn Solicitor Based in Brooklyn Identified From Whistleblower Database of ‘Rapey. To’ Users; Brooklyn DA Presses No Charges.
CNN International Host Isa Soares Blames Israel For Human Shields. Biden Appoints Holocaust Museum Board Member From Org That Accused Israel of Apartheid.
‘Woke Jesus’: How a ‘Doctrine of Demons’ Is Infiltrating Christianity. Alleged neo-Nazi teenager who rammed WH barriers with U-Haul truck has charges quietly downgraded. He is not a US Citizen. What's the difference between a Neo-Nazi and an Antisemite?

Shavuot: Looking forward & backward

Progress brainwashes us with generationalism, feeding a false narrative that the past was flawed while the present is surpassing.